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NOTE: The name of this category, and storyline, is temporary until GM Lydil feels the spoilery nature of the title is okay to share. At that time this category will be moved to the new location.

The Solhaven 2021 Storyline is a storyline that began in Solhaven in April, 2021.

Get Involved

  • There is no set day or time for storyline events, but they will typically be in the evening around 9-11pm EST. They are more likely to occur when players are naturally gathered in Solhaven than when it is empty. The only evening that is unlikely for pure storyline events to happen is Tuesday.
  • For help getting started you can visit the roleplay-in-elanthia channel on the official Discord server, or check in during storyline events. Plenty of people are willing to hang around after the 'official' activities die down, and would be happy to help you get up to speed. Also, make sure to watch the GemStone Events Calendar and the official forums to stay on top of any hiatuses or cancelled events.
  • Posting a character vignette on the forums is another avenue of interaction. A vignette is a short and descriptive piece of writing that captures a brief period in time, usually giving indication of what a character may be doing and/or feeling in a particular moment or series of moments. Writers of all skill level can do this, as the most important aspect of a vignette is the enjoyment of creating it.
  • The defenders of Solhaven hold nightly bandit patrols and anyone, regardless of level, is welcome to attend them. They happen around the same time that storyline events might happen (9-11pm EST) and are a perfect way to get involved, stay up to date on events, and be available for any storyline activities that may occur (be aware that this is not a guarantee of something happening). These patrols are Tuesday through Friday (sometimes Saturday) and form up at the center of North Market.
  • If sailing is more your cup of rum, then reach out to Jaysehn as he regularly takes on crew, of any level, and patrols the waters around Solhaven to keep it clear of both undead and pirates. This will allow the relief ships from Ubl, headed for Mestanir, to travel safely. He sails on Monday around the same time as storyline events (9-11pm EST), but again, be aware that this is not a guarantee of something storyline related happening.

Common Locations

  • North Market

Player Character Points of Contact



  • Relief ships are sailing from Ubl to Solhaven to travel inland to Mestanir.

Coming Up

Useful Information

Several things have happened in-game that might be useful for other characters to have information about.


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