Landing Events - 5118-04-23 - The Return of Thadston... and Casiphia (log)

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Olaesta 23-24, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Thadston and Casiphia arrive near town, but their horse collapses, injured with festering, oozing wounds. Thadston puts it out of its misery.
  • Casiphia and Thadston tense up when Shinann asks about Thadston's son Disean; neither answers at first.
  • Thadston apologizes to Stormyrain over the last time he was rude to her, but says he can't promise he won't be rude again.
  • Irar asks about Raznel and Thadston says he should have gutted him for his role in creating her, but eventually relents and says that it took more than one man to create her and will take more than one to stop her.
  • Thadston says Raznel has gone to the Bleaklands, so he's returned to study Dennet Kestrel's records of the Bleaklands at the Hendoran outpost to prepare to pursue her. He says that the horse's affliction was Raznel's work and says that he'll be better prepared for Raznel, showing off kroderine gauntlets and confirming that they were given to him by Osment.
  • After Thadston leaves to make arrangements at the Outpost, Casiphia says that Disean was the one who wounded the horse, using a blade cursed by Raznel to cause festering wounds, and that Thadston has been wounded by the same blade before. They'd confronted Disean twice, but Thadston couldn't end him. However, the crown-shaped scars on Thadston's head were self-inflicted as part of a disguise to infiltrate a group of Blameless that rose after Chaston's demise.
  • Casiphia takes questions from the crowd: she and Thadston met Osment, who shared ramblings, theories, and memories with them and gave them his gauntlets in the last days before his "escalated decline." Osment is under care, but has gone mad for now. The witch was last seen in Mestanir before she went to the Bleaklands.


Beating a Dead-On-Arrival Horse

Thunder echoes in the distance.

BOOM! Another clap of thunder.

The sound of a galloping horse can be heard off in the forest.

[Leafi runs off to the outpost]

The sound of a galloping horse approaches near the town gates.

[Leafi runs back to North Gate]

The breaking of twigs and the crushing of brush is overheard as a horse comes into view. A tall rider sits upon the steed, a discolored black cloak wrapped around his frame. The light of the moon briefly reflects along the rider's blackened kroderine gauntlets, that seem to spark with a blue-white energy briefly.

[people speculate about it being Osment]

The horse seems to slow, almost staggers, and it clops on further towards town. The rider comes into better view now, his brooding grey eyes like steel, his golden brown hair and unkempt beard shot with streaks of white. A flash of lightning, and a spark from his blackened gauntlets, reveals Thadston upon the steed. As he approaches, a woman is seen behind him, her arms tightly clutched around his waist as the horse trods forward.

The horse suddenly comes to a stop, lurching forward, knees buckling. Thadston leaps off of the steed, and grabs the woman by her sides, hoisting her up and off of the horse quickly. The steed collapses to the ground.

The woman kneels before the horse, pushing back some of her bluish-black curls to regard the animal with her dark brown eyes. She runs a hand along the horse's side, where there appears to be a patch of festering wounds, that ooze and almost seem to bubble.

The woman looks to Thadston, and nods. Thadston draws a stained longsword from his sheath and drives it into the steed, mercifully ending it.

Now on foot, Thadston and Casiphia approach, stopping before the gate...and the crowd.

Thadston and Casiphia Return

[Wehnimer's, Outside Gate]

Citizens, merchants and assorted dregs of society jostle against you before the great wooden gates of Wehnimer's Landing. Harried guards and militiamen try to keep the chaos to a minimum, but it is hard to keep track of those entering, let alone leaving, this large trading post. A dirt path encircling the wooden palisade of the town leads east and southwest. Nailed prominently to the wooden wall beside the gate is a sign you really should read. You also see the Wayside inn.

Also here: Journeywoman Avawren, Daghina, Dwi, High Lord Talinvor, Karamilla, Aeraaxu, Cruxophim, Shinann, Lord Ushakaron, Melikor, High Lord Winowitch, Korkil, Zyker, Lady Alasatia, Lady Casiphia, Goldstr, Lady Lornieh, Lord Dethnyain, Marshal Meureii, Relic Hunter Madmountan, Eiliriel, Sir Thadston, Magister Raelee, Hapenlok, Lord Thrassus, Lord Xorus, Taelarn, Nicolao, Ysharra, Yhtrin, Mayor Lylia, Lord Gorku, Great Lord Kaanyr, Bjarn, Rendena, Azuryn, Osloe, High Lord Dalabrac, Lord Evician, Lady Florania, Lord Chamorr, Great Lord Trisu, Irar, Lord Lycurgus, Mister Pukk, Grand Lord Beldannon, Lord Ferrumus, Hraefn, Mister Tercolla, Severine, Chaoswynd, Bernadette, Angellos, Felita, Stormyrain

Casiphia smiles.

