Rise of Rone - 5118-01-31 - The Recent Return of Prelate Lheren (log)

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Lormesta 31, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Prelate Lheren Hochstib greets everyone at Wayside Inn, revealing that he's been back in the area for a few weeks, but didn't announce it as he had some work that needed to be conducted in secrecy.
  • Lheren is here to "wash out some of the stains and sins of the past" in the wake of the corruption in the Church exposed by Prelate Chaston. He is certain Chaston's "Faithkeepers"--a group of Landing citizens who were in thrall to Chaston--are disbanded.
  • Lheren thinks that now that time has passed, it's time to rebuild the image of Koar.
  • Lheren says he had heard about the golem Thadston and the corruption the Kestrels brought; Raelee asks if he intends to investigate it and he says he always seeks to investigate corruption. She says she welcomes it and he says he'll hear her out soon.
  • Cruxophim mentions a vigilante is trying to clean up the corruption; Lheren asks about it, so Crux fills him in, and Lheren calls vigilantism a dangerous road.
  • Lheren turns in for the night, saying Breshon Caulfield has set up quarters for him at the outpost and "we are to speak tomorrow."
  • As adventurers discuss the night afterward, gossiping townspeople are heard hoping Rone will kill Cruxophim and Goblyn, then imply maybe they themselves should do something.


A Meeting With Prelate Lheren

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

Glistening white flakes of snow drift down from the heavens.

[on the amunet...]

Lheren: "Good evening."

Irar: "Prelate..."

Puptilian: "Well hello Prelate. Didn't know you were back in town."

Dinaden: "Fair evening Prelate."

Dirra: "Evening Prelate."

You: "Good eve, Prelate."

Cryheart: "Good evening Prelate Lheren."

Irar: "I'm very glad to hear you're back around these parts, Prelate."

Cryheart: "Prelate, to what do we have the honor?"

Evician: "Prelate! You've been gone for quite some time, we've been worried about you."

Lheren: "I shall be along to town momentarily, perhaps Wayside Inn? Inside of course."

[Wayside Inn, Dining Room]

This ramshackle hostel bears the signs of rough use by hard-bitten travellers and headstrong adventurers. Several blade-scarred tables and low stools are lined up against the walls, while the central area is dominated by a large firepit around which is a low platform covered with a few ratty bearskins. The clatter of clay tankards and the smell of humble victuals provide some small comfort to the steady stream of wayfarers who pause here to meet and greet one another.

Lord Lheren just arrived.

Lheren says, "Good evening."

Lheren bows.

>look lher

You see Lord Lheren Hochstib the Prelate of the Church of Koar.

He appears to be a Human.

He is average height. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has almond-shaped slate grey eyes and tanned skin. He has shoulder-length, thick light brown hair with a black streak running through it. He has an angular face, a straight nose and dimpled cheeks.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a crystal amulet, a heavy black mantle lined with white silk, a polished white ora shield, a silver-tooled black leather satchel, a crisp white linen surcoat emblazoned with a golden crown, a point-sleeved padded black wool gambeson, an intricately carved silver scabbard inlaid with gleaming topaz, and a pair of black leather boots.

Speaking quietly to Lheren, Pukk exclaims, "Dad!"

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "It is good to see you."

Lheren grins.

Lheren moves to stand in front of Irar.

Lheren bows to Irar.

Lheren says, "Deacon, you look....tired."

Lheren says, "But well."

Lheren chuckles.

Irar nods at Lheren.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "All in Koar's service."

Lheren says, "Indeed."

Speaking quietly to Lheren, Pukk asks, "Why have you forsaken me dad?"

Speaking to Lheren, Hapenlok says, "Well, the past few months were an ordeal, but he went through more than most."

Hapenlok nods at Irar.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "Last time I saw you here, Ylandra was stealing your horse."

Irar grins at Lheren.

Speaking to Lheren, you whisper aloud, "Don't mind Pukk here, he's our lovable scamp."

Lheren smirks.

Lheren nods to you.

Lheren says, "I do not mind him at all."

You grin slowly.

Lheren says, "I am sorry it took me so long to announce myself."

Irar nods at Lheren.

Lheren says, "I had some work to be done here in the area, and it was important I conduct most of it in secrecy."

Evician melodically says, "We were concerned for your wellbeing Prelate."

Pukk quietly whispers aloud, "Leafi you ruined it, I was hoping to work some silvers out of him."

Lheren peers quizzically at Evician.

You tickle Pukk and are rewarded with his laughter.

Lheren asks, "You were?"

Evician nods at Lheren.

Evician melodically says, "Said you had gone missing your grace."

Pukk quietly says, "I didn't say anything."

