Rise of Rone - 5118-01-12 - Town Council Candidate Debates 5118, Night 1 (log)

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Lormesta 12-13, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier



[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

A town crier shouts, "The first night of Town Council debates will begin in fifteen minutes! The candidates apologize for the delay! Observers are invited to go to the observation balcony in Moot Hall where they can ask questions of the candidates!"

[Moot Hall, Observation Balcony]

Several rows of hardwood benches line the balcony, each row a bit higher than the previous one in order to provide a view of the proceedings below from every seat. A polished oak railing forms the front barrier of the viewing area, and a narrow stairway leads down.

You hear the faint sound of a grown man singing to a small baby and realize now might be a good time to get some coffee as the event may begin in 10 minutes.

A town clerk arrives.

A town clerk says, "I want to thank you all for coming and appreciate your patience for waiting."

A town clerk says, "I have some things to announce then we'll begin."

A town clerk says, "I shall open up a signup list, for anyone to add their name to ask a question of the candidates. You may go down stairs, once your turn, ask a question of any candidate, or candidates, or all."

A town clerk says, "Please try to have yourself composed and your question prepared ahead of time. We want to give everyone a chance."

A town clerk says, "Secondly, we have had a candidate withdraw."

A town clerk says, "Cutlass, the owner of the fishing shop, has withdrawn. When asked why, he claimed because of some recent events, but would not press it."

A town clerk says, "The remaining candidates are Malluch, Alendrial, Edwina, and Larton."

A town clerk says, "They shall arrive shortly. Do not forget to PEER at the AREA to watch proceedings below."

The town clerk nods, "The list is open."

Xorus asks, "Where is Granthem?"

The clerk says, "I apologize, I left off his name on accident."

The clerk says, "Malluch, Alendrial, Granthem, Edwina and Larton."

The clerk says, "This town is so full of colorful people it's hard to remember sometimes."

The town clerk heads off.

Question 1: Chauvich to Larton: Rogues and Locksmith Pricing

[from here on out, a mix of the speaking area and, where necessary for context, the viewing area]

Lord Malluch just came through a modwir arch.

Malluch waves to a narrow stairway.

Malluch nods to a town clerk.

Malluch says, "Hello everyone."

Arriving almost arm in arm, but more pushing then adoring, Edwina and Larton appear, muttering to each other and arguing.

Larton grumbles.

Larton shrugs.

Edwina waves a hand at Larton, dismissing him indifferently.

Malluch gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Malluch says, "...awkward..."

Granthem just came through a modwir arch.

Granthem grins.

Granthem bows.

Lady Alendrial just came through a modwir arch.

Malluch grins at Alendrial.

Malluch bows to Alendrial.

Alendrial nods at Malluch.

Larton looks long in Alendrial's direction, and Edwina elbows him.

Larton exclaims, "Hey!"

Malluch snickers.

Malluch smiles.

A town clerk says, "We will begin."

Malluch nods.

A town clerk says, "Only 4 people to ask questions?"

A town clerk says, "Chauvich! Come on down!"

Chauvich just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Chauvich grins.

Chauvich says, "Uh, hello."

A town clerk says, "Hello Chauvich."

A town clerk says, "You may proceed."

Chauvich nods.

Chauvich says, "Well, this is more for Larton, but Edwina might have something to say on it too."

Larton says, "She always does."

Larton grumbles.

Edwina squints.

Chauvich says, "If either of yous get this position, what can you do for the price of lockpicks in this town? I mean, howsa honest rogue to make a living at the prices for 'em, and to fix 'em, when you're running us out of business."

Chauvich glances at Larton.

Edwina says, "I didn't say anything about that one incident with the stained t..."

Larton flails his arms about.

Larton says, "That's enough."

Larton nods at Edwina.

Larton turns an inquisitive ear toward Chauvich.

Chauvich says, "I mean, everyone goes to ya, and being as you supply ya'self, you're always so much cheaper an option than us."

Chauvich grins.

Larton says, "I would like to think, with a more promising financial future for this town, that prices could fall across many shops and inventories."

Chauvich nods.

Larton says, "Tough times call for higher prices, let's be honest. This town has seen challenges for years now."

Chauvich says, "It'd be nice to get a better rate is all, help us learnin' folk be able to afford to be in business."

Larton exclaims, "And my ex-wife can agree, I'm great and dealing with challenges. I dealt with her for awhile!"

Larton nods at Chauvich.

Edwina scowls.

Chauvich chuckles.

Chauvich says, "I've heard it both ways."

Edwina says, "The only thing set to lower with Larton is his stamina, even further."

Larton gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

A town clerk says, "Was that your only question Chauvich?"

Chauvich says, "It was."

Chauvich nods to a town clerk.

A town clerk says, "You may return, thank you."

Chauvich says, "Thank yas for ya time."

Chauvich nods.

Chauvich just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Chauvich says, "Get that hard hittin' one out early."