Thadston twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Thadston monotonously says, "Hello Wehnimer's Landing."

Thadston clears his throat.

Thadston says, "I must say, I am pleased to see the tradition of a giant mob greeting visitors has not changed."

Casiphia smiles.

Casiphia waves.

Casiphia slowly empties her lungs.

Casiphia says, "It is...good to finally be home. For now."

Thadston grins at Casiphia.

J>look casip

You see Lady Casiphia Malatina.

She appears to be a Human.

She is average. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has long-lashed dark brown eyes and fair skin. She has shoulder length, curly bluish-black hair arranged in a twisted roll at the back of her head and held in place by some carved ivory beads. She has an oval face, a small nose and wide hips.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a slender clear crystal ring, a suede-lined mantle of peppered wolf fur, a single-shoulder oiled leather vest, a wide leather baldric hung with a collection of various daggers, a trim black linen shirt left open at the collar, a slotted leather belt displaying various tools and pouches, some crisp black brocade breeches, and some scuffed black suede knee-boots cuffed in grey fur.

J>look thads

You see Sir Thadston Andrews.

He appears to be a Human from Hendor.

He is very tall. He appears to be mature. He has brooding steel grey eyes and tanned skin. He has a shaven head of golden-brown hair streaked with white. He has a scruffy face, a broken nose and an unkempt, golden-brown beard shot with flecks of white. Barely visible beneath his shaven head of hair is a faint ring of scars in the shape of a crown.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing some blackened kroderine gauntlets, a crystal amulet, a discolored charcoal black cloak with the faded image of a blue phoenix on the back, a battered blue steel aegis, a worn black leather pack, some dull grey splint mail, a heavy black back scabbard, some fitted dark leather pants, and a pair of stained black boots.

Shinann asks, "Where is Disean?"

Shinann glances around the area.

Thadston clenches his jaw.

Casiphia glances at Shinann.

Casiphia seems to take note that she is standing too close to Thadston, and at the mention of Disean's name, she steps a bit further away from where

Speaking to Thadston, Evician asks, "Welcome m'Lord. Perhaps someplace to sit and rest and an ale to help you relax?"

Thadston says, "I do not drink. But thank you."

Evician nods at Thadston.

Thadston says, "I suppose I owe some answers to some questions. But only a few. I am tired."

Thadston says, "I sure as hell do not expect to talk in the rain like some fools."

Lylia nods approvingly at Thadston.

Lylia says, "The porch, then? It is not a far walk."

Thadston says, "Fine. The porch."

Thadston grabs Casiphia's hand.

Sir Thadston's group just went north.


[Hearthstone, Front Porch]

Airy and open, the porch is enclosed by smooth, freshly painted white modwir up to a height of about four feet. As you ponder the sky-blue color of the ceiling and a lacework of deep green ivy that crisscrosses the open space between posts, the hubbub of the world beyond quickly fades away. Rocking chairs of various sizes are an inviting sight, and an elegant green marble arch provides a tantalizing view of the splendors inside the old manor. You also see the porch steps, a scorched oak sideboard with some stuff on it, a doorman and a purple modwir bin.

Thadston glances at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain inclines her head.

Stormyrain evenly says, "Sir Andrews."

Thadston seems to begin to say something but then hesitates.

Casiphia squints at Thadston.

Casiphia nods at Thadston.

Thadston slowly empties his lungs.

Stormyrain clenches her jaw.

Stormyrain glances away.

Thadston says, "I owe you an apology Captain."

Thadston nods at Stormyrain.

Stormyrain shifts her weight.

Thadston says, "I was rude to you last we spoke before I left."

Thadston says, "But I can't promise I won't be rude again."

Casiphia sighs.

Stormyrain evenly says, "You simply spoke your mind. I remember the conversation well."

Speaking to Thadston, Irar asks, "Raznel?"

Thadston leans to his side, his lips snarled briefly as if concealing a wince.

Irar stares at Thadston.

Thadston glances at Irar.

Thadston says, "Raznel.."

Thadston asks, "You dare to even inquire about her? When she was under your damn nose the whole time?"

Thadston moves to stand in front of Irar.

Thadston's entire body tenses as he clenches his fist and glances over at Irar.

Speaking to Thadston, Irar says, "I do... I, I helped create her."

Thadston says, "When you and your poisoned cloth helped..."

Thadston nods at Irar.

Speaking to Thadston, Irar says, "I am to blame. I only seek to help. I take full blame for all of it."

Thadston says, "Would I have known, I'd have gutted you instead. Would have solved it all."

Thadston nods at Irar.

Speaking to Thadston, Irar says, "You are free to do so now, Sir Andrews."

Irar nods at Thadston.

Irar says, "It is your right and what I deserve, Sir."