Lheren says, "I appreciate it."

Evician nods at Lheren.

Lheren says, "Missing? Not at all."

Lheren says, "I do not live here, you know."

Lheren nods at Evician.

Evician melodically says, "I wasn't aware sir."

Lheren says, "Me being here, means I'm missing somewhere else."

Lheren chuckles.

Evician grins at Lheren.

Speaking to Lheren, Puptilian asks, "How has the work going to clean the mess the false Prelate created?"

Lheren says, "It is not over."

Lheren nods at Puptilian.

Lheren says, "There existed a level of corruption in the Church long before the rise of Chaston."

You curiously ask, "Speaking of the mess, is there any chance the Church could bring a new altar to replace the--well, the rather unsettling one at the Hendoran outpost?"

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Lheren says, "His crusade merely exposed it."

Lheren nods to you.

You beam happily at Lheren!

Lheren says, "That is part of my purpose here."

Speaking to Lheren, Puptilian says, "It's a shame he did so much damage. Ever do a group of us help to clean the destuction to the lands in Talador. Maybe soon you would honor us in North Talador Outpost. It would raise local morale."

You nod approvingly at Lheren.

Cruxophim glances dubiously at you.

Lheren says, "To wash out some of the stains and sins of the past."

Speaking wearily to Cruxophim, you opine, "I know the Deacon doesn't mind it, but it's very... unusual. And not in a good way, I think."

Speaking to Lheren, Kipara asks, "Stains concerning Chaston specifically, or perhaps other matters as well?"

Speaking calmly to Lheren, Cruxophim states, "Your timing is rather impeccable."

Lheren peers quizzically at Cruxophim.

Speaking nonchalantly to you, Cruxophim remarks, "I'll take it."

Cruxophim flashes you a toothy grin.

You flash a quick grin at Cruxophim.

Lheren says, "I've been here for a few weeks. But primarily observing some things."

Speaking calmly to Lheren, Cruxophim explains, "We've extended an offer to our citizens, those wishing to clear their consciences."

Irar gawks at Lheren.

Lheren says, "I am confident in saying the so called "Faithkeepers" are truly disbanded."

Lheren grins at Cruxophim.

Lheren says, "Ah, a good offer indeed."

Lheren nods at Cruxophim.

Speaking wryly to Lheren, Cruxophim admits, "Surprising to some, I'm sure."

Lheren says, "Chaston had a group of citizens under his thrall."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar asks, "Here?"

Shinann says, "Lots of the town guards were affected. I have noticed more around lately and they seem back to normal."

Lheren says, "They called themselves the Faithkeepers. I am glad to see they are truly gone."

Lheren nods at Shinann.

Irar inclines his head.

Lheren nods at Irar.

Speaking to Lheren, Irar asks, "They were... residing in my congregation?"

Irar frowns.

Lheren says, "I had not been back to the area since I departed with Sir Thadston."

Lheren says, "So I was not sure how many of them remained."

Lheren says, "But there has definitely been progress in purging the wrongs of the past in the wake of Chaston's end."

Irar says, "Excellent."

Lheren says, "Part of why I am here. We will need to replace that altar."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar beams happily at Lheren!

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "They've thought I was insane for still praying there..."

Speaking cautiously to Irar, you say, "Well, you kind of were."

Speaking to Irar, Hapenlok says, "You ARE...but it's because you live here."

You glance dubiously at Irar.

Lheren says, "Koar will hear your cries, whether it is stone, sand, or water."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar slowly empties his lungs.

Lheren says, "We will also meet regularly while I am here."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar nods at Lheren.

Lheren says, "I think, enough time has passed..."

Lheren says, "It is time to help rebuild the image of Koar here among the people."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I am glad to hear it, Prelate. I hope my work here has been somewhat satisfactory."

Speaking to Lheren, Shinann asks, "How long ago did you part from Thadston, if I may ask?"

Lheren says, "Thadston."

Lheren peers quizzically at Shinann.

Lheren asks, "I was only with him and Casiphia for roughly two weeks?"

Shinann says, "Oh..."

Shinann says, "I thought it was longer."

Lheren says, "We parted near Brisker's Cove, they were bound there to take a ship to the Swale."

Lheren says, "That is the last I heard from them."

Shinann nods at Lheren.

Shinann says, "Thank you."

Lheren says, "He was a troubled man during that time."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "We thought he'd returned to us, but what came to the outpost was instead a golem wearing his visage."

Lheren says, "I had heard."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar nods at Lheren.

Lheren says, "It is unfortunate the Kestrels brought such corruption."

Lheren says, "We need less of that."

