Eyes of the Dawn - 5116-06-11 - Chaston concludes rally at Taladorian Temple of Koar (log)

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Feastday, Lumnea 11, 5116

by Irar, Paladin of Koar, TownCrier Correspondent


The Temple of Koar in Talador opened the previous night via a green portal in the Landing so that people could visit in advance. On the evening of the Day of the Huntress, there was some chatting with Baron Spensor about Chaston’s upcoming sermon, but nothing much of consequence from it. What was very interesting (or terrifying) was an indication that inside Drangell’s coffin in the temple, his eyes flickered open, flecked with gold. On Feastday, a large group assembled in the Temple of Koar to hear Chaston speak, which was largely a sermon about worshipping Koar with vague references to fighting darkness and evil. Of note, he did remark that humans were made in Koar’s image. Thadston’s son Disean was there in full fanatic mode as well as the gem dealer's son, Baron Spensor, and his daughter. Chaston was declared by the throng to be the Hand of Koar after the sermon, and many townsfolk praised. Some Taladorian soldiers also indicated that they were joining the Blameless.After Chaston’s sermon, he announced that he’d be taking in those who wanted to convert to the worship of Koar. Tabecca, Vehiron, Inniro, and Kazsra all converted. All, as far as I could tell, were offered blood marble prayer beads from Chaston; after he’d finished his prayer over each of them and they’d declared their faith, there was messaging about harsh light surrounding them, and a feeling that you were being watched. Irar offered to renew his oaths to Koar and Chaston obliged. Irar, however, indicated that he was renewing his oaths to Koar and not to Chaston himself. Chaston nonetheless offered Irar the blood marble prayer beads. Irar declined once, then Chaston SHOWed him the beads. Irar accepted the second time, examined them, then gave them back. Irar professed his oath to Koar and was notably not given the same messaging of being surrounded by the harsh light. Chaston didn’t utter his prayer, either. So apparently, you have to willingly submit to Chaston himself on his terms for that to occur… Except…

Terrant pretended to convert, then attempted to attack Chaston, but was stopped, unable to pull his weapon out. Terrant was knocked over and converted (against his will, it’s fair to say). Terrant did receive the messaging about the harsh light, but was not given beads (hah.). Everyone dispersed after that without much else happening. I’ve attached selections from the log below which I thought were pertinent… The full account was 190 pages long so I tried to focus only on Chaston’s speech, crowd reactions, people that converted, and of course, the botched assassination attempt.

Log (edited for brevity's sake)

[Temple of Koar, Courtyard]
Rose petals form a crimson carpet over white stone and modwir needles in this shady crescent carved out of the temple's imposing hill. The blossoms pile in fragrant drifts around a central blood marble statue of a young woman. Marble columns crowned with gilded capitals surround the marble figure like an ornate setting around a jewel. The column directly behind her is cut short and left deliberately unfinished. You also see some white armored crusaders, a massive crowd, a swirling dark green portal and a flight of stone steps.
Also here: Amerek, Dame Evia, Lady Jodia, Stormyrain, Adramis, Magister Raelee, Zarston, Lasindriel, Matriarch Berkana, Great Lord Krampton, Cruxophim, Xorus, Sareyna, Maylan, Lady Lylia, High Lady Holoni, Pihkifeeli, Siierra, Argent Scribe Seomanthe, Lady Tykeara, Goldstr, Sir Balantine, Koergun, Maags, Littlespell, Grand Lord Jara, Elbromo, Liabo Chair Aoife, Lord Chamorr, Shinann, Mayor Puptilian, Sir Cryheart, Galenblackbard, Great Lady Tabbecca, Sbinna, Eruheran, Falvicar, Mohrgan, Katiesa, Lord Vehiron, Inniro, Scribe Mynon, Lord Terrant, Arrec, Dirra, Ketarra, Sir Aydan
Obvious paths: none

Arriving into the courtyard, the golden-eyed Prelate steps into view, a host of white-armored crusaders marching behind him like a bending river of ivory. Their motions are in tune, their movements echoing across the petal-covered stones of the courtyard.