Question 2: Puptilian to Alendrial: Stephos' Past Actions and Alendrial's Assurances

A town clerk says, "Puptilian!"

You hear very soft footsteps.

Puptilian says, "Good evening everyone. This question is for Lady Alendrial."

Alendrial smiles at Puptilian.

Alendrial says, "Hello Puptilian."

Puptilian nods.

Alendrial says, "You look well. Time away from the burden of office has done you good it seems."

Speaking to Alendrial, Puptilian asks, "While you were on your back working to protect your husband, Stephos used his position and power in the town to further his own agenda. His actions caused death to townspeople and damage to the town itself all for his personal hatred of the Empire. What assurances can you give that you will not abuse the position do the same?"

Alendrial clenches her jaw.

Alendrial says, "A clever way to phrase your question..."

Alendrial says, "Fitting, I suppose for you."

Puptilian says, "As a concerned citizen I worry about people that have shown questionable judgement in the past."

Puptilian shrugs.

Alendrial says, "Your phrasing is questionable judgment."

Puptilian says, "I'm not the one running for council."

Alendrial says, "I am a bit surprised, given how much we have in common. You were on your back quite often, bent nearly to the ground as Sir Thadston and his imperial ways encroached on this town and walked all over you and our independence."

Puptilian says, "And here we are now. Oh look, we are still a free people. I did my job. You just have to answer the question."

Alendrial says, "I can assure you, I will do better than you to ensure our town's prosperity and independence and I shall do so not at the whim of any man, or in the protection of any man, but of the preservence of this town and its people."

Puptilian says, "If you do that and do a better job than I, then I will gladly welcome it."

Speaking to a town clerk, Puptilian says, "I'm sure I'll have questions for the others but I'll put myself back on the list."

Puptilian says, "Thank you."

You hear very soft footsteps.

A town clerk says, "Indeed."

Malluch grins at Alendrial.

Malluch says, "We may need a bucket brigade soon because that looked like it burned."

Malluch smirks.

Alendrial begins chuckling at Malluch!

Question 3: Arnylon to all: Trade with Icemule

A town clerk says, "Arnylon"

Arnylon just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Malluch says, "If he asks about cheese cake I'll die..."

Malluch says, "Oh Hi."

Arnylon says, "Hello to all the candidates. I'm Arnylon, humble priest of Charl."

Speaking to Malluch, Arnylon says, "If you die, I may know a priest..."

A town clerk says, "Please proceed."

Arnylon says, "I will try to be a little less pointedly venomous in my askance."

Arnylon says, "As ambassador to Wehnimer's Landing for ICICLE, or the Icemulian Collective for the Improvement of Civilian Life, Etc., I have but one question that I would ask each candidate to answer."

Arnylon asks, "What intentions or plans besides events similar to tonight when the Landing's mayor murdered many in Icemule's Town Center do you have to foster better relations and trade between the two cities?"

Malluch says, "Ladies first."

Malluch smiles.

Edwina asks, "So Larton?"

Edwina snickers.

Malluch chuckles.

Larton squints.

Alendrial raises her hand.

Cruxophim nonchalantly remarks, "Accidents happen."

Arnylon nods.

Alendrial nods.

Cruxophim smoothly remarks, "I did apologize."

Alendrial says, "I will not address what the Mayor did or did not do, as I am unaware. As I am sure are the others."

Arnylon says, "Fair enough. Fostering relations..."

Alendrial says, "I will say that a prosperous Wehnimer's Landing will automatically attract better relations and trade."

Alendrial says, "When there is promise, there is purpose, and many will come for that very reason and wish to be involved."

Arnylon turns an inquisitive ear toward Alendrial.

Arnylon says, "Interesting."

Alendrial says, "It is also not my role entirely, we have an Envoy to help with that. My role is to help ensure the town is financially prepared and taken care of. I will of course gladly throw my support behind encouraging more trade and relations."

Alendrial says, "But it begins with our wealth at home."

(OOC) Cruxophim's player whispers to the group, "FYI, I accidently Searing Lighted TC after the commune thing.. it was totes by accident, but it was kinda hilarious. Sorry again all, heh."

Arnylon nods at Alendrial.

Malluch says, "I'd like to take up where Lady DeArchon left off."

Arnylon turns to face Malluch.

Malluch says, "My father Murdos has spent decades building a great business here in town."

Malluch says, "I've seen firsthand the struggles and triumphs that brings."

Arnylon nods.

Malluch says, "It's easy for the Lady to say, this isn't my main job..."

Malluch says, "But everything the Steward of the Coffers does, ultimately ties to trade and relations."

Arnylon turns an inquisitive ear toward Malluch.

Malluch says, "It's important to ensure we are not taken advantage of, it's important to ensure our own storehouses are prepared and managed."

Malluch says, "It's important to ensure we have a stable town and make deals to help bolster that."

Malluch says, "Not drain it."

Arnylon nods at Malluch.

Malluch says, "I don't know everything, but I think I'm far more suited for the challenge."

Arnylon nods.

