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The nominal leader of the Krolvin War Fleet. There have been four known Czag Dubra to the greater Elanthian continent. They are Moradga, Ahkiri (briefly), Krentuk, and Kragnack (currently).

The first known Czag Dubra was Moradga who went missing somewhere near Teras Isle and a power struggle emerged to who would assume her place. Eventually Sankir would separate himself and become the Czag Dubra. It is believed he was killed years later off the coast of River's Rest around 5103. Much of this had been recounted by the Drunken Defenders of the Rock (DDR) on Teras Isle.

Krentuk, finding the Star of Khar'ta in 5112, assumed the position until he was slain in Darkstone Bay in the middle of the same year. During the Cross Into Shadows storyline, his brother, Kragnack had assumed the mantle and is still at large.

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