Rise of Rone - 5118-01-13 - Town Council Candidate Debates 5118, Night 2... and the Vigilante's Fifth Target (log)

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Lormesta 13-14, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Some time before the debates begin, Madmountan reports over the amunet that he [the vigilante] has attacked Rhayveign
  • The final night of the debate is held (see below)
  • After the debates conclude, the town clerk says that Judge Renpaw would like Mayor Cruxophim's decision by Leyan, or sooner if able; Cruxophim agrees


Attack on Rhayveign

[before tonight's proceedings even begin...]

A swirl of ethereal mist appears briefly near Moonshine Manor and the Merchant Road near town then vanishes.

Madmountan reports it over the amunet:

Suddenly, ethereal mist swirls into existence like an ashen sandstorm. From the fog a white-cloaked figure rises and lunges forward, swiftly driving a black-bladed longsword through Rhayveign's forehead, pressing a boot up against her small frame and pushing her back to pull the sword free. Spinning, the figure disappears in another cloud of ethereal smoke, the figure's white cloak billowing out like a cascade of snow.


[about half an hour later]

A town crier shouts, "The last night of Town Council debates will begin in 5 minutes inside Moot Hall! All are welcome to go to the observation balcony!"

[Moot Hall, Observation Balcony]

Several rows of hardwood benches line the balcony, each row a bit higher than the previous one in order to provide a view of the proceedings below from every seat. A polished oak railing forms the front barrier of the viewing area, and a narrow stairway leads down. You also see a question sign up list.

A town clerk says, "The candidates will be here shortly, please feel free to sign up to ask a question."

[Edwina and Granthem arrive before I remember to PEER AREA]

Larton just came through a modwir arch.

Lord Malluch just came through a modwir arch.

Lady Alendrial just came through a modwir arch.

Alendrial smiles.

A town clerk arrives.

A town clerk says, "Good evening all."

A town clerk says, "This is the final night of town council debates."

A town clerk says, "You may PEER at the AREA to observe below."

A town clerk says, "If you would like to ask a question of any candidate, or all, or some, please sign up on the list."

A town clerk says, "Four questions tonight? Let's begin!"

Question 1: Maylan to all: The Lockhart Fund

Maylan stands up.

Maylan just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Maylan exclaims, "Hi!"

Maylan thumps her mop-fringed pegleg on the floor in three rapid successions.

A town clerk says, "Maylan....oh."

Alendrial smiles.

Maylan says, "My question is for all candidates."

Malluch bows to Maylan.

Malluch nods.

Maylan asks, "How much do each of you plan to contribute to the Lockhart fund?"

Maylan cocks her head.

Maylan asks, "You know, the one for the big metal hidey hole and the flax garden. Most folks on the balcony have already donated, but your names seem to be missing from my list of donors. That was an oversight, yes?"

Maylan breathes in deeply as she clenches a pipe in her mouth, then exhales slowly, causing some dark amorphous clouds of puffy smoke to float up from her mouth.

Maylan blinks.

Maylan rocks back on her heels.

Alendrial smiles.

Alendrial says, "I will answer this first."

Maylan grabs a small green leather journal from one of the small pouches hanging from her leather bandolier.

Maylan gently presses down on the binding of her green leather journal.

Alendrial says, "I will of course provide a donation, we can discuss such at a later time. I had preferred to avoid donating yet, as to not make it seen as a politically calculated move given my attempt to get a town council seat."

Alendrial says, "Furthermore, while I appreciate people's donations, we should not always need such fund drives to help provide adequate protection for our people."

Alendrial says, "A wealthy Wehnimer's Landing can do so much more to aid their people."

Maylan appears less confident.

The brilliant aura fades away from Maylan.

The opalescent aura fades from around Maylan.

Maylan says, "I'm feeling a tad less confident all of a sudden."

Maylan says, "And rather dull."

Maylan says, "But I shall add your name to my ledger, with a note to discuss the amount at a later time. Perhaps over a nice whiskey."

