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This is a stub for all of Khylynnia's Tattoo Designs


  • a tattoo of the Arkati L'Naere across her left shoulder
    The face of the Arkati L'Naere peers through a large tear in the swirling mass of grey and black recognizable as The Veil, her right arm is stretched through the tear with the palm upward.  Standing proudly upon the Hand of L'Naere is a platinum haired Aelotian woman with starry wings, staring up at her face with adoration in her eyes.  The Aelotian strums a harp in her hands while multicolored notes dance about her resonating power, while a large hawk is perched upon her shoulder, its wings outstretched.
  • a tattoo of the Arkati L'Naere against a starry backdrop
    Greys and black swirls recognizable as The Veil cover her thigh, providing the background of a swirling galaxy of brilliant, multicolored stars.  The galaxy gives the impression of spinning its way out of the center.  A masterfully rendered visage of an Arkati stretches one hand out of the design and has latched her fingers into the surrounding flesh, while the other holds a small, platinum-haired Aelotian woman playing a harp.  The Arkati's face, that of L'Naere, shows signs of both beauty and decay.
  • an Arkati L'Naere tattoo
    Covering the entirety of her back is a mass of swirling grey and black, representing The Veil.  A large, ragged tear down the center is parted to reveal the tormented face of the Arkati L'Naere as she stretches one leg through to the other side.  Standing at her foot is a platinum-haired aelotian woman playing a harp, and blood-red musical notes shimmer and dance at the edges of the tear, seeming to attempt to keep it open.  Hidden among the notes is a single word written in Aelotian, "L'Naereen'dar."