Casiphia glances at Thadston.

Casiphia whispers something to Thadston.

Thadston clenches his jaw.

Thadston nods.

Thadston glances at Irar.

Thadston says, "Raznel is gone again. As she does so often and so well."

Thadston says, "Her trail took me south, then back, and a few other directions."

Speaking to Thadston, Irar says, "Should you so seek, I will leave these lands, forever. Or sacrifice my life. I am truly sorry."

Irar frowns at Thadston.

Thadston nods.

Thadston waves a hand at Irar, dismissing him indifferently.

Thadston says, "It took more than one man to make Raznel."

Irar sighs.

Thadston says, "It'll take more than one man to stop her."

Irar nods.

Thadston's Summary

Thadston says, "I feel like there's a thousand questions coming at me." [...because there were, both visible and in whispers]

Thadston says, "So let me speak a moment first, then you can ask your damn questions."

Taelarn offers Casiphia a cup of honeyed mint tea.

Casiphia accepts Taelarn's honeyed mint tea.

Casiphia bows to Taelarn.

Casiphia says, "Thank you."

Taelarn bows to Casiphia.

Thadston says, "She's gone into the Bleaklands."

Casiphia says, "...and we plan to go after her. In time."

Casiphia nods at Thadston.

Speaking in Faendryl to Casiphia, Taelarn says something you don't understand.

Casiphia peers quizzically at Taelarn.

Speaking to Casiphia, Taelarn says, "A pleasure, if there is anything else I can do. Please let me know. Some should be civil here and offer a lady something to drink at the very least."

Thadston winces.

Aeraaxu offers Thadston a mug of golden wheat beer.

Thadston declines Aeraaxu's offer.

Taelarn offers Thadston a cup of honeyed mint tea.

Taelarn raises an eyebrow in Thadston's direction.

Thadston says, "I do not drink, like you don't listen."

Thadston nods at Aeraaxu.

Thadston declines Taelarn's offer.

Thadston says, "Tea is for elves. Thank you though."

Speaking to Thadston, Aeraaxu says, "Hard to hear over the choir."

Speaking to Thadston, Taelarn says, "Certainly, I am sorry for the confusion."

Thadston clenches his fists, a spark of energy dancing along his gauntlets.

Thadston says, "So we're home for now. To pour over that damn magister's records and accounts of the Bleaklands."

Speaking slowly to Thadston, Cruxophim inquires, "Magister? Or Grand Magister?"

Cruxophim wryly states, "I imagine they would be very different notes."

Thadston says, "Grand, if you wish."

Thadston waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Speaking flatly to Thadston, Cruxophim assures, "I don't."

Thadston says, "I can't well charge into that wasteland without being prepared."

Thadston says, "None of us can."

Thadston winces.

Thadston says, "So for now, we gather some information before we strike out against that witch again."

Chamorr heartily asks, "We?"

Thadston asks, "No?"

Thadston peers quizzically at Chamorr.

Thadston says, "Suit yourself."

Speaking in Faendryl to Thadston, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Thadston, Goldstr asks, "Ye be stayin in town er da outpost?"

Thadston nods at Lylia.

Thadston asks, "Is that Bourthian kid still running the Outpost?"

Xorus says, "Yes."

Speaking amusedly to Thadston, you say, "Yes."

Goldstr says, "Aye."

Thadston nods.

Thadston says, "He should be fine enough. I'm going to go find us a room there. He'll make one I'm sure."

Thadston nods at Casiphia.

Casiphia says, "I shall be along to the Outpost soon. I need to arrange for that, horse to be buried quickly."

Casiphia nods.

Speaking to Thadston, Lylia asks, "Your mount looked ill with something more than hard travel. Is this a cause for concern?"

Thadston nods.

Thadston says, "Raznel's work."

Lylia nods once.

Lylia says, "So she was close."

Speaking curiously to Thadston, Meureii asks, "So you crossed paths with her?"

Thadston says, "Yes, and no."

Thadston says, "But thanks to another, I'll be better prepared."

Thadston indicates some blackened kroderine gauntlets as a possible option.

Xorus says, "Those kroderine gauntlets look identical those of the Red Brigades fellow who was investigating Naimorai Kestrel."

Thadston says, "We'll talk more soon. I need some rest."

Thadston says, "Osment."

Thadston nods at Xorus.

Thadston says, "They are his."

Thadston squints at Shinann. [seems to be based on a whispered exchange]

Shinann gazes at Thadston.

Shinann nods.

Sir Thadston just went down the porch steps.

Casiphia's Summary

Casiphia sighs.

Casiphia says, "He means well."

Speaking to Casiphia, Lylia asks, "Any word on Disean?"

Casiphia says, "Yes."

Casiphia says, "Disean is who caused the wound to the horse."