Larton says, "Edwina and I shall see what can be done. Perhaps some profits from our business can help."

Larton says, "I can't spend without her, she can't spend without me, according to Renpaw."

Malluch grins.

Maylan glances between Larton and Edwina.

Malluch says, "A great question."

Malluch says, "I am sure the Burdos family will make a sizeable donation."

Granthem grins.

(Maylan scribbles a few notes in her green leather journal.)

Albanus says, "I'm surprised the Burdos family has any money left with all of the money he pays out for gems."

Granthem says, "I am afraid I have very little wealth to my name, but I will certainly offer my time and sweat to help build or dig as needed."

Granthem nods.

Speaking to Granthem, Maylan says, "Appreciated."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Maylan."

Alasatia dusts herself off.

Maylan bows low, spreading her wings for all to see.

Maylan gently closes a small green leather journal.

Maylan just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 2: Albanus to all: Hypothetical Temple Destruction Scenario

A town clerk says, "Excuse me, I need to use the little clerk's room, one moment."


A town clerk says, "Sorry, long line..."

A town clerk says, "Clerks only have one latrine. Hendorans get two, booo."

A town clerk says, "Albanus!"

Albanus just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Albanus simply says, "So, my questions are for all of you."

Albanus simply says, "A "what if" scenario, if you will."

Malluch nods.

Albanus simply asks, "Let us presume that the local temple to Lorminstra is destroyed. How, it doesn't matter, but it is destroyed and the town coffers are dry. First, how would all of you go about raising funds for the rebuilding of the temple, and would you rebuild or replace the temple?"

Malluch nods.

Malluch says, "That temple has stood for decades, if ruined, of course we would rebuild. Wehnimer's Landing has mastered the skillset of rebuilding."

Malluch says, "...and to raise the funds? I'd employ Maylan."

Malluch chuckles.

Maylan yells, "YARRRRR!"

Alendrial says, "While I agree with young Burdos..."

Alendrial says, "In regards to rebuilding the temple."

Alendrial says, "He clearly, in this..what if scenario of yours of course, has failed in his duty."

Alendrial says, "Under my watch, the coffers would never be dry."

Alendrial smiles.

Albanus raises an eyebrow.

Malluch looks as if he's about to say something, then stops.

Malluch grins.

Larton says, "I think I speak for everyone. We'd rebuild."

Larton says, "And those who care for this town would help, blood, sweat and coin."

Edwina agrees with Larton.

Edwina says, "We haven't agreed on this many issues since our divorce hearing."

Edwina snickers at Larton.

Granthem says, "If our town is generous enough to build bunkers, it will be generous enough to rebuild temples."

Granthem nods at Albanus.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Albanus."

(Albanus glances between all five, nodding slightly.)

Albanus quickly turns on the heel of one of his white leather knee-boots.

Albanus just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 3: Hapenlok to all: Thoughts On Pylasar

A town clerk says, "Hapenlok!

Hapenlok twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Hapenlok just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Hapenlok nods.

Hapenlok says, "Evening again."

Hapenlok grins wryly.

Alendrial yawns.

Hapenlok winks at Alendrial.

Hapenlok says, "Well, my next question simply is for the whole lot. Again. And it is roundly related to my questions of trust. One of you will be working alongside our former Grand Magister turned councilman, envoy at large, and whatever title is also created for him in the future Pylasar. Personally, I think an inquiry needs to be conducted into his conduct. But I wanted to gather your opinions, as well."

Larton says, "I don't understand your question."

Speaking to Larton, Hapenlok asks, "The whole lot? Or something specific?"

Larton says, "It looks like you began with a statement of yourself, then a fact, then tried to form a question."

Larton says, "I'm unsure."

Speaking to Larton, Hapenlok says, "Okay, I'm exhausted tonight."

Larton asks, "Are you asking our opinions on Pylasar?"

Larton peers quizzically at Hapenlok.

Hapenlok says, "I believe that Pylasar's performance has been somewhat lacking on behalf of this town as of recent. I wanted to know what, if anything you candidates feel about Pylasar."

