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                     The Elanthian Journal
                           Edition #25

The following articles of interest are contained herein:

1 ........................ TRIFLED OVER TRUFFLES!
3 ........................ DRAGONBONES SETS RECORD IN LANDING
4 ........................ CHOOVY'S MERCHANT PUZZLE
5 ........................ SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES


Dateline: Day 7 of Imaerasta, 5104: Wehnimer's Landing

This past week a phenomenon has swept across the DragonsClaw forest and even stretched to the depths of the kobold village just outside of Wehnimer's Landing.  The rich forest soil suddenly exploded with truffles of all shapes and sizes, some white, some black, some spotted and even some chocolate!

Except, truffles weren't the only thing to suddenly frequent the kobold-infested forest.  Without warning and with alarming numbers, Landing citizens and foreigners alike rushed into the forest awaiting truffles.  Giantmen were seen crawling on the ground waiting to pounce when a truffle popped up.  Meanwhile halflings just crouched, already half way to the ground.

One might ask themselves, exactly what potent magic did these truffles contain?  Because it wasn't long before the mad wild-eyed hunt for truffles became a literal blood bath flowing through the forest as sister turned on sister, friend backstabbing friend, all for the little truffle delights.

Garbing myself in my tiny suit of armor and pretending to be able to use the sword then attached to my belt, I headed into the DragonsClaw forest to find some answers... and perhaps some truffles.  Unfortunately, I came out with neither.  Despite who I spoke with no one seemed able to answer my questions as to why these truffles were suddenly in high demand.  Apparently it was very hush hush. Except once, someone did offer me information if I gave him my truffles. But alas, I had none.

After nearly eight hours of trying to make some sense of this truffle madness the only quote I was able to acquire was from a duo of kobolds who sat on the edge of a clearing watching in excitement, placing bets on which adventurer would kill which.  When I asked their opinion on the matter one kobold replied, "Dey huntin  dese truffles more den dey hunting us!  I m so trifled over truffles!"

The kobolds laughed out loud and patted each the on the back before being struck down by a hail of arrows due to the spotted truffle that had just appeared at their feet.

~Grums Strumsbelly - Scholar of Biblia


Dateline: Day 19 of Imaerasta, 5104: Solhaven

Today, two quarreling citizens in Solhaven attracted more attention with their squabbling than they intended.

As the two, described only as "furious women," traded insults, the ground shook, throwing the entire citizenry to the ground.   Still, the two lost no time in continuing their fight.  Even a rumbling voice from the ground, commanding them to stop got no result.  

A moment later, clouds burst open, creating a torrential rain and two twin lightning bolts struck both combatants upon their heads.  At this point, a debate arose among the people of the town as to whether the offended deity was more likely to be Koar or Charl.  But the voice identified itself as an earth spirit.

No doubt the spirit was bound to that particular area occupied by the North Market and finally had had enough of noisy, public fighting.  The question remains, though, why the spirit didn't decide to act during the even more offensive presence of invading Jantalarians, Sheruvians, or Undead.

~Nellida Dashovath, Pert Journalist


DragonBones returned briefly to the Landing this past week.  Sadly, it set a record for the lowest amount of gambling activity by recording a profit of only 13 million silvers! 

It's unknown what caused this low turnout.  It's possible that the increased venues for gambling in Icemule (rat races), Rivers' Rest (fish racing), and even the Landing (Beldin's chicken fighting ring) have drawn off many of people who might otherwise be betting their blood on the roll of the dice.

The other possibility might be that many potential gamblers were sidelined by stomach aches after ingesting the strange truffles that have been popping up so much lately.  This paper reminds people that eating strange substances is dangerous, leading to stomach ailments, curses, and occasion extra limbs.


Dateline: Day 29 of Imaerasta, 5104: ?????

Merchant Choovy will work for the first ten people who show up at his location at midnight on Leyan, day 29 on Imaerasta.  (As it turns to day 30).  To discover his location, use the following clues to spell it out.

My first is in "pinky," but found not in a "ring"
My second is in "Moomph," but never in "pickling"
My third is in "shark," but "shirk" it does not
My fourth lives in "haze," but never in "hot"
My fifth's found in "barnyard," but never in "brood"
My sixth in a "graveyard," but never in "good"
My seventh in "silver" but not near to "gold"
Put all those together, and get them to *hold.*

The answer's a place that you'll find on a trail
There Choovy will be, midnight, without fail


Submissions should be limited to 6 body paragraphs of no more than 100 words each.  Each submission should start with a title, be followed with a dateline, and should end with the author's signature.  Please check your submission for proper spelling and grammar before sending it.

All submissions should involve factual events.  We will accept no silly nursery stories, histories or educational articles about the weather.  If you would like to submit an article along those lines, please do so to our sister publication, the Elanthian Times.  All submissions should be received by Leyan in order to be published by Feastday.

CLASSIFIEDS:  Classifieds are free and a good way to advertise your auctions and events or to find something whether it be love, a lost dog or a servant.

DISCLAIMER: While the staff of the Elanthian Journal make every effort to ensure that the events presented within are FACTUAL, there will always be some amount of speculation until all details of events are revealed with the passage of time.  We will continue to make every effort to report ACTUAL happenings, however any theories or speculation on the details of these events may very well prove INACCURATE.

The Elanthian Journal is edited by a very talented staff, including Tierus, Elvinyouth, Alisaire, Augie, Cappurnicus, Kondalor, Mythala, Plur, and Turinrond.  If you are interested in joining the editorial staff, please send a note to the address below.

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