Speaking concernedly to Casiphia, you venture, "She has control over him, then?"

Xorus asks, "Has Raznel done something to him?"

Speaking quietly to Casiphia, Lylia says, "I see. Is he Raznel's creature now? He has always been easily led."

Casiphia says, "His blade wields a powerful festering wound. A curse placed upon the steel by the witch."

Casiphia says, "He is. We confronted him twice."

Casiphia says, "We almost...."

Casiphia frowns.

Casiphia says, "He could not end him. I do not blame him."

Evician says, "Thadston looked like he had been hurt."

Casiphia says, "He has."

Casiphia says, "He is not lying. We've come back to study what the Kestrel's left behind to prepare for the Bleaklands."

Casiphia says, "But..."

Casiphia says, "Thadston was wounded by Disean as well."

Speaking to Casiphia, Lylia asks, "By the same weapon?"

Casiphia says, "Yes."

Lylia narrows her eyes.

Shinann sighs.

Casiphia asks, "His scars?"

Casiphia peers quizzically at Shinann. [seems to be based on a whispered exchange]

Shinann asks, "So, this is why he was wincing?"

Casiphia says, "They'll fade in time, I hope. His hair is growing back now."

Shinann says, "I saw scars on his head."

Shinann asks, "Disean do that too?"

Casiphia says, "No."

Casiphia says, "Thadston did it himself."

Shinann ponders.

Shinann asks, "As a disguise maybe?"

Casiphia says, "He took great lengths to infilitrate a group of Blameless that had gathered in the wake of Chaston's demise."

Shinann nods slowly.

Speaking quietly to Casiphia, Pukk says, "Tell Sparky that he can take the outpost apart brick by brick for whatever info he can gleam, we won't stop him."

Pukk appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Casiphia says, "I am not going to call him Sparky. Ever."

Speaking to Casiphia, Raelee says, "And do not tell him that either."

Pukk quietly says, "It's a good name."

Speaking neutrally to Casiphia, Raelee says, "... do tell him to come see me in the laboratory when he is rested enough to *discuss* the matter of the Grand Magister's records."

Casiphia nods at Raelee.

Casiphia says, "Thank you Raelee."

Casiphia says, "I had hoped you had the records. I am not surprised at all."

Casiphia says, "I should go to him."

Questions and Answers

Casiphia asks, " there any questions?"

Casiphia nods at Shinann. [seems to be based on a whispered exchange]

Shinann nods slowly.

Shinann sighs.

Speaking to Casiphia, Hapenlok says, "Nothing that won't keep. But it seems that he has been aware of what happened here while he was gone. Apparently everything."

Speaking to Casiphia, Hapenlok says, "Even the ...crude imitation of himself."

Speaking to Casiphia, Hapenlok says, "Which is the reason for the reaction he got from ...some idiots here."

Casiphia says, "We've been sent some updates on what transpired."

Casiphia says, "Lord Breshon himself had penned a few scrolls, and we had found them waiting for us in Phannus."

Speaking to Casiphia, Hapenlok says, "I even sent some messengers, but the people I sent, he probably would have killed on sight, they're not exactly reputable sorts, I sent."

Casiphia says, "I am sure we have a lot to learn of what happened since we've been gone. I'm sure those at the Outpost will get us up to speed."

Casiphia asks, "No further questions for tonight?"

Xorus asks, "What were the circumstances where he acquired those gauntlets from Osment?"

Casiphia says, "We met Osment in the last few days before his escalated decline. He shared quite a deal of ramblings, theories, and memories."

Xorus asks, "Escalated decline?"

Shinann asks, "He is gone?"

Casiphia says, "He has imparted the gauntlets to Thadston for now. I hope we can return them one day."

Xorus nods.

Casiphia says, "Osment is under care."

Shinann sighs.

Speaking to Casiphia, Thrassus asks, "What, you mean he's gone mad?"

Casiphia says, "For now, yes."

Casiphia nods at Thrassus.

Speaking to Casiphia, Shinann asks, "One last question. Where did you last see the witch before she disappeared into the Bleaklands?"

Casiphia says, "Mestanir."

Shinann nods at Casiphia.

Shinann says, "Thank you."

Casiphia says, "Near the Crown of Koar, where the demonic chimera were born."

Shinann nods at Casiphia.

Speaking to Casiphia, Meureii asks, "And she was heading southernly you say?"

Casiphia says, "No. We lost her near the Bleaklands after Mestanir."

Casiphia says, "She had been south before that."

Meureii understandingly says, "Came from the south."

Casiphia says, "He will need me."

Casiphia says, "Goodnight everyone. It is good to be home."

Speaking to Casiphia, Meureii asks, "Would you require an escort?"

Casiphia looks over at Meureii and shakes her head.

Lady Casiphia just went down the porch steps.