Larton says, "I wouldn't know much of his performance, unless you can provide specifics."

(OOC) Puptilian's player whispers to the group, "See that last statement may or may not be true. Kenstrom never tells us what NPCs are doing off screen when we don't see them. He could be busy for all we know."

Larton says, "The man is clearly touched by Zelia or worse, but, I don't see him as a danger."

Edwina says, "Pylasar won me over once when I saw him play games with many of the orphans. I do not know if the rumors of his....abilities are true, but he seems fine enough."

Malluch says, "I find it hard to believe Pylasar is not doing his job."

Malluch says, "He is an envoy, after all. If you saw him around town constantly, then maybe he isn't doing his job."

Malluch says, "Until I see or hear otherwise, he seems to be doing fine."

(OOC) Puptilian's player whispers to the group, "Trust me, I went by as much information as the rest of you."

Malluch says, "And he's always there to help in a purple pinch."

Alendrial says, "I respect Pylasar, despite his addled brain and wild anctics. He saw the error of the Empire, and he chose us."

Alendrial says, "While we may not have seen much of him recently, something in my gut tells me that may change sooner rather than later."

Alendrial says, "I look forward to working with him."

Hapenlok grins wryly.

Hapenlok says, "So did I, once. Until I started working with him. Then I wanted to kick him in the shins. Hard."

Hapenlok nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Hapenlok."

Hapenlok says, "Okay, fair answers."

A town clerk says, "Alisaire!"

Alisaire inclines her head.

You hear very soft footsteps.

(Hapenlok stops near Alendrial a second and leans in close.)

Alisaire nods in greeting.

Alisaire surreptitiously glances at Hapenlok.

Alisaire folds her hands.

Alisaire seems to be waiting for something.

Alendrial says, "He needs to be dramatic, please allow him a moment."

Alendrial nods at Alisaire.

Alisaire nods at Alendrial.

Alisaire says, "Of course."

Alendrial seems to be waiting for something.

Hapenlok whispers something to Alendrial.

Hapenlok nods.

Hapenlok's hands fade to complete transparency as he intones a spell...

Hapenlok gestures.

Hapenlok suddenly disappears.

Alendrial says, "Such a short creature requires such a long time to form w..."

Alendrial says, "There it is."

Alendrial nods.

Question 4: Alisaire to all: Increasing Taxes

Alisaire nods once.

Alisaire clears her throat.

Alisaire says, "Well then."

A town clerk says, "Alisaire."

Alisaire nods appreciatively.

Alisaire says, "Good evening, once again. This question is for everyone."

Alisaire asks, "Do you anticipate establishing or increasing taxes on any of the local businesses once attaining your new role? If so, would this be limited to strictly businesses, or do you anticipate expanding it to, say, local Great Houses, or the temple in town?"

Alisaire surveys the area.

Alendrial says, "This is a difficult question to field while on the outside looking in."

Alisaire chuckles.

Alendrial says, "Taxes, while many think are revenue generators, are often more restrictive long term."

Alendrial says, "Without knowing the full financial health and business of the town, I could not say no, or yes, but I can tell you my instinct is to empower our businesses and encourage growth, not squeeze it."

Alisaire nods slightly at Alendrial.

Larton says, "I would definitely encourage the lowering of taxes."

Larton says, "A good way to help our merchants grow and hire, and attract new trade."

Edwina says, "I would definitely encourage higher taxes on Larton."

Edwina chuckles.

Alisaire gazes in amusement at Edwina.

Edwina says, "But no really."

Edwina says, "I agree with Alendrial. I do not have access to the coffers of the town."

Edwina says, "Increased taxes have made sense in times of crisis or other needs, but I do not see that as a popular thing, or one taken lightly, so I cannot truly say yes or no."

Larton says, "Oh gee. Edwina, problems with commitment. Shocker."

Edwina scowls at Larton.

Alisaire glances between Larton and Edwina.

Granthem says, "The popular answer is to say no new taxes."

