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Among Duskruin’s prizes are many armors of much higher quality than what you may find out adventuring. But if new armor isn't on your list, fear not, the village of Bloodriven is chock full of over a hundred items to choose from!

  • Damage Resistant Armors (5X enchanted)
  • Padded Armors to defend against critical attacks (5X enchanted)
  • Reactive Flaring Armors (5X enchanted)
  • Healing Potions with twenty sips.
  • Spirits and Potables that contain magic.
  • Janitor-Proof Smuggling Sacks that will remain hidden for about four hours. You can leave the area/room/city and/or game with any number of them hidden, and they will remain inaccessible to all but you and your recipient(s), as long as you remember which room you hid them in. Likewise, your recipient doesn't have to be in the area/city/room and/or game when you hide it.
  • Daggers that contain a garrote in their hilts.
  • Playing Cards with many actions to enjoy.
  • Crossbows that are mechanical by nature. Once unlocked, they can be pre-loaded with more than 1 crossbow bolt at a time!
  • Wands and Rods that contain multiple spells that can be cast all at once. (These may only be activated a certain amount of times each day.)
  • Papers and Tomes that teach a new way to prepare spells (special messaging).
  • Mistblades: dark and sinister weapons that have found their way to Fana's shop, A Mist Opportunity. Once in your possession, they will seek to bind themselves to the very essence of your soul, and are rumored to affect the holder in mysterious ways.
  • Razors that can permanently scar you or another person, which will change their features forever!
  • Cigars, Pipes, Mirrors, and Flasks for all your personal quirks.
  • Magical Weapons infused with greater elemental flares that do extra amounts of damage.
  • Gold Rings that will never be confiscated by the Chronomages.

Auction Items

There will even be a special auction on Sunday night, August 30th to appeal to our veteran players who have already mastered the ability to find epic gear, including:

  • Blink Weapon, the ability to infuse a weapon with an offensive spell that you know and allow that spell to flare at a target randomly when used in combat. This service entitles the winner to add this ability to an existing weapon of their choice. Some weapon bases may not work.
  • Splitter Weapon, the ability to make a single weapon into two, essentially splitting it in half to make a copy of itself. This is done via the OPEN verb, and this service would work on an existing weapon of your choice. The weapon would need to be one that could work in two weapon combat.
  • Bandolier Weapon, a weapon inside a container that will allow a user to pull one out and use it for thrown combat. The weapon inside will remain there, and each time you RUB the container, it will make a duplicate in your hand. The weapon is only temporary, and you'll need to continue to RUB the container to make more ammo.
  • Undead Bane, to be added to an existing weapon to make your weapon permanently blessed to fight the end. Unlike other permablessed weapons, this bane ability allows you to carry a second ability such as critical weighting or flares as well.
  • Coin Hand, an item to carry all your silver weightlessly. Have a bank on the go!
  • Cross-Realm Transportation, allows the user to transport across whole realms in an instant, cutting out travel times entirely.
  • A Trio of Enchanting Potions that can be used by a wizard to add bonuses to your gear!
  • Additional Weighting to be added to an already weighted weapon. This will increase the chance to outright kill a target with a critical strike or do more damage.
  • Additional Padding to be added to an already padded piece of armor. This will increase your chances to survive a critical attack or take less damage.
  • Additional Sighting to be added to a bow to help aim your attacks much better.
  • Additional Target Defense to defend against casting strength.
  • Additional Defender, bonus to your weapons that offer extra defense in combat.
  • Pet Phoenix, a magnificent creature that lives inside a sphere that hangs from the owner's neck. It can be used to summon the bird, which will continue to follow the owner around the world of Elanthia. It has many commands it will obey as well!

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