Alliance of High Elven Society

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We are a group focused on recognized Elven culture. We seek to enjoy the time with our people in social settings, to educate on a variety of subjects including but not limited to social and courtly etiquette, history and lore, and to share this knowledge with all races.


The Alliance of High Elven Society was originally founded by four elves: Nihrvanah, Ayvah, and Fealoke of House Vaalor and Silima of House Illistim. The premise was simple: offer a venue for fellowship amongst the Elves while simultaneously creating a way to educate the other races on Elven culture and lore. At its inset, membership was limited exclusively to full blooded Elves only as agreed upon by all the founding members, with exceptions granted to Sylvankind or half-Elves in a case by case manner.

With the Alliance's recent promotion to a distinguished organization, Nihrvanah updated the membership requirements to fully include Sylvankind and half-Elves for eligibility.


Chairman Nihrvanah Tarsonath
Co-Chairman OPEN
Secretary Debia Sharath'fe
Co-Secretary OPEN
Treasurer OPEN


Membership Qualifications

In order to join the Alliance of High Elven Society, one must have Elven blood and as such, we welcome those who claim one of the five Elven houses (Ardenai, Illistim, Loenthra, Nalfein, or Vaalor), Sylvankind, or half-Elves to apply. There is also a minimum training requirement of ten trains.

Application Process

  • If one is interested in joining, they can apply by filling out a simple form. This will give us an introduction to our applicant, and allow us to share this information with our member base for input.
  • Applicant will be required to attend a combination of either two meetings and one event or one meeting and two events within a time span of three months as proof of their commitment to join.
    We understand that life can sometimes complicate availability. If the applicant desires to join but due to extenuating circumstances cannot meet the minimum attendance requirements, they must make this known to Alliance officers at the time of application. Alternate arrangements may be made, but not guaranteed. Officers will make a feasible attempt to work with an applicant throughout the application process, however it is the applicant's responsibilty to fulfill their end of whatever alternate arrangements are agreed upon.
  • Applicant must successfully interview with Alliance officers.

Once the applicant has completed the application process, an official invitation to join will be extended to him or her. There will be a one time membership fee of 50,000 silvers to be collected at the time of induction. Upon induction, the applicant will be considered a member of the first echelon.
Membership echelon information coming soon.

Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place in Ta'Vaalor on the first Sunday of every month at 9pm EDT.


a bejeweled faenor tree insignia: Centered upon a field of darkened green faenor and encompassed in a gold and silver intertwined imperial frame is a five-branch argentine sephwir tree wrapped in a garland of white enameled angelica. The branches splay outward and terminate at a different gem inlaid from left to right: a red blazestar, a white diamond, a black pearl, a purple amethyst, and a yellow topaz. Engraved in flowing script along the outer edge is "The Alliance of High Elven Society".

Alliance Resoures