Granthem says, "I'm sure half the merchants here would agree."

Alisaire nods slightly at Granthem.

Granthem says, "I will tell you, I will do what I think is necessary to help provide a better tomorrow for this town."

Granthem says, "Such promise will never come by bleeding people financially for no solid or wise reason."

Granthem says, "With taxes, some expectations."

Granthem says, "We all pay a fee, a service, a cost, for many things."

Granthem says, "If the town truly makes such a tax worth it, then no one would argue it."

Granthem says, "It is when the tax occurs with no benefit, no reward, no measurable return, that it becomes a chain, not a help."

Malluch grins.

Alisaire casually glances at Malluch.

Malluch says, "Taxes, like a mother in law, are a mood killer."

Malluch says, "We need taxes, there is no doubt about it."

Malluch says, "Our town offers services, much like Granthem explained."

Malluch says, "Without knowing the details of our full budget and spending and town revenue, I cannot say for certain, but I know that we live in a town full of generous people and wealthy adventurers."

Malluch says, "There is little our people should lack, and I think we have many ways to help build our town's wealth and people's positions in life, without crippling taxes."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Alisaire."

Alisaire inclines her head.

Alisaire says, "I appreciate all of your responses."

You hear very soft footsteps.

Malluch says, "Well, that was taxing."

Malluch wipes the sweat from his brow.

Malluch smirks.

Larton groans.

Question 5: Falvicar to all: Arkati and Faith

A town clerk says, "Falvicar!"

Falvicar just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Falvicar takes the edge of his spidersilk cape and holds it out, as he bows low in a courtly fashion.

Falvicar quietly says, "Ronan's blessings to you all this night."

Malluch says, "Jastev's guidance to you."

Malluch nods at Falvicar.

Alendrial smiles at Falvicar.

Falvicar quietly asks, "What Arkati do you each follow and why? Do you believe with your position that there would be some favortism based off your faith. For example, earlier somebody mentioned about the Lorminstra temple being destroyed. Would you be stingy based off your beliefs?"

Alendrial says, "I serve no Arkati currently, but I respect one's need to believe. I lost faith for a time during our struggles in Idolone, and I suppose I have not turned back yet."

Alendrial says, "I would not show favortism based on any belief."

Falvicar nods at Alendrial.

Larton says, "Edwina's Arkati is Charl, she's as grumpy as 'em."

Larton snickers.

Falvicar chuckles to himself.

Larton says, "I am not devout, but I have a liking towards Ronan."

Larton nods at Falvicar.

Larton says, "I must be in good company."

Larton winks.

Falvicar nods at Larton.

Edwina says, "I once had some allegience to Koar, but in recent time, it of course faltered out of fear almost, due to what happened with Chaston. When I was younger, I felt drawn to Oleani."

Malluch says, "I serve Jastev."

Malluch says, "For a time, in the south, I practiced with the Order of Voln and learned much from their tenets, but my faith is tied to he who sees all."

Malluch says, "But my faith, should not matter."

Malluch says, "Nor will it, in how I do my job and how I treat others."

Falvicar nods at Malluch.

Granthem grins.

Granthem says, "I have struggled with this very question, the one of faith, for months."

Granthem says, "Since I was found on your black sands, scant memories, and forging a new life."

Granthem says, "I question if we put too much stock into the Arkati ourselves, and how much victimization we take on, as we look to them for...what exactly."

Granthem asks, "The Arkati themselves were once servants, as you are now, no?"

Granthem says, "Perhaps we should focus more on what impact we can make."

Granthem asks, "But will it effect how I act as a council member?"

Granthem says, "Absolutely not."

Granthem says, "This town is about all walks of life and belief."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Falvicar."

Falvicar nods.

Falvicar quietly says, "Thank you all."

Falvicar just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 6: Puptilian to all: Trade By Water

Puptilian stretches.

A town clerk says, "Puptilian!"

You hear very soft footsteps.

Puptilian says, "Hello everyone."

Puptilian grins.

Alendrial twists slightly, cracking her spine. She looks much better.