Chaston smiles at you.

Everyone received this smile, not just me.

The crowd grows almost eerily silent, eyes, ears and hearts turned to the display of the golden-eyed Prelate. Chaston smiles warmly, his hands open, grinning at the crowd.

You see Prelate Chaston Griffin the High Priest of the Church of Koar.

He appears to be a Human from Talador.

He is tall and appears to be middle-aged. He has piercing golden eyes and tanned skin. He has short, cropped golden brown hair shaved at the temples. He has a square-jawed face, a prominent nose and a clean shaven face and broad shoulders.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a billowing golden silk cape, a silver-tooled black leather satchel, a point-sleeved padded white wool gambeson emblazoned with a golden crown, a suit of brilliant white scale mail, a pair of crossed leather belts, an intricately carved silver scabbard inlaid with gleaming topaz, and a pair of black leather boots.

Chaston says, "Welcome, welcome, one and all."

Chaston says, "I have kept you all long enough, and Koar has smiled upon you for your patience, a true testament of the good character that is needed in the days to come."

Chaston says, "It is reassuring to see so many of different walks...and different faiths present this night..."

Chaston says, "For the message you will hear this eve, is for all."

Chaston says, "May your hearts and minds be open to receive it."

Chaston says, "When I have finished, I will return to the courtyard, and those who seek the blessing of Koar and wish to convert to the Godking, I will make myself available and speak to him on your behalf."

Chaston says, "May you find your place in the light."

Chaston moves through the crowd, who respectfully part like water as he passes, many weeping as he walks by, slowly ascending the steps and entering the Temple.

The crowd begins alive with praise, voices lifting in the night in prayers and applause.

From the balcony, Chaston raises his hands and his eyes seem to almost glow with a light the shade of the first dawn. The crowd grows almost instantly quiet as if on command.

A wave of heat infuses the air once more, and for a brief moment you feel slightly dizzy, but then it passes.

One by one by one, the crowd turns their gaze to the golden-eyed man on the balcony.

Chaston's voice echoes from the balcony, "Children of Koar, each moon's passing brings us closer to a new revival that is sparking here in our home, and spreading with fervor across the Empire. A true baptism of fire shall reach every corner of our world, driving out the shadows from every pocket of darkness in our lands."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "It has been years since the Jewel of Talador, in all of her beauty and innocence, was stolen from this world by the cruelty of men whose hearts are lost to darkness, and minds twisted in wickedness. Koar's light shines on our lands, bathing us all in his glory, but that does not mean the world is not free of tarnish. There reside shadows in Talador. There reside shadows in Wehnimer's Landing. There reside shadows in the homes, halls, and hearts of the Turamzzyrian Empire."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "This is not a sign of weakness. This is not a sign of defeat. The presence of evil merely indicates that our work on this world is not yet done. The Godking has called us all to his light, that we may be given the chance to know his truth. There is grace before justice. But we must never lose sight of the latter. It is the Godking's will that those who refuse his light should not suffer in darkness. It is the Godking's will that we usher in a revival of faith, and a harvest of souls. We must be Koar's voice, as we carry his message to each corner of the world. But we must likewise be his warriors, refusing to yield to the stubborn depravity of those who cling to falsehoods."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "We must find our place in the light. We must accept that there is coming a time for true retribution. There will be a time for justice and peace. But we will not know peace, so long as darkness continues to take root in our lands, poisoning the hearts of our children, twisting the minds of our leaders. No one has escaped the horrors of the War of Shadows. No one. Our towns alone, were pitted against each other by the machinations of evil. No longer shall we lose sight of the true enemy. No longer shall we fall victim to the trappings of darkness."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "It is through the Godking that we will find divine, unquestionable guidance. It is through the Godking that we will know the face of our friend, and the face of our enemy. The garden is bright and full of beauty, but there exists still a threat from the weeds, grasping desperately to rise up from the soil and diminish the work we have yet just begun. We must reject this notion. We must exhaust every means necessary to prevent this bleakness from spoiling the land."

