Flight of the Manticore - 2021-05-07 - Arianiss Winterfox's Council Report to Mayor Talliver Dabbings (log)

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The following is my recollection of events...

We met at Clovertooth Hall, in the auditorium again, and planned the expedition. Many representatives of other towns were present including Lady Sayilla of Ta'Illistim, Emissary Kynsella of River's Rest, Lord Legionnaire Commander Cyik of Ta'Vaalor, and ?Mayor? Leafiara of Wehnimer's Landing.

We spelled up, formed up on Roelon (prime), and stampeded our way up the mountain only to have the manticore attack the gates of town! Back down the mountain we went.

We found the manticore and attacked it. It was a lot stronger this time! We eventually made it flee back up the mountain and so again we stomped our way back up.

Eventually we found a trail, perhaps all the recent activity revealing it, that led up, up, and higher up the peak we were on until it turned into a plateau. Traversing the plateau we came to a cave and discovered the manticore being repaired by a gnome named Hauptwhistle.

(OOC: from Lich room 2886.. go east and then up for the new area; it's in the Olbin Pass area)

Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, there is only one motivation Hauptwhistle revealed for the construction of the manticore: money.

He and his compatriot, Fiddlestix, built the manticore, which they call Ravager, to be a weapon sold to the highest bidder. Icemule was just a random location picked to test it.

There was much back and forth, and ultimately I decided, in the moment and acting alone as the only Council Member present until Kittai arrived, to order the destruction of the manticore and arrest of Hauptwhistle.

It was at this point that Hauptwhistle defensively retreated into the manticore, expressed thoughts about having an auction on Leyan the 12th at 9:30pm Elven in Wehnimer's Landing, and then left.

All that is left in the cave are benches littered with tools that likely can be of use to the tinkerers in town.

The following are my personal thoughts, or points of interest...

  • Hauptwhistle and Fiddlestix were the ones buying all the metal in Icemule and Hauptwhistle claims that over a billion silvers has been put into the construction of Ravager.
  • Hauptwhistle stated that there are no further plans to continue buying metal, and given that the "auction" will be in Wehnimer's, I believe we are okay relaxing on the need to create a metal reserve and that it is okay to start distributing the donated slabs to rebuild commerce. I would like there to be official recognition of all those that donated.
  • Hauptwhistle showed no remorse for any destruction to the town or any deaths and injuries to citizens, defenders, and visitors.
  • A concerning situation unfolded once we found out that Hauptwhistle was going to sell his creation: everyone wanted it. I am concerned that were Icemule to acquire the manticore, we would become a target of attack or theft, from other forces.
  • Another concerning situation occurred as well: the desires of the various representatives.
Emissary Kynsella indicated a desire to have the manticore donated to the most deserving town, and repurposed for some "harmless flinging entertainment." As River's Rest has a "flinger," which as an aside I recommend everyone visit, I can only assume this is a desire for River's Rest, and the County of Torre, to obtain the manticore. I do not believe there is ill intent but my concern is this going farther up the chain of command.
Lady Sayilla wanted it destroyed, indicating that the Argent Mirror would "look kindly upon Icemule Trace" if she were to "know the lands were safe." How would the Argent Mirror feel if Icemule were to obtain the manticore for ourselves?
Lastly, Lord Legionnaire Commander Cyik also wanted it destroyed, stating we "have a treaty with Ta'Vaalor" and that the manticore "threatens that treaty." Again, how would they feel if we obtained the manticore? Would they try to take it if we were to fly it over the town?
In the interests of not desiring to make a decision of this magnitude without input from the rest of the Council, or from you Mayor Talliver, this is what led to my defensive decision of destroying the manticore and arresting Hauptwhistle. At least in that, no one disagreed about it being a valid option.
  • Hauptwhistle is using powerful plinite as eyes for the manticore. Given the ability for plinite to store elemental energy and Hauptwhistle seeming very impressed with the manticore's "eye beams," I am very concerned.
  • Information acquired by the gnome Dendum revealed that Hauptwhistle has put a soul into Ravager to make it faster, and more independent. That it was the only way Hauptwhistle could make Ravager think.
  • Hauptwhistle stated that there would be no more tests on Icemule.
  • When threatened with being arrested Hauptwhistle stated that it would be a bad idea as not only would he set Ravager on us, but that only he and Fiddlestix can currently control it until he transfers that control to the new owner.
  • Lastly, and this is the most concerning, Hauptwhistle stated that up to this point, Ravager has been on the lowest power settings.

