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This is a stub for all of Khylynnia's Item Alteration concepts

Sonic Weapon

  • a blood-red static-charged tachi
    Bound together by arcs of sound, a blood red mist swirls and flows throughout the entirety of the weapon.  The arcs solidify then release, creating what appear to be red bolts of static that crush and vaporize each droplet into mist in the air before moving on to the next.  Throughout the length you notice the blood red mist formed into flowing Aelotian script spelling out the word, "L'Naereen'dar."


Container - a blood-crusted grey flyrsilk sack embroidered with the word "SNACKS"

Hedgehog - You remove your platinum hedgehog from in your grey flyrsilk sack.

    Tiny, needle-like teeth are nearly hidden from view within the hedgehog's furred snout, with only her front two canines readily apparent.  Pristine platinum fur covers her body, and while her spines are of the same hue, they are flecked with what appears to be dried blood.  The rest is unblemished save a single black patch of fur around her left eye that trails off into stripes across her face.  Around her neck is an elegant veniom collar with a wooden tag that reads, "Potato."

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