Larton asks, "Would lowering lockpick prices for Icemulians help?"

Larton chuckles.

Speaking to Larton, Arnylon says, "Perhaps not."

Larton says, "I think trade is important, and I agree. It's only part of this role, but also shared with others."

Arnylon turns to face Larton.

Larton says, "I think if we're financially smart, we encourage others to work well with us."

Larton says, "We need to be able to show we are able to handle our own business, and then we can expect good trade partners."

Edwina says, "I happen to agree with my ex-husband. But I know I would do it better."

Larton rolls his eyes.

Speaking to Edwina, Arnylon says, "Every woman says they can do it better. Usually it's true."

A town clerk says, "Thank you for your question. You may return."

Arnylon says, "I thank you for your time."

Arnylon bows.

Arnylon just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Larton bows.

Question 4: Lylia to Alendrial: Administering Law / Additional Comments From Granthem: Landing Spirit

A town clerk says, "Lylia!"

Lylia stands up.

Lylia attends to her black silk gown, making the gown as presentable as possible.

Lady Lylia just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Lylia inclines her head.

Lylia turns to face Alendrial.

Alendrial smiles at Lylia.

Lylia says, "Lady Alendrial, during Chaston Griffin's reign of terror in the south, countless half-Elven people fled his wrath. Sickened and starved, they came here, and you negotiated safe passage for them regardless of the cost to yourself."

Lylia continues, "Despite being accused as a criminal, you led dozens, perhaps hundreds, to safety over the objections of many about your...questionable judgment in this life-saving rescue effort."

Lylia clears her throat.

Lylia pointedly asks, "Given your own past brushes with the law in the name of doing what is right instead of what is merely lawful, how do you feel about administering the law yourself?"

Lylia asks, "Is this a challenge you feel prepared to meet?"

Lylia adds, "I would ask the other candidates to chime in with their own thoughts on their fitness to legislate as well, but as others have said, 'ladies first.'."

Lylia smiles quietly to herself.

Alendrial smiles.

Alendrial says, "I would argue my actions were lawful as well."

Alendrial says, "In Wehnimer's Landing, Chaston's Edict did not exist, nor will it ever."

Lylia nods in agreement.

Alendrial asks, "I may have gone against some archaic imperial laws, but I am not running for a position in the Empire now am I?"

Alendrial chuckles.

Lylia replies, "I should say not."

Lylia smiles.

Alendrial says, "I would put forth both the same dedication and passion into my position as I did for the lives of the half-elves."

Alendrial says, "This position may not seem heroic or flashy as what many of you do..."

Alendrial says, "But this is the wealth and livelihood of many of our people."

Alendrial says, "That is certainly worth fighting for, and arguably more important than many think."

Alendrial says, "When our people thrive, we rise together."

Lylia nods.

Granthem says, "I must say, I respect Alendrial's comment."

Granthem says, "I've seen the grace of this town first hand."

Lylia smiles at Granthem.

Granthem says, "I know I wear the face of a monster."

Granthem says, "But many in this town have ignored that, and given me a chance to thrive, just as the Lady said."

Granthem says, "My goal as Councilman would to make that gesture contagious and ensure such promise is offered to everyone here, as a way to recapture the spirit of this town."

Lylia nods at Granthem.

A town clerk says, "Any others?"

Malluch shakes his head.

Larton and Edwina seem to be arguing slightly in the corner, and the clerk clears his throat. They both shake their heads.

Lylia glances between Larton and Edwina.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Lylia."

Lylia inclines her head.

Lylia replies, "And thank you all."

Lady Lylia just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 5: Wolfloner to all: The Landing's Greatest Threat

A town clerk says, "Wolfloner!"

Wolfloner just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Wolfloner darkly says, "Greetings."

A town clerk says, "Wolfloner...also going solo...Get it? Get it!?"

Wolfloner darkly says, "One question for you all."

Malluch nods.

Granthem grins at Wolfloner.

Wolfloner darkly asks, "What is the greatest threat the Landing faces now?"

Wolfloner nods at Granthem.

Larton points at Granthem.

Larton asks, "Truthfully?"

Larton says, "Grishom Stone."

Larton says, "Dare I even utter his name."

Larton says, "His allies still run around."

Larton says, "His face is standing here, and some have the audacity to even let him run for this position..."

Larton says, "Like we've forgotten what he did to us years ago."

Wolfloner glances at Larton.

Larton says, "Letting our enemies flee and not chasing them, that is a danger that never works out well."

Wolfloner darkly asks, "Granthem?"

Granthem frowns.

Granthem says, "Ourselves, it seems."

Granthem asks, "Are we not a town, or were we not once a town, of acceptance and tolerance and new hope? New lives?"

Granthem asks, "Are we constantly going to jump at every shadow?"

Granthem asks, "Question every visitor?"

Granthem asks, "Berate even our own people?"

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Albanus yell, "Nowadays we're jumping at fog, not shadows!"