Puptilian says, "Lots of talk on taxes but hard to tax what people do not have."

Malluch grins at Puptilian.

Puptilian says, "So for all of you. As mentioned a few times the last few nights trade is very important to this town. The river and ocean trade is something I feel we do not fully capitalize on. What suggestions would you bring to improve our docks and shipyards to help improve our capacity to increase river and ocean trade."

Alendrial says, "Once in office, I would assess the health of the town's coffers and our revenue, and at that time I feel confident I could propose a way to help invest in our river and ocean trade."

Alendrial says, "While it may not result in new taxes, it could result in the redirection of funds, more spending on things with more immediate or measurable results."

Alendrial says, "Surely this town has spending waste, and that is the first thing to shore up."

Alendrial says, "While we may see some increased costs at first, I think expanding our trade by ocean and rivers would result in more opportunity than we can imagine right now."

Malluch says, "I think before we get too far into expansion, we need to ensure the business will be there to make the expansion make sense."

Malluch says, "Some of that falls on our Steward of the Guilds, to ensure business to flow from such a venture."

Malluch says, "No one wants to build a giant barn and have no horses."

Malluch says, "I think two of our biggest focuses in town should be defense, and trade."

Malluch says, "We're better off when we can protect ourselves and provide for ourselves."

Larton says, "We would also need an increase in protection, if we go Malluch's way."

Larton says, "The docks are already locked in a war between criminal factions."

Larton says, "We need good security in place too, or we're just building new territory for Rooks and Stephos."

Larton says, "No offense ma'am, sorry, not sorry."

Larton nods at Alendrial.

Edwina says, "I think fees could be attached to cargo in and out of our town, without restricting too much, and throwing about huge taxes."

Edwina says, "While I do not have the position yet, it will be interesting to see where our wealth is all spent."

Granthem says, "I have nothing additional to add to the comments. I think each has picked definitely some workable ideas."

Granthem says, "No one doubts expanding our docks will beneficial."

Granthem says, "I can't rightfully answer until I'm in a more knowledgeable position."

Granthem says, "I would hate to make promises I could not keep."

Granthem nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Puptilian."

Puptilian nods.

Puptilian says, "Thank you all for your answers."

You hear very soft footsteps.

Question 7: Cruxophim to all: What the Landing Means

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Cruxophim calmly requests, "I'd like each of you to describe what the Landing means to you, both as an entity and as a collective of people, philosophically speaking. Oh, and also... what are your thoughts on a Women's Night -- free admittance -- at the Baths?"

Cruxophim folds his hands behind his back.

Hapenlok yells, "Go home, you're drunk."

Cruxophim yells, "Hardly!"

Edwina says, "Wehnimer's Landing is a promise of freedom, to pursue what we wish, without fear of the pursuit of others."

Cruxophim nods slowly at Edwina.

Edwina exclaims, "Ladies Night, I'm in!"

Cruxophim turns to Edwina and cheers!

Edwina swings her hips, but then winces.

Cruxophim nods reassuringly at Edwina.

Larton says, "Careful, no repair ticket for that."

Larton winks at Edwina.

Speaking amusedly to Larton, Cruxophim corrects, "Well, don't be hasty to answer."

Larton says, "I think this town represents so many threads and so many themes, because of the people here, as the collective you mention."

Speaking pleasantly to Edwina, Cruxophim opines, "A fine answer."

Cruxophim nods slowly at Larton.

Larton says, "I think trying to define this town, box it...jar it, whatever you want to call it, won't work."

Larton nods.

Speaking bemusedly to Larton, Cruxophim concedes, "Also a fair answer."

Cruxophim smiles pleasantly at each candidate, one after another, his eyes passing over them as if weighing them each in turn.

Cruxophim folds his hands behind his back.

Malluch grins.

Malluch says, "To me, Wehnimer's Landing is about justice."

Speaking surreptitiously to Malluch, Cruxophim notes, "Justice, you say?"

Malluch says, "Many come here, escaping the unlawfulness of the Empire, or other areas."