The crowd cheers loudly!

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "My heart is filled with pride at the sight of you all here this night. Such is the magnitude of Koar's power and grace, that all walks of life and faith can come before the Godking and find truth, and in time turn their hearts to him."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "Now is the time for grace. Now is the time for our words to be carried on wings and wind across the Empire and beyond. Let the message of the Godking reach every man, woman and child who is willing to accept it. But woe to those who mock the light and turn from it. Woe to those who foolishly invoke the wrath of the Godking. For Koar's light is as piercing as it is unyielding. There is no end to his power and reach, and no shadow will escape its grasp of justice."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "The time for grace will pass. The time for justice will come. The time to fully answer to the call of faith is nearly at hand and we must rise to the occasion. We mustn't be content to ignore the darkness, and hope it never returns. That is not faith. That is fear. Afraid to take a stand. Afraid to face danger. Afraid to walk boldly in the light and protection of Koar and embrace our destiny. When the time of grace and justice has passed, there will be only peace. A great golden age of harmony that will make all those of faith exempt from pain and suffering. Will you answer the call? Will you rise and seize the world from the clutches of evil? Or will you cower in darkness, proving yourself just as wicked in complacency."

Like a wave across the crowd, hundreds of people begin to shout, "We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"
Like a wave across the crowd, hundreds of people begin to shout, "We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"
Like a wave across the crowd, hundreds of people begin to shout, "We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "I see before me many of faith, both old and new, and I know that Koar smiles upon you all the same. I see before me many of doubt, lost in their failure to believe, or misguided in their devotion to another. I know that Koar still smiles upon you, offering you a chance to come into his grace. I see children of Talador and children of Wehnimer's Landing, men and women once at war, but now given a chance to find union in the light of Koar. This is a momentous occasion in our history that we mustn't ignore. We owe no greater loyalty than that to the Godking, who has made humans in his image, and they will inherit the lands as all others fall to time."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "It is through the divine hand of Koar, that he who sits upon the Sun Throne of the Turamzzyrian Empire rules over his subjects. It is through the divine hand of Koar that the Patriarch of the Church helps form the pillar of faith for our lands, and through the Godking's servants we are able to shape the beliefs of our people, steering them to truth and righteousness."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "This marks the end of our two-week revival of faith. This night marks a new chapter for Talador, for our people, and beyond. Many of you will return to your homes in our great city. Many of you will return to your homes in Wehnimer's Landing. It is my utmost wish and prayer that you take with you a new faith, or a renewed faith. That you have found both peace, and purpose. For those who still stand in uncertainty, I welcome you to take a stand. I welcome you to come forward, let me call upon the blessing of Koar for you, so that you may know his presence and power and align yourself with his glory."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "Because the future will not be brightened by me. The future will not be brightened by you. It will be brightened by the power of all of us, united in the light of Koar, driven by our devotion to the Godking, and carrying out his will for this land. We will face many challenges, but we must never lose sight of our purpose. If we suffer sacrifice in the name of the Godking, we mustn't fear, we mustn't despair. We must keep our eyes turned to the Godking, and know we will find new life beyond this and be honored in the great halls of Koargard."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "We must carry the torch of righteousness and ignite every heart along the way. We must bring the fight for virtue to our enemies. Our unwavering faith and strength must serve as an endless reminder to the followers of chaos that remain scattered throughout the world."

From the balcony, Chaston's voice echoes, "The Light of Koar knows no boundaries, and it will suffer no evil."

The crowd erupts in a thunderous howl, shouting and applauding as the Prelate steps back, his palms open to welcome the praise.

You remove some bubbling Eldreth death-rum from in your spidersilk cloak.

You take a drink from your Eldreth death-rum.

Pain shoots through your limbs as you drink. A few moments pass as you wonder if the vile liquid has killed you.

Like a wave across the crowd, hundreds of people begin to shout, "We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"

Like a wave across the crowd, hundreds of people begin to shout, "We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"

Tabbecca recites deeply:

"We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"

A Taladorian soldier moves through the court, stepping closer to the steps of the Temple.