Granthem asks, "Our own ex-mayor, one of self-proclaimed purity, degraded a candidate just moments ago. Granted, she has done many poor things, but how far shall we slip?"

Speaking darkly to a narrow stairway, Wolfloner says, "Let's let them respond without comment from the balcony please."

Granthem says, "Our enemies are only strong because we allow ourselves to be weak."

Granthem nods.

Speaking darkly to Edwina, Wolfloner asks, "You agree?"

Edwina says, "Larton's prices."

Edwina chuckles.

Wolfloner nods at Malluch.

Malluch says, "I believe there exists two tiers of threats."

Malluch says, "One could easily say, Oh, Grishom Stone, the witch...whomever."

Malluch says, "Honestly, they endanger more than just Wehnimer's Landing."

Malluch says, "But there exists threats even to us, more localized, that I think help make us vulnerable."

Malluch says, "Almost what Granthem the Golem suggested."

Granthem furrows his brow.

Malluch says, "Oh, sorry."

Malluch smirks.

Malluch dusts Granthem off.

Malluch says, "My apologies."

Wolfloner glances at Alendrial.

Malluch says, "I do not think our town has lost its spirit."

Malluch says, "I think it's hidden at times."

Wolfloner nods at Malluch.

Malluch says, "Sheltered away, unable to break through at times."

Malluch says, "But I would argue we're more united than ever."

Malluch says, "When push truly comes to shove."

Malluch says, "I cannot think of many places that could survive such conflict as we have."

Malluch says, "But I'm sorry, I digress."

Malluch says, "The Brotherhood of Rooks."

Speaking darkly to Malluch, Wolfloner says, "Indeed."

Malluch says, "They are not an enemy, like Grishom, that we can bleed."

Malluch says, "They are our own people."

Wolfloner glances at Malluch.

Malluch says, "And if I am selected, I will ensure this town has wealth and promise, so that work pays, not crime."

Malluch bows.

Alendrial smiles.

Wolfloner turns to face Alendrial.

Speaking darkly to Alendrial, Wolfloner says, "Mi'lady."

Alendrial says, "I think we would be unwise to label any one thing as our greatest threat."

Alendrial says, "Perhaps that, our tunnel vision, is our greatest threat."

Alendrial says, "We need to have the mindset, capacity and stamina to respond, more proactively, to dangers as they arise or are learned of."

Alendrial says, "Than spinning like some animal at every new sound."

Alendrial nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Wolfloner."

Wolfloner nods at Alendrial.

Wolfloner darkly says, "Thank you all for your responses."

Wolfloner just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 6: Elementz to Larton: Stopping Swindling / Additional Comments from Malluch

A town clerk says, "Elementz!"

Elementz stands up.

Elementz twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Master Elementz just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Elementz bows.

Elementz says, "Good evening all."

Elementz cringes.

Elementz says, "Recently a town clerk was murdered after gambling."

Malluch glances at Elementz.

Elementz says, "He seemed to have a predilection for pilfering the town's coffers to enable his gambling addiction."

Speaking to Larton, Elementz asks, "Given your experience pilfering coffers from the town, what would you do to prevent further attempts to swindle the townspeople and enable us to economically recover from the assaults which have plagued our town?"

Larton says, "I do not know what economic hits we've taken from the recent assaults."

Larton says, "I can tell you this, whoever is doing the attacking, will get it one day too. They always do."

Larton says, "As for protecting our town coffers, there's great measures we can take. Added security, added checks and balances."

Elementz asks, "Will the ability for town clerks to funnel silver into their pockets be addressed?"

Elementz nods.

Larton says, "I would say there's even some measures we can take, but not make public, otherwise, we're just asking for it."

Madmountan yells, "It has been, their hands have been cut off, and gutted."

Evia yells, "Or the treasurer..."

Larton says, "Yes, it will be addressed, and always will be."

Malluch asks, "Is this question for all?"

Elementz says, "It can be, aye."

Malluch asks, "Anyone else?"

Malluch says, "No, just me. Very well."

Elementz turns to face Malluch.

Malluch says, "What is happening in town is unfortunate."

Malluch says, "Not only the crime, but the murders."

Malluch says, "Maybe this spirit of Rone...whatever they call it, will help to deter crime or bad behavior."

Malluch says, "But I would say only for a time."

Malluch says, "Real change requires more than just blood."

(OOC) Alisaire's player whispers to the group, "Meanwhile, back at the Locksmith's backroom.. You also see a plain mithril coffer, a battered casket, Larton,"

Malluch says, "There's plenty of steps, big and small, we can do to ensure less crime within our own local Moot Hall."

Malluch says, "But the best solutions are not easily created in one night, or even so publicly."

Malluch bows.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Elementz."

Elementz bows.

Elementz says, "Thank you all and I look forward to the rest of the debating."

(OOC) Alisaire's player whispers to the group, "Speaking suspiciously to Larton, you ask, "Aren't you supposed to be in a Town Council debate right now.....?"."

Master Elementz just climbed up a narrow stairway.