Malluch says, "Many come here to build a new life, to achieve what they deserve, a fitting justice for them."

Cruxophim gazes in amusement at Malluch.

Malluch says, "But we also need a measure of security and promise in this town."

Cruxophim folds his arms, appearing to listen intently. He nods from time to time.

Malluch says, "We need more light, than dark, where sins are not rampant, but shamed."

Malluch says, "Our community is strong, and has a lot of potential."

Speaking surreptitiously to Malluch, Cruxophim notes, "Indeed, it does."

Malluch says, "We've seen a lot of setbacks recently, but I think that is coming to an end."

Malluch says, "We need people to feel safe to be here, and to come here."

Malluch says, "Everyone."

Malluch nods at Alendrial.

Cruxophim smiles almost disarmingly at Malluch, a bright and indistinct flash of white.

Cruxophim turns to face Alendrial.

Cruxophim nods absently at Malluch.

Alendrial says, "Wehnimer's Landing is more about what it means to others, than to myself."

Alendrial says, "There is an independence here to this town that encompasses everyone, and it should never, ever be taken for granted."

Cruxophim nods slowly at Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "We must be ever vigilante against any opressor who would take that from us. Enemies do not always come in suits of armor or under banners of gold."

Alendrial says, "That is part of the reason I seek this position."

Alendrial says, "A wealthy Wehnimer's is not a weak Wehnimer's."

Cruxophim respectfully emphasizes, "I agree wholeheartedly."

Cruxophim nods respectfully at Alendrial.

Malluch asks, "Vigilante?"

Malluch peers quizzically at Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "Vigilant. Watchful."

Speaking calmly to Malluch, Cruxophim muses, "I heard vigilant, but it has been a long evening."

Cruxophim chuckles.

Cruxophim wiggles his ears, causing his obsidian coffin nails to rock back and forth a bit.

Alendrial says, "If you took your gaze off of my chest long enough, you might have heard me right."

Alendrial nods at Malluch.

Malluch smirks.

Cruxophim raises his voice in merry laughter.

Alendrial nods at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim pleasantly states, "Thank you, all."

A town clerk says, "Thank you Cruxophim."

Cruxophim nods while tilting his black silk capotain forward and giving a quick, teeth-flashing grin.

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 8: Xorus to all: Municipal Bonds

A town clerk says, "Xorus!"

Xorus just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Xorus nods in greeting.

Xorus says, "Would you all be open to funding development in the town by the issue of municipal bonds, which would be purchased by the wealthy, with the interest returned to investors paid from the tax collections? The stability of a sovereign debt is a strong signal to foreign powers of a stable government."

Evia yells, "Yeah!"

Larton says, "I don't even understand your question, but sure."

Larton chuckles.

Xorus chuckles.

Maylan yells, "And flax!"

Edwina says, "Dreadlord, or Breadlord? All he thinks of is money..."

Xorus glances at a narrow stairway.

Edwina says, "Yes, I think I would."

Malluch asks, "More control in the hands of the wealthy?"

Xorus says, "The risk would be heavily on them, and lower the tax burden on the less wealthy."

Malluch says, "Then I am open to considering such."

Xorus nods.

Alendrial says, "I think we all are."

Alendrial nods at Xorus.

Granthem nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Xorus. I think."

Xorus smiles slightly.

Xorus just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 9: Talinvor to all: Rook Philosophy

A town clerk says, "Talinvor!"

Talinvor just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Talinvor nods respectfully.

Talinvor says, "My question is for the panel."

Talinvor curiously asks, "You are all familiar with the Rooks, neh?"

Alendrial nods.

Talinvor asks, "Just you?"

Talinvor peers quizzically at Alendrial.

Talinvor rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Malluch says, "We all are...."

Malluch says, "Some more than others."

Talinvor nods once.

Malluch asks, "Was that your question?"

Talinvor grins wryly.

Talinvor says, "No, I thought to address the.. white seathrak as it were."

Edwina asks, "Rone?"