Speaking wryly to Lheren, Cruxophim remarks, "There seems to be a vigilante seeking punishment for such now!"

Speaking slowly to Lheren, Raelee asks, "And is that... corruption... something you intend to investigate?"

Lheren asks, "A vigilante?"

Lheren peers quizzically at Cruxophim.

Lheren says, "And yes, I always seek to investigate corruption."

Lheren nods at Raelee.

Lheren says, "My influence is often restrained to within the sphere of the Church..."

Speaking calmly to Lheren, Cruxophim states, "Calling himself 'Rone', quite a bold move. Has gained some sympathy among townfolk here."

Speaking evenly to Lheren, Raelee says, "I welcome it."

Lheren says, "But it is not unheard of, for such influence to branch to other areas."

Lheren says, "If you had something in mind."

Lheren nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Lheren, Raelee says, "Oh, I do."

Lheren says, "I would hear of it soon then."

Lheren nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Raelee, Irar asks, "Confessions to make?"

Irar winks at Raelee.

Speaking to Lheren, Raelee says, "I suspect you know where to find me when you are ready."

Lheren nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Irar, Raelee says, "No."

Lheren says, "Vigilantism is a dangerous road."

Lheren nods at Cruxophim.

You curiously say, "You've been here a couple of weeks but hadn't heard of the vigilante before? He's been making quite the waves in the news..."

Cruxophim nods slowly at Lheren.

You ponder.

You admit, "Then again, I guess most of that news goes around taverns and other places you might not frequent."

You grin at Lheren.

Lheren says, "Never assume where I frequent."

Lheren smiles.

You nod understandingly at Lheren.

You feel your cheeks flush slightly.

Lheren says, "I should be off however. Lord Caulfield has set up a quarter for me in the Outpost, and we are to speak tomorrow in a more official capacity."

Lheren says, "It is good to see you all again."

Lheren says, "I am glad we are able to do so in less troubling circumstances."

Speaking to Lheren, Irar says, "I am glad to see you are well. I look forward to speaking with you more, Prelate."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Irar bows to Lheren.

Lheren says, "Keep up the work of the faithful Deacon."

Lheren nods at Irar.

Lheren says, "Our reward is yet to come."

Irar smiles at Lheren.

Lheren says, "I shall see you all around."

Lheren says, "Goodnight everyone."

Lheren bows.

Lord Lheren just went out.

Afterdiscussion and Town Gossip

Hapenlok says, "Well, we don't have a rampaging horde of misguided fanatics at the gates, this time. so there's that."

Goblyn yells, "You will have a nice night, Lheren!"

You idly say, "I still don't know how he hadn't heard of the vigilante before."

You chortle.

Stiana nods in agreement to you.

Speaking to you, Stiana says, "Is a bit odd."

Speaking to you, Irar says, "Give him a bloody hour before you start lobbing accusations."

Irar glares at you.

Speaking surprisedly to Irar, you say, "What? I didn't say he was the vigilante or some crazy thing like that."

You chortle.

Irar says, "I don't appreciate it."

Speaking calmly to Irar, you say, "I already said I just don't think he's been making the rounds at taverns where people talk about Rone all the time."

You distantly say, "Even though he fought back against that."

Speaking to Irar, Stiana says, "It is rather odd the gossip hadn't reached his ears."

Stiana says, "But as he said, never assume where he frequents."

Speaking quietly to Stiana, Pukk says, "He frequents Helga's for sure."

Hapenlok reminds, "Remember the man's former posting before he became Prelate, folks."

Hapenlok says, "He was a Watcher."

Speaking suddenly to Hapenlok, you say, "Oh, that's right..."

Hapenlok says, "You can watch a lot sitting on a barstool."

You nod at Hapenlok.

Hapenlok says, "And....you know, I'm sure he didn't mind the libations, as well."

Irar thumps Hapenlok!

Hapenlok says, "He's a holy man, but he's not dead, you know."

Irar shakes his head.

Some townspeople can be heard gossiping at a table nearby, "...look at him out there, the Mayor...all bone and blood and shadow...like he cares...I've heard Rone is going to come for him....I can't wait..."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "You're in for it now, Cruxy."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "You ....have fun with that."

Cruxophim loudly reminds, "I can hear you, you know."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "Maybe I'll help Rone. Just for giggles."

Speaking amusedly to Cruxophim, you say, "Less than a year and they go from bragging about how you'll scare off the Imperials to gossiping about your death."

Hapenlok grins wickedly at Cruxophim.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stiana says, "And our citizens can't wait for your death Mayor."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Berkana says, "You're becoming more popular, if that's even possible."

Hapenlok says, "Well, if Rone pays, I will."