(OOC) Alisaire's player whispers to the group, "Larton removes a humanoid-looking skull from beneath the counter and toys with it significantly, glancing at you."

(OOC) Alisaire's player whispers to the group, "Can't make up that timing."

(OOC) Kenstrom's player whispers to the group, "I shall close the shop AND raise prices now."

Question 7: Leafiara to Alendrial: Plans and Proposals / Bonus Answer For Evia

A town clerk says, "Leafiara!"

You nod once.

You stand back up.

Maiden Leafiara just climbed down a narrow stairway.

[Moot Hall, Chamber of Justice]

Two high-backed, elaborately carved chairs face the imposing, burnished oak bench where members of the official Town Council convene to decide matters of solemn importance. A narrow stairway leads up to a low balcony that surrounds the chamber, providing ample seating for interested visitors to observe the proceedings. You also see a town clerk, a modwir arch and an oak door. Also here: Lady Alendrial, Granthem, Larton, Edwina, Lord Malluch

You smile.

You curtsy gracefully.

You begin, "This one is for Lady Alendrial."

You turn to face Alendrial.

Alendrial smiles.

Speaking politely to Alendrial, you greet, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting before. But I know your name very well since, like Lylia brought up, I know what you've done for half-elves."

You give Alendrial a strong, encouraging smile.

Alendrial nods.

Speaking neutrally to Alendrial, you say, "And if we were in another time of crisis, you'd probably be the one who I'd hope Mayor Crux would nominate... but, at least for now, this isn't a time of crisis. It's a time to move forward with our own plans."

Speaking briskly to Alendrial, you ask, "From what I've seen tonight, I like your attitude, but do you have any specific plans or proposals? In short, why do you want this position and what do you hope to accomplish?"

You cock your head at Alendrial.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Albanus yell, "Don't get too far into her dress, Leafiara!"

You gaze in amusement at a narrow stairway.

Alendrial says, "A good question."

Alendrial says, "I do not have access to any financial information in regards to the town, so any plans and proposals, are of course, limited based on limited information."

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Evia yell, "Just ask your Rooks!"

You glance at a narrow stairway.

Alendrial says, "What I will tell you though, is my husband, whether you like him or not, had run a large enterprise in the Empire for decades, and much of the financials were handled by myself."

Alendrial says, "It was not until we arrived here, where I was more removed, and thus, his crimes began."

Speaking nonchalantly to Alendrial, you note, "I see..."

You nod once at Alendrial.

Alendrial gazes with interest at a narrow stairway.

Alendrial says, "I will address Evia's comment next."

Alendrial says, "I can tell you this. I will be the best candidate to bring true stability to our markets and wealth."

Alendrial says, "Every expenditure will be worthwhile and carry a measurable and valuable return on our investment."

Alendrial says, "I will put the well being of our people and the protection of this town as top priority."

You thoughtfully ask, "And would you say that's the main strength you'd bring to the council?"

You glance expectantly at Alendrial.

You add, "Several other candidates here are also business-minded--even exclusively known for it."

You lightly say, "Not always in a good way, though."

You glance at Larton.

You try hard not to grin.

Alendrial says, "Unfortunately, our town is not a business."

Alendrial says, "So they already lack the right skillset."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Alendrial says, "This is a community, these are lives."

You nod understandingly.

Alendrial says, "Smart financial decisions should occur to help bolster our people, not create profits."

Alendrial says, "As for Evia's comment..."

Alendrial says, "They are no more my Rooks then they are hers."

Alendrial says, "Indeed, for a time, I helped lead some of them, and they dubbed me "The Mother."."

Alendrial says, "I did not lead them into crime or war or bloodshed or battle."

Alendrial says, "I healed their wounds and hearts. Something few in this town have tried or been successful at."

Alendrial bows.

You ponder the meaning of Alendrial's existence.

You nod understandingly at Alendrial.

You politely say, "Thank you for answering."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Leafiara."

You curtsy gracefully.

>go stair

Question 8: Cruxophim to Granthem: Motivations and Trust

A town clerk says, "Mayor Cruxophim!"

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Cruxophim affably greets, "Good evening."

Cruxophim pleasantly inquires, "Well met, Candidates. This question is for Grathem: can you elaborate further on what motivated you to run for the Town Council position, and what do you think you can offer in such a position? And why we should trust you with such a position?"

Cruxophim looks thoughtfully at Granthem.

Granthem says, "Hello Mayor."

Cruxophim turns to Granthem and bows low, spreading his wings for all to see.

Granthem says, "Your people and this town inspired me to run."

Granthem says, "For those that did not know me well..."

Granthem says, "When I came here, with nothing, and barely a few memories..."

Granthem says, "I was taken in, helped, cared for, and not cast aside."

Cruxophim folds his hands behind his back.

Granthem says, "I didn't find my fit for awhile."

Granthem says, "I tried the militia, I tried to reach out to the Silver Gryphons..."

Cruxophim amicably remarks, "As is the case with many of us, it seems."