Two more Taladorian soldiers move through the crowd, stepping to the base of the Temple steps.

A handful of white-robed priests descend the steps, greeting the Taladorian soldiers. One by one, the Taladorian soldiers lift off their white and black tabards of their crest, revealing their mail beneath. The white priests place their hands on their shoulders and pray, while another priest reveals a stained branding iron in the shape of a crown.

The first few Taladorian soldiers, bow before the priests, then are led up the stone steps and into the Temple. More soldiers trickle towards the front, shedding their crested tabards, and accepting the prayers of the priests.

A young man from Wehnimer's Landing kisses the woman that stands next to him, then wades through the crowd, standing before the white priests at the base of the Temple.

Like a wave across the crowd, hundreds of people begin to shout, "We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"

Tabbecca recites deeply:

"We will rise! We will stand! We will fight!"

(Tabbecca mingles in with the crowd.)

Martieln steps through the crowd slowly, his eyes silently questioning it, as his body moves forward.

From on the balcony, Prelate Chaston turns to leave but then stops. He smiles at Larsya, the daughter of the Baron, and his grin widens for a moment. He then exits the balcony and disappears inside.

A white-robed priest speaks from the Temple steps, "The Prelate shall arrive in a few moments, for those who wish to convert to the Godking Koar!"

Prelate Chaston just arrived.

Tabbecca turns to Chaston and cheers!

Inniro applauds Chaston.

Vehiron raises his illthorn runestaff in triumph!

Chaston asks, "Who among you, have heard your higher purpose? Who among you, wish to convert to the Godking Koar?"

You turn to face Chaston.

Speaking to Chaston, you say, "I am a Paladin of Koar and would like to renew my oath."

Speaking to Chaston, Vehiron exclaims, "Take me! I would bathe in the light of the Godking!"

Inniro kneels down.

Chaston steps down and into the crowd, moving slowly to Tabbecca, his grin widening with each step.

Speaking to Chaston, Inniro says, "I hear the calling, and would answer it."

Chaston nods to you.

Vehiron walks toward Chaston.

Vehiron kneels down.

Chaston places his hand on Tabbecca's shoulder.

Tabbecca gazes fondly at Chaston.

Chaston exclaims, "Declare your heart to the Godking, declare your devotion to him!"

Chaston nods at Tabbecca.

Chaston says, "Declare it."

Chaston nods at Tabbecca.

Speaking deeply to Chaston, Tabbecca says, "I declare my soul to the Godking... I declare my heart and devotion to him."

Chaston slowly empties his lungs.

Chaston utters a quiet, archaic prayer.

Tabbecca turns an inquisitive ear toward Chaston.

Briefly, the air about Tabbecca glints with a harsh light, and you have the distinct sensation of being watched.

Chaston says, "Rise, Child of Koar."

Tabbecca kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

Speaking quietly to his ground rolton sandwich, Drektor declares, "I declare myself to you.."

Drektor takes a bite of his ground rolton sandwich.

You glance at Chaston.

Kazsra strides a few steps forward.

Kazsra kneels down.

Kazsra reaches out and touches his Koar ring.

Chaston touches Tabbecca.

Kazsra closes his eyes for a moment.

Chaston says, "Welcome to the light of the Godking."

Kazsra hangs his head.

Kazsra kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

Speaking deeply to Chaston, Tabbecca says, "Praise you."

Chaston asks, "Who else among you, wishes to convert to the Godking Koar?"

Kazsra beams, looking quite pleased!

Kazsra glances at a flight of stone steps.

Kazsra nods once.

You whisper, "He doesn't want the renewal of one who already follows Koar. Only converts." to your group.

Chaston nods to you.


You kneel down.

You nod at Chaston.

You say, "I seek to renew my vows and oaths to Koar, those I have always kept."

Speaking to Chaston, you say, "But long before you."

You stand back up.

Chaston says, "Declare your devotion to the Godking."

Chaston nods to you.

Cruxophim looks thoughtfully at you.

