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This is a storyline that took place in the Platinum Instance during 2019. Official title is "Grubbe Hunt".

Grubbe is a kobold chef that enlists the aid of adventurer's in seeking out ingredients for his "Kobold Kuisine" throughout the lands to create unique dishes that bestow magical effects upon the consumer. Grubbe's shop can only be found at LICH ROOM#26495 in the Platinum Instance of Gemstone IV.

Grubbe's Grub, Kobold Kuisine

[Grubbe's Grub, Kobold Kuisine]
Chain-strung lanterns provide dim lighting inside this earthen-walled dwelling.  A lopsided wooden table stands across the cramped room from a filthy glass-covered counter.  Floating in through a small round window, the salty air mingles with the scents of recently prepared dishes.  Set into the hardened dirt walls, a gold-edged metal door etched with a happily feasting kobold and a silver-painted wooden door etched with a cluster of turnips appear closely guarded by a heavily armored kobold.
Obvious exits: out
On the wooden table:
Food/Drink [3]: a bowl of egg custard, some leeches and cream, a gravy-soaked grub sandwich
Special [1]: a wrinkled folded notecard
Total items: 4

Grubbe's Grub, Kobold Kuisine
Leeches and Cream  ---   Spirit Barrier
Egg Custard  ---  Prayer of Protection
Clad in armor made from left over bits of metal, the kobold squints through a dented visored helm.  In his right hand, he holds a broken-hafted halberd.

>ask kobold about name
The kobold grumbles, "Names Dredge.  Don't care what yous is."

>ask kobold about metal door
The kobold glances at a gold-edged metal door etched with a happily feasting kobold and grins toothily before answering,  "Yous gots partishipate in Grubbe's special hunt to earn rights to enter dis door."

>ask kobold about wooden door
The kobold nudges a silver-painted wooden door etched with a cluster of turnips with his elbow and drones, "Da stuff behin' dis door is fer folks jess startin' dere 'venturin' careers.  If you gots family dat is well known, ya cain' get in.  No expections less da boss say so."

>ask kobold about door
A heavily armored kobold gives you a strange look and grunts, "Which one, dummy?"

>ask kobold about Grubbe
A heavily armored kobold straightens visibly and glances around before answering.  "Da Boss?  Good Kobold.  Smart Kobold.  Gave Dredge dis job.  Boss Grubbe make name for himself.  Yous see."

The kobold smacks his lips noisily and grins, "Boss holds a scavenger hunt 'bout once a month.  Da ingredients goes inta new dishes.  Yous hunts, yous earn points ya kin spend in'ere."  He then taps a gold-edged metal door etched with a happily feasting kobold with his elbow.

Mist Harbor, Gardenia Commons

1 Fashanos:

Grubbe invites others to help him hunt for a specific set of ingredients.  He would also like to share a bit of information with any who might listen.

Mist Harbor, Gardenia Commons

2 Charlatos:

Grubbe has a new recipe and needs new ingredients.  That's where you come in!  He may have a special secret for everyone, too!

Mist Harbor, Gardenia Commons

6 Olaesta:

Come join Grubbe at his shop and help him gather the ingredients for his next recipe!

Mist Harbor, Gardenia Commons

4 Ivastaen:

Join Grubbe and help him gather ingredients for his newest dish.

Mist Harbor, Gardenia Commons

29 Lumnea:

Come and help Grubbe gain ingredients for his newest recipe!  Freshness almost guaranteed!


~GM Annanasi