Cruxophim wryly mutters, "Perhaps not that last one."

Granthem says, "Nothing seemed to fit with me, and my purpose I felt I couldn't grasp."

Cruxophim flashes a quick grin.

Granthem says, "But then I realized, with this position I can truly be a servant to the people and the town that has given me new life."

Cruxophim nods understandingly at Granthem.

Granthem says, "I know my purpose is to be here, and now I feel I am one step closer to that."

Granthem nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Mayor."

Speaking pleasantly to Granthem, Cruxophim opines, "I would like to believe that we are a forgiving and accepting people, willing to embrace all walks of life."

Cruxophim nods to a town clerk.

Granthem nods.

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 9: Cryheart to all: Chaston's Edict and Landing-Empire Relations

A town clerk says, "Cryheart!"

Sir Cryheart just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Cryheart bows.

Cryheart says, "Good evening."

Cryheart says, "This question is for all."

Granthem nods.

Alendrial smiles.

Malluch shifts his weight.

Larton winks at Edwina.

Edwina scowls.

Cryheart says, "Emperor Aurmont Anodheles has publicly stated he is not in favor of Chaston's Edict......"

Cryheart asks, "First do you believe him..and second if you do, how can the Landing present a more favorable position to the Empire?"

Malluch raises his hand.

Cryheart nods at Malluch.

Malluch says, "I do believe him."

Malluch says, "While the Emperor is far removed from our plight here, I believe he has proven thus far to be of a sound mind and more tolerable heart."

Cryheart nods at Malluch.

Malluch says, "I think and I hate to keep going back to this..."

Malluch says, "But it's true, so I refuse to just make up some answer."

Malluch says, "If our town is prosperous...we will see less threats within and threats beyond."

Malluch says, "If we have opportunity and promise for our people..."

Malluch says, "The Rooks will die off, not by blood, but by new hope."

Malluch says, "We will not have criminal factions gambling with garnering the attention of the Empire."

Malluch says, "I think if we begin to hold ourselves more accountable and responsible..."

Malluch says, "And our people..."

Malluch says, "Then we will be viewed as such in the larger world."

Malluch nods.

Cryheart nods at Malluch.

Cryheart glances at Alendrial.

Alendrial smiles.

Cryheart glances at Granthem.

Cryheart glances at Larton.

Cryheart glances around the room.

Alendrial says, "I do not believe the Emperor."

Cryheart grins at Edwina.

Cryheart turns an inquisitive ear toward Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "Not because I think it is his intention to suddenly persecute half-elves, but because his inability to act, and the speed at which he finally did during Chaston's unholy reign, is more telling than not."

Alendrial says, "It has been over a year since he announced his plans to formally end Chaston's Edict."

Alendrial says, "I do not even hear whispers of those plans anymore."

Alendrial says, "Armies move fast in the Empire, policies do not it seems."

Alendrial asks, "And should he do it finally?"

Alendrial asks, "Then what?"

Alendrial says, "We have seen our share of rogues."

Alendrial says, "Hochstib, Chaston, Dennet, Hapenlok."

Alendrial smirks.

Alendrial says, "There is no end to them."

Cryheart says, "I could add names as well."

Cryheart says, "But will refrain."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Puptilian asks, "You got named by her but not me. What did you do to her?"

Cryheart nods at Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "I was merely jesting on the last one."

Alendrial chuckles.

Speaking to Puptilian, Hapenlok says, "Threatened to utterly destroy her....and her husband."

Alendrial says, "You have to be this tall to be a rogue element."

Alendrial holds her hand up in the air by her waist.

Cryheart smiles.

Edwina says, "I do not know if the Emperor is lying or not. I think we should care less on that, and work hard to ensure we take care of our own here."

Cryheart nods at Edwina.

Larton nods.

Larton says, "I mean no disrespect Sir Knight, but I agree with my ex-wife. I think the less we worry about them, the better."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart nods at Larton.

Cryheart bows.

Sir Cryheart just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 10: Alisaire to all: The Black Market

A town clerk says, "Alisaire!"

Alisaire inclines her head.

You hear very soft footsteps.

Alisaire nods in greeting.

Alisaire says, "Good evening, everyone. While I could inquire a bit about differing views regarding... doppelgangers, I think I'll instead ask something a bit more relevant."

Alisaire glances between Granthem and Larton.

Alisaire says, "This question is for everyone. Given that the position to be filled is that of Treasurer..."

Alisaire asks, "What role do you believe the black market and other illicit trade have in this town? How would you use your position to influence, either in support of or opposition to, such methods of commerce?"

Larton says, "I would work to help support an open market. Nothing good comes from the black market. Lost profits, lost opportunity I say."

Edwina says, "You met me on the black market darling."

Edwina winks at Larton.

Edwina snickers.

Larton says, "Like I said."

Larton says, "Lost profits."

Larton laughs!

Edwina scowls.

Edwina squints.

Alisaire glances between Larton and Edwina.