Speaking to Chaston, you ask, "What is this darkness you speak of, that I should fight against? That I didn't know of before?"

You squint at Chaston.

Chaston says, "There is darkness throughout the entire world."

Chaston says, "We shall see it's end."

Tabbecca applauds Chaston.

You agree with Chaston.

Speaking to Chaston, you say, "We shall."

Chaston says, "Declare your promise to the Godking Koar, renew your faith before us all."

Chaston nods to you.

Kazsra touches his firestone prayerbeads lightly as he ponders.

You say, "I renew my faith to Koar. Whom I have always been promised to."

Chaston nods.

Chaston stands in front of you.

You glance at Chaston.

Chaston removes some prayerbeads from his satchel.

Chaston stands in front of you.

Chaston offers you some engraved blood marble prayerbeads. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Offer declined.

Chaston says, "Stand strong in your renewal of faith."

You look at Chaston and shake your head.

Speaking to Chaston, you say, "I renewed my faith in Koar, not you."

Chaston shows you some engraved blood marble prayerbeads, which he is holding in his right hand. The blood marble prayerbeads are polished to a bright sheen, with motes of crimson speckled along the white stones. Engraved into each bead is a tiny golden crown.

Speaking to Chaston, you say, "This is what these people don't understand. And what you don't."

You blink.

You blink.

You accept Chaston's offer and are now holding some engraved blood marble prayerbeads.

You glance at the blood marble prayerbeads in your hand.

Speaking deeply to you, Tabbecca says, "They are lovely."

Speaking to you, Aoife says, "Leave them here."

You offer your blood marble prayerbeads to Chaston, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Chaston asks, "Who else wishes to declare their devotion to Koar? Who wishes to convert to the Godking?"

You say, "I don't want these."

Speaking to Chaston, Vehiron says, "I offer myself, humbly, Prelate."

Chaston has accepted your offer and is now holding some engraved blood marble prayerbeads.

Chaston grins at Vehiron.

You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

Chaston says, "Kneel before me, declare your heart for Koar."

Chaston nods at Vehiron.

You pant.

Vehiron says, "I am ever the leal servant of the Godking."

Chaston moves to stand in front of Vehiron.

Chaston places a hand on Vehiron's shoulder and utters an archaic prayer.

Chaston says, "Rise, Child of Koar."

Speaking to Chaston, Vehiron says, "I am yours."

Tabbecca applauds Vehiron.

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Vehiron turns around.

Chaston asks, "Who else among you, wishes to convert to the Godking?"

Speaking to Chaston, Inniro says, "I would pledge myself to Him."

Chaston nods at Inniro.

Chaston says, "Step forward, and kneel before me."

Chaston says, "Kneel before the presence of Koar."

Inniro bows to Chaston.

Tabbecca leans on Vehiron.

Chaston exclaims, "Declare your heart and devotion to the Godking!"

Chaston nods at Inniro.

You hear a "Woosh!" of breath.

Kazsra nods encouragingly.

Speaking to Chaston, Inniro says, "I give my life and soul to Lord Koar."

Chaston places a hand on Inniro's shoulder.

Terrant squints at Inniro.

Chaston mutters an archaic prayer.

Briefly, the air about Inniro glints with a harsh light, and you have the distinct sensation of being watched.

Chaston exclaims, "Rise, Child of Koar!"

Inniro slowly empties his lungs.

Inniro stands up.

Terrant gazes up into the heavens.

Tabbecca turns to Inniro and cheers!

Vehiron nods at Inniro.

Chaston exclaims, "Rise, and stand!"

Kazsra reverently says, "I pledge my life to Koar, again."

Vehiron nods at Tabbecca.

Kazsra nods once.

Chaston says, "There is great promise in you."

Chaston nods at Kazsra.

Chaston says, "Son of Talador."

Kazsra bows to Chaston.

Kazsra grasps his firestone prayerbeads firmly, whispering a prayer to Koar.

Kazsra says, "My thanks, Prelate."

Kazsra smiles.

Kazsra glances meaningfully at a polished blood marble statue.