This concludes my report.

Appearances and Amusing Moments

You see Hauptwhistle the Artificer.
He appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
He is tiny.  He appears to be very young.  He has squinty bright blue eyes and pale skin.  He has longish, frizzy grey-shot dark hair drawn back into a tight ponytail.  He has a weathered face and a bulbous nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a small metal hammer in his right hand.
He is wearing some tiny black leather boots, a pair of green-lensed goggles adorned with clicking gears, a scorched leather apron, an oversized plaid shirt, and some oversized stained twill pants.
You see Lady Sayilla Javilerre Illistim.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is petite.  She appears to be young.  She has slightly tilted pale green eyes and fair skin.  She has long, glossy copper hair flowing over her slender shoulders.  She has an oval face, a classical nose and upswept pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a slender vaalin necklace, a fur-lined dark grey cloak clasped with a vaalin rose, a loose ivory silk shirt, a small vaalin signet ring, a pair of grey wool pants, and a pair of dark leather boots with tiny silver buckles.
You see Emissary Kynsella a'Vatale.
She appears to be a Human from Torre.
She is tall and lithe.  She appears to be young.  She has malachite-stippled bright violet eyes and freckled skin.  She has waist-length, wavy garnet and ebon hair tumbling loosely down her back.  She has a fine-boned face, a slender nose and a small scar bisecting her left eyebrow.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a silk-lined blue-black wool cloak, a supple leather satchel slung over her shoulder, a white muslin dress shirt buttoned with blue tidal pearls, a heavy sapphire signet ring, a dark sapphire blue silk sash swirled with ivory arabesques, a violet sea silk and silvery velvet mesh pouch, some elegant dark wool breeches, and some knee-high dark leather boots backlaced with golden ties.
You see Lord Legionnaire Commander Cyik Elenelon Vaalor the Crimson Legion Officer.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is average height.  He appears to be old.  He has jade green eyes and copper skin.  He has shoulder length, grey hair.  He has a bony face, a long nose and high cheekbones.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a gold-trimmed dark eahnor aegis, a dark crimson jacket adorned at the shoulders with ten gold braid knots, a billowing crimson cape, a pair of dark vaalorn gauntlets, an eahnor wyvern badge, a polished crimson vaalorn breastplate trimmed with a wide gold-leafed band, a wide dark leather belt with a shiny gold buckle, a gold-bound scarlet sheath, some ruddy scarlet leather pants, and a pair of dark leather boots cuffed at the knee.
With a flick of her wrist, Kynsella spins her sai around and smoothly slides it into an ivory and sapphire scabbard.

With a flick of her wrist, Kynsella spins her sai around and smoothly slides it into a ruby and ebonwood scabbard.
Hauptwhistle exclaims, "I call it.... the Ravager!"

Speaking to Hauptwhistle, Ceyrin says, "That's a terrible name."

Speaking to Ceyrin, Hauptwhistle says, "You're a terrible name."
Speaking to Hauptwhistle, Avaia asks, "And just how much is a life worth, to you?"

Speaking to Avaia, Hauptwhistle asks, "It costs about a diamond, right?"
Hauptwhistle taps his foot.  A plate on the manticore springs open with a loud *SPROINK* and Hauptwhistle quickly hops inside before it closes.

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Lil bugger hopped inshide!"

From within the manticore, Hauptwhistle's voice says, "You're all bloodthirsty killers, that's why!"
A titanic winged manticore says, "Let's just put it this way."

A titanic winged manticore exclaims, "If you really want to get your hands on me, come and meet me in Wehnimer's Landing on the 12th!"

A titanic winged manticore exclaims, "You'll have some time to cool off, not be quite so murdery, and then maybe we can make a deal!"

A titanic winged manticore whirs to life, electricity crackling over its form.

A titanic winged manticore says, "We'll have a nice exhibition, and then we'll see who the interested buyers are."

A titanic winged manticore lets out squeaks and groans as it rises to its full height.

A titanic winged manticore exclaims, "Oh, the name's Hauptwhistle!"

A titanic winged manticore just went south.