Malluch slowly empties his lungs.

Malluch asks, "May I first ask you a question?"

Malluch peers quizzically at Alisaire.

Alisaire nods.

Speaking to Malluch, Alisaire says, "Certainly."

Malluch asks, "Why do you think such black markets exist?"

Alisaire gazes in amusement at Malluch.

Alisaire mildly says, "Oh, rumors might indicate such."

Malluch furrows his brow.

Speaking to Malluch, Alisaire says, "Consider the question hypothetical, then."

Alisaire inclines her head.

Malluch says, "I think black markets will always exist."

Malluch says, "Any crusade against them would be futile."

Alisaire nods slightly at Malluch.

Malluch says, "I'd say they exist because those in power wish to control so much, that even they find themselves unable to see beyond their own whims."

Malluch says, "There will always be a supply and demand for things of more questionable origin."

Malluch says, "Do we suddenly bend all laws and make such open and available? Certainly for some things perhaps."

Malluch says, "But everything? No I don't think so."

Malluch says, "Of course, there are things that can be done to help ensure things are done so more safely, but again, I think this is not the best use of this position."

Alisaire nods slightly at Malluch.

Malluch says, "This job should be about providing more opportunity, not warring against the shadows."

Alendrial says, "I happen to agree with Lord Malluch."

Alisaire nods at Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "That which you often wish to restrict, will find a way to coil around you instead."

Alendrial says, "If the light is more attractive than the dark, then that is where the focus will shift from others."

Granthem rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Granthem says, "I would agree. I do not think it is our business working to restrict more things, but perhaps bring more opportunity and safety to things."

Granthem nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Alisaire."

Alisaire inclines her head.

Alisaire says, "My thanks for entertaining the question."

You hear very soft footsteps.

Question 11: Xorus to all: Idle Funds of the Deceased

A town clerk says, "Xorus!"

Xorus just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Alendrial smiles at Xorus.

Xorus clears his throat.

Xorus says, "For better or worse this town has been the nexus for a disruptive class of fortune hunters for decades. They live dangerous, often brief lives, drawing the threat of foreign powers and piling plundered wealth into the First Elanith Bank, to the profit of some in town and the hazard of many."

Xorus asks, "This bank as we all know provides no interest on its accounts. Would any of you support seizing control of this idle 'dead peasant' money for intergovernmental loans to leverage the town's position as a free city?"

Malluch says, "I would certainly not be opposed to leveraging anything we can, within reason, so long as it's fair."

Xorus nods.

Alendrial says, "Abandoned funds are definitely an option of utilizing for the promise of the town."

Xorus adopts an agreeable expression.

Alendrial says, "I think your question is too vague, to properly put too much weight behind it."

Alendrial says, "Outside of a general, yes, I would consider any fair-minded idea to help this town prosper."

Cruxophim yells, "Ominously vague, that doesn't sound like the Dreadlord at all!"

Xorus glances at a narrow stairway.

Larton says, "I think we all agree as well."

Larton nods.

Edwina scowls at Larton.

Edwina nods.

Granthem says, "If I may.."

Granthem asks, "You seek to essentially, take control of money left by people?"

Granthem peers quizzically at Xorus.

Granthem asks, "Do we know they will never return?"

Granthem asks, "Is it not fair to pass to their heirs or those they perhaps wish?"

Xorus says, "The way a bank would normally work is to leave a fraction of the reserve and issue loans."

Granthem says, "Things don't work like normal in this town."

Granthem chuckles.

Xorus shrugs.

Granthem says, "I think a fair compromise can be achieved that help utilize stagnant funds left behind."

Granthem says, "It does no good to sit there and collect dust."

Granthem says, "But I would also want to be safe not to rob from anyone or their families."

Xorus says, "In the long run, if well managed, it would yield more money."

Granthem nods.

A town clerk says, "...and maybe raises."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Xorus."

Xorus nods.

Xorus just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 12: Hapenlok to all: Trust

A town clerk says, "Hapenlok!"

Hapenlok just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Alendrial smiles at Hapenlok.

Hapenlok says, "Well, it seems that our esteemed Mayor emeritus...stole my question...."

Malluch reaches out and touches his crystal ball pin.

Hapenlok grins wickedly at Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "Yet, here you are."

Hapenlok says, "But, I have a question for all candidates, quite simply."

Hapenlok asks, "Why should I trust any of you?"

Alendrial says, "Fortunately, this is not Hapenlok's Landing, and I think I could argue you trust no one."

Alendrial says, "So no amount of my words or actions would suffice."

Hapenlok says, "I'm faced with a harlot, a possible doppelganger, a gemcutter's son, who acts recklessly. And Larton and Edwina."

Alendrial says, "To be fair, you are not faced with any of us. At most, you come up to our knees."

Hapenlok says, "So, why...should I trust any of you with this town's future...which I fought and I bled to defend from threats inside and out."

Hapenlok coldly says, "No threats, no idle boasts, just a simple question. From a simple man who loves his home too much."