Kazsra glares at a swirling dark green portal.

Briefly, the air about Kazsra glints with a harsh light, and you have the distinct sensation of being watched.

Chaston says, "He has smiled upon you again this night."

Chaston reveals some prayerbeads from his satchel.

Chaston offers Kazsra some engraved blood marble prayerbeads.

Kazsra stands up.

Kazsra accepts Chaston's blood marble prayerbeads.

Chaston flashes a wide grin.

Chaston asks, "Are there none among you who remain, who wish to convert to the Godking this night?"

You elbow Terrant in the ribs in a playful sort of way.

Terrant nods.

Terrant turns to face Chaston.

Chaston grins at Terrant.

Chaston nods at Terrant.

Terrant deftly twirls his dark rolaren falx around his finger and stuffs it in his vruul skin thigh-sheath. Fancy!

Chaston says, "Kneel, declare your heart to the Godking."

Terrant kneels down.

Adramis glances at Terrant.

Terrant begins a steady and decisive chant, as if rallying the troops.

Chaston says, "Declare it."

Chaston nods at Terrant.

You stare at Terrant.

Speaking to Terrant, Tykeara asks, "Just a moment ago you were against this.....is this truly your wish?"

Speaking to Tykeara, you say, "Easily swayed."

Terrant darkly says, "I declare Koar as my god."

Terrant smirks.

Speaking deeply to Terrant, Tabbecca says, "Go ahead... declare it and be at peace."

(Terrant hold his hand on his hilt with a grin.)

Speaking to you, Tykeara says, "Apparently."

Dirra glances at Terrant.

Arrec shakes his head, totally at a loss.

You look at Terrant and shake your head.

Chaston rests a gentle hand on Terrant.

Chaston says, "Long have you known the curse of V'Tull's rage..."

You blink.

Chaston says, "The Godking welcomes you into his light...."

Tabbecca applauds Terrant.

(Terrant smiles looking at his hand.)

(Terrant flips back and draws his blade.)

A deafening screech pierces the air around you as Terrant struggles to remove his dark rolaren falx from his vruul skin thigh-sheath.

Chaston says, "May the blood of your dark past, be cleansed away in the light of Koar."

Briefly, the air about Terrant glints with a harsh light, and you have the distinct sensation of being watched.

Inniro bursts out in loud, raucous laughter.

Chaston says, "May you find your place in the light."

Chaston exclaims, "Rise, Child of Koar!"

Terrant falls over.

Vehiron laughs!

Puptilian frowns.

Terrant winces.

Aydan flatly says, "Methinks something there didn't quite go according to plan."

Aydan draws his hands together in a slow, deliberate clap.

You thump Terrant!

Lylia glances between Terrant and Chaston.

Kazsra bows respectfully before Terrant, his eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Aoife dusts Terrant off.

You say, "Oaf can't even convert right."

Speaking to Terrant, Inniro asks, "How carefully did you consider that plan?"

Inniro looks over at Terrant and shakes his head.

Terrant blinks.

Chaston asks, "Who else, will call upon the Godking's favor and convert this night?"

Speaking deeply to Inniro, Tabbecca says, "The GodKing is wise and could see through him."

Speaking quietly to Chaston, Aydan says, "If that's the quality of all of your followers then I'm starting to feel a little better about our chances."

Chaston says, "The Godking welcomes all to his light."

Tabbecca praises Chaston.

Vehiron turns to Chaston and cheers!

(Terrant seems confused. Wondering to himself...where this fleeting rage came from.)

You glance at Terrant.

You sigh at Terrant.

You quietly whisper to Terrant, "You tried to kill him didn't you."

Terrant whispers, "Yes."

Dozens of voices shout from the crowd, "We will follow the Godking's light!" One by one, men, women and children step forward, swelling into a large crowd that eventually blocks off Chaston, who can still be occasionally heard praying for someone, then another, then another.

You give Terrant a friendly hug.

[Private]-GSIV:Terrant: "SEND[Kenstrom] Haha, backfired eh? hehe"