Larton says, "The Rise of Rone."

Larton nods at Edwina.

Talinvor says, "We have both Rysus and Stephos in various control of the Rooks. Both with different visions of how to deal with the incursions of the Empire and threats."

Larton says, "I like White Shadow. That used to be my stage name for awhile."

Larton snickers to himself.

Talinvor thoughtfully asks, "What are your thoughts on this? Should we encourage this, or should the Rooks be routed out?"

Talinvor says, "We are, afterall a town of free thought and diversity."

Talinvor looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Larton says, "Wehnimer's Landing is better off when Stephos and Rysus are dead or gone."

Larton says, "No offense ma'am."

Larton nods at Alendrial.

Larton says, "But sorry not sorry."

Talinvor looks thoughtfully at Larton.

Talinvor asks, "Fair. Any elaboration?"

Talinvor peers quizzically at Larton.

Larton says, "Nope."

Talinvor starts chortling.

Edwina says, "They're both criminals, a pardon or not, and the Rooks do not need to exist in the shadows."

Edwina says, "But we definitely don't need to try to crush them like Thadston tried."

Edwina says, "Even if he did look good trying."

Edwina fans herself.

Talinvor raises an eyebrow in Edwina's direction.

Larton scowls.

Granthem says, "I think we solve the issue of the Rooks by solving the issue of their motives."

Granthem says, "Perhaps they flock to men like Stephos and Rysus because they lack better leadership to provide them a different alternative."

Speaking distractedly to Larton, Talinvor asks, "White shadow, hm?"

Malluch slowly empties his lungs.

Talinvor cocks his head at Granthem.

Malluch says, "The Brotherhood of Rooks are our people."

Malluch says, "We cannot bleed their ranks."

Malluch says, "But we can certainly help bleed their leaders and provide, as Granthem said, alternatives."

Talinvor glances between Granthem and Malluch.

Malluch asks, "How many leaders have the Rooks been under, besides you, Lady DeArchon?"

Malluch peers quizzically at Alendrial.

Malluch asks, "Your husband Stephos?"

Malluch says, "Drangell."

Malluch says, "Rysus."

Malluch says, "It won't stop."

Malluch says, "We can equally crush the leaders, while providing a better way of life for them to pursue."

Malluch says, "But right now, there's little done against them, and that fosters their way of life."

Speaking curiously to Malluch, Talinvor asks, "So it is the Rooks that escalate?"

Malluch says, "There is still right and wrong."

Malluch says, "There are ways to try to achieve one's goals."

Malluch says, "The Rooks know they are wrong, we just need to show them right. But suffer no tolerance for their leaders."

Speaking to Alendrial, Talinvor asks, "Have you thoughts to add?"

Malluch says, "You cannot stab an idea."

Alendrial says, "I know many in the Brotherhood more than any of you ever will."

Alendrial says, "They exist far more than you will ever believe, between those who are active among them, to those who sympathize."

Alendrial says, "Rysus is a disease to this town and those who follow him are carriers."

Alendrial says, "I will bring prosperity to Wehnimer's Landing."

Alendrial says, "Many in the Rooks, despite their past, hold respect for me."

Alendrial says, "I will not hide that."

Talinvor curiously asks, "Take them.. under your wing again?"

Alendrial asks, "When they see what I am able to provide, when they see this town has promise for them?"

Talinvor peers quizzically at Alendrial.

Alendrial says, "My husband, or Rysus, will hold no sway."

Talinvor slowly says, "I see."

Talinvor says, "Thank you all. I have no further questions."

Alendrial says, "The shadows will not contain them any longer."

Alendrial nods.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Talinvor."

Talinvor nods respectfully.

Talinvor just climbed up a narrow stairway.

Question 10: Leafiara to all: Alternate Plans

A town clerk says, "Last question of the night goes to..."

A town clerk says, "Leafiara!"

You let out a long, contemplative breath.

You stand back up.

You set about preparing yourself to be as presentable as possible.

Maiden Leafiara just climbed down a narrow stairway.