Alendrial says, "You shouldn't trust me."

Alendrial says, "That is what I hope to bring to this role."

Alendrial says, "A measure of checks, balances, and oversight."

Alendrial says, "Blind trust has made us vulnerable."

Granthem says, "I do not ever expect you to trust me, give my face."

Granthem nods at Hapenlok.

Granthem says, "My actions will perhaps prove you wrong in time, but I'm afraid I have little that I think would make you happy."

Granthem says, "Luckily I would be doing this in service of the entire town."

Granthem says, "And not make my role wholly about you, like your question."

Malluch asks, "I act recklessly?"

Malluch chuckles.

Malluch says, "Dear pot, this is kettle."

Malluch says, "You're black."

Speaking sincerely to Granthem, Hapenlok says, "I hope you're right. I truly do, because I'm verbalizing the question that's not just on my mind, but I daresay the people in Shanty Town, and even a few upstairs."

Hapenlok grins wickedly at Malluch.

Speaking to Malluch, Hapenlok says, "Point to you."

Larton says, "We can barely trust each other...."

Larton glances around the room.

Larton glances at Edwina.

Edwina sighs.

Edwina asks, "We did once...didn't we?"

Edwina looks up, and for a brief moment, Larton and her catch each other's eyes.

Buuuut it passes quickly and they scowl at each other.

Hapenlok nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Hapenlok."

A town clerk says, "We have one more!"

Folding his left arm behind his back and dipping to one knee, Hapenlok bows respectfully and inclines his head.

Hapenlok says, "A pleasant evening."

Hapenlok just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 13: Puptilian to Malluch: Personal Growth

A town clerk says, "Puptilian."

Puptilian just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Puptilian grins slowly.

Lady Lylia just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Lylia turns her head toward Puptilian to favor him with a silent, withering gaze.

Lady Lylia just went through a modwir arch.

Puptilian snickers.

Alendrial glances at a modwir arch and grins.

Puptilian says, "Always a fan somewhere."

Puptilian shrugs.

Puptilian says, "Since I was the last person on the list I have one question for Malluch then one for all of you."

Alendrial says, "One question for each term in office? Thank Kai you won't have more, or either."

Alendrial smirks.

Puptilian asks, "Malluch, I didn't chose you last time because i felt you were not mature enough at the time. It seemed at the time you cared about ladies more then the work at hand. Can you say in the last two years how you felt like you have grown and be a responsible person on council?"

Malluch says, "I have grown."

Malluch says, "It's true, I was more out to impress women...then."

Malluch says, "I found love once, it helped change me."

Malluch says, "I've also spent some time back in Nydds, studying with some monks, and I've also found faith."

Malluch says, "I would say the last few years have quite drastically changed me."

Malluch says, "I'm here to serve this town and see its spirit restored."

Question 14: Puptilian to all: The Best Other Candidate

Puptilian asks, "And the other question for all of you. If you were mayor and had to choose, who out of the rest would you choose and why?"

Malluch says, "A good question."

Malluch says, "I'll answer first."

Malluch says, "I would choose Lady DeArchon."

Malluch says, "She has been unfairly judged for her husband's crimes."

Malluch says, "And she has proven despite all of this and the hatred she received, she helped others during a dark time."

Malluch says, "That is true action."

Malluch says, "I can respect such bold moves."

Alendrial smiles.

Alendrial says, "Were I Mayor, I would ask for the deck to be reshuffled and dealt a new hand."

Alendrial asks, "Truthfully though?"

Alendrial says, "Edwina."

Alendrial says, "She has made some mistakes, perhaps even a large one she would say, but she has risen above it. Quite literally, she works above it."

Alendrial winks at Larton.

Edwina chuckles.

Granthem says, "I would pick Malluch. His family business and connections have merit."

Edwina says, "I would pick Malluch. I know his father well and have seen him grow up."

Edwina says, "He has room to grow, but his heart is there."

Larton says, "I would never run for Mayor, the life expectancy isn't long enough."

Larton shrugs.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Puptilian."

Puptilian says, "Thank you."

A town clerk says, "Candidates, thank you for your time. We welcome you back tomorrow night for the final round of questions."

Puptilian just climbed up a narrow stairway.


Hapenlok just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Edwina just went through a modwir arch.

Hapenlok cracks his knuckles!

Hapenlok stares at Alendrial.

Hapenlok just went through a modwir arch.

Larton says, "I need to get back to my shop. My ugly cousin who looks like me may have burned it down by now..."

Larton just went through a modwir arch.

A town clerk says, "Thank you all for coming tonight."

A town clerk says, "We will do round two tomorrow. Goodnight!"

Malluch bows.

Lord Malluch just went through a modwir arch.

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Granthem waves.

Granthem just went through a modwir arch.

Cruxophim flashes a quick grin.

Cruxophim turns to Alendrial and bows low, spreading his wings for all to see.

Alendrial smiles.

Alendrial nods.

Lady Alendrial just went through a modwir arch.