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Aasterinian Amalathia Illistim
Race Elf
Culture Illistim
Class Cleric

Aasterinian Amalathia Illistim was an elf from Ta'Illistim who became the Captain of The Free Holders Mercenary Company and was the successor of Kaishaku and Cappurnicus.


You see Lord Aasterinian Amalathia Illistim the Arcanist.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is moderately tall and appears to be an adult. He has narrow, pale silver-grey eyes and flawless, milky-white skin. He has very long, immaculate silver hair swept back and falling to his waist in an unbroken veil. He has a smooth, fine-boned face and long ears that taper to elegant points.
He has a twining coil of tiny silver thorns in the upper ridge of his right ear.
He is wearing an ankle-length pure white silk robe, an elegant black leather harness slung over his shoulder, a calf-length fine white silk tunic, some pure white eahnor-chased brigandine, a rose and tome crested eahnor signet, a white eahnor band cradled in black vaalin, a pair of smooth black leather pants, and some soft leather boots.