Speaking dryly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim counters, "Maybe you'll die."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Albanus exclaims, "Any minute now, Rone will burst in through the windows with flashing blades. Snick snack! Open you up like a fresh killed pig!"

Speaking idly to you, Nehor quips, "The moods of the crowd are fickle. It takes a firm hand at the till to steer them in the proper direction."

(Hapenlok gives Cruxophim a not so gentle shove.)

Some townspeople can be heard gossiping at a table nearby, "...maybe Rone will bury his little sylvan demon right next to him..."

Evician melodically says, "That's for Koar to decide what happens to Cruxophim, not us, or man."

Cryheart says, "Townfolks can be sooo superstitious."

Stiana asks, "Sylvan demon eh?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stonmel says, "Well, if ya do die, maybe that'll still some *actual* effort into finding and stopping the murderer on the part of the city."

Cruxophim wryly remarks, "Rone touches one hair on her head, he won't live to regret it... if he's lucky."

Speaking to Goblyn, Xorus says, "They sound like they enjoy the burying."

Cruxophim wryly adds, "And that's not even counting what -she'd- do."

Speaking carefully to Goblyn, you assure, "I'm sure they're just being... well... I won't say something mean, but--less smart than they could be."

Speaking mockingly to Cruxophim, Albanus says, "I don't think you can touch this Rone, or you would have done something in the graveyard."

Cryheart asks, "So, see the reputation you hae earned?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Thailmore says, "I just got a picture of her pulling Rone's heart out and making a pie."

Speaking to you, Kipara says, "Can you blame them? It's difficult for common people to accept seeing a flesh-eater so close."

Speaking to you, Kipara says, "They're simply frightened and confused."

Speaking carefully to Kipara, you say, "It's difficult for some 'common' people to accept a lot of things. Like half-elves, for example."

Speaking gently to Cruxophim, you assure, "Don't worry, my friend, I'm with you."

Speaking calmly to Stonmel, Cruxophim states, "I've suggested to the Guard, Constabulary, and Militia that there be standing orders to apprehend. He's nigh impossible to catch, with that mist."

Some townspeople can be heard gossiping at a table nearby, "...but maybe we all have a little Rone in us...maybe it's time we all did something....shhh wait, they keep looking over here, let's go." Some people get up from a table and disperse, walking out.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "Well, you've made your bed, Cruxophim...now you need to sleep in it."

You distantly say, "Well, maybe they're not wrong about that much..."

Speaking mockingly to you, Albanus asks, "Oh come now, you were all hoots and hollers about his first killings, what changed that attitude?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "Five million silvers is my fee."

Stiana says, "Oh great, gonna be a bunch of copy cat vigilantes popping up."

You amusedly ask, "You really haven't paid attention to me at all, have you?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "...if you don't wish to rely on the protection of the Guard and the Militia."

Speaking distractedly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim inquires, "Hmm?"

You ponder the meaning of Albanus's existence.

Speaking amusedly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim reminds, "I don't need protection, nor want it... I wish them to do their job."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stonmel says, "If only his threat had been taken more seriously when he was killing the... less valued... citizenry."

Speaking darkly to Cruxophim, Draccor says, "You know who to find if you want chaos."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Hapenlok says, "Then, you'll die."

Speaking simply to Albanus, you remind, "I looked at it with an even and neutral eye and you twist it into 'hoots and hollers'."

Speaking haughtily to Albanus, you ask, "Tell me, how are your confessionals going?"

You smirk at Albanus.

Speaking to you, Albanus says, "Do not lie to me, you were giddy when you found out that he killed women abusers. But now that he comes for a friend of yours, you're rather quick to decry him."

Speaking calmly to Albanus, you say, "I didn't praise him then and I haven't condemned him now. Your imagination is running wild."

You shake your head at Albanus and cluck your tongue.

Speaking to you, Albanus says, "Mmm, if you say so."

You scoff at Albanus.

Stonmel says, "Well, here's hopin' that when the murderer comes for the Mayor, ya'll will wake up to the threat, and stop throwing around flowerly language to disguise what your "vigilante" clearly is."

You amusedly acknowledge, "Have to admit, I missed this--all the arguments being among ourselves about each other instead of that fool Dennet."

You chortle.

Cruxophim laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement from you.

You sigh blithely, feeling quite hopeful about the future.

Speaking haughtily to you, Nehor snaps, "You would like such incessant banter from rubes!"

Speaking wistfully to Nehor, you agree, "I really would."

Speaking quickly to Cruxophim, Albanus exclaims, "Snick snack! Just like that! Out come your innards!"

Speaking gently to Albanus, Cruxophim reminds, "He's... working up to me."