[Moot Hall, Chamber of Justice]

Two high-backed, elaborately carved chairs face the imposing, burnished oak bench where members of the official Town Council convene to decide matters of solemn importance. A narrow stairway leads up to a low balcony that surrounds the chamber, providing ample seating for interested visitors to observe the proceedings. You also see a town clerk, a modwir arch and an oak door. Also here: Lady Alendrial, Lord Malluch, Larton, Edwina, Granthem

You smile.

You curtsy gracefully.

You evenly begin, "We've heard many thoughtful answers from all of you these two nights, but in the end only one of you can have the position."

You carefully inquire, "So my question to all of you is: if you weren't the one selected, what would you do for the Landing in a... less official sense, as civilians?"

You hurriedly add, "And I don't mean that as a trick question."

You grin slowly.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Cruxophim yell, "She's tricky, watch out!"

You snicker to yourself.

Malluch says, "I would continue to do what I do now. Work for my father, help to work with other merchants, and be a voice for growth."

You nod understandingly at Malluch.

Malluch says, "I will always work to serve and protect this town."

Malluch says, "It is my home, and it should be nurtured."

Edwina says, "I will continue to repair cheap lockpicks my husband sells."

Edwina says, "...and look into ways into doing more. Perhaps with Maylan."

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Maylan yell, "YARR!"

You grin slowly at Edwina.

You approvingly acknowledge, "She always does have plenty of ideas."

You nod once at Edwina.

Larton says, "I will continue to make profit and lose half of it to Edwina."

Larton says, "But it's true, we could all do more."

Larton says, "This has definitely made that clear to me."

Granthem says, "I am open to exploring any new ways to help give back to the town that took me in."

Granthem nods to you.

You nod at Granthem.

Alendrial says, "I will ever be available for the cause of the good people of this town."

Alendrial says, "My commitment to bettering this town and its people will not waiver, regardless of title or position."

You nod approvingly.

Alendrial says, "But I will not limit myself by a single answer."

Alendrial nods to you.

You amicably say, "Thank you all."

You sincerely say, "May our Mayor Crux choose the best for the job."

You flash a quick grin.

Alendrial grins.

A town clerk says, "Thank you Leafiara."

You render a sharp hand salute.

>go stair


A town clerk says, "Thank you all for coming tonight for the final round of questions!"

A town clerk says, "Mayor Cruxophim..."

Mayor Cruxophim just climbed down a narrow stairway.

A town clerk says, "Oh, you...yeah hi."

Cruxophim chuckles to himself.

Cruxophim slowly purrs, "Hiii."

Cruxophim flashes a toothy grin.

A town clerk says, "Judge Renpaw would like you to spend a few days to mull over your decision, and send it to him by Leyan."

The town clerk says, "Is that agreeable?"

Cruxophim pleasantly notes, "Of course. I shan't need that long, but it is agreeable."

Cruxophim amicably praises, "And thank you all, for your time and commendable efforts to our town."

The town clerk says, "Sooner if you are able."

Granthem waves.

Cruxophim applauds.

Granthem bows to Cruxophim.

Granthem just went through a modwir arch.

Edwina waves.

Edwina just went through a modwir arch.

Larton says, "Thank you for this opportunity."

Larton just went through a modwir arch.

Cruxophim affably states, "Mote it be done."

Cruxophim gives Malluch a strong, encouraging smile.

Cruxophim gives Alendrial a strong, encouraging smile.

Malluch grins.

Cruxophim nods while tilting his black silk capotain forward and giving a quick, teeth-flashing grin.

Malluch nods.

Cruxophim looks as though he might scream, but instead of a scream, writhing tendrils of shadow pour forth from his mouth! They cover Cruxophim completely before suddenly fading into the surrounding shadows!

Lord Malluch just went through a modwir arch.

Goldstr just climbed down a narrow stairway.

Goldstr bows to Alendrial.

The town clerk says, "Goodnight everyone!"

Alendrial smiles.

Lady Alendrial just went through a modwir arch.