River's Rest Museum/North Room Table

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An Exhibit Table

On the exhibit table you see a tinsmith's hammer and a mummified thumb.

The River's Rest Museum encourages all visitors to enjoy the exhibits. Bards are requested to handle items carefully and return items to the proper places when finished.

A tinsmith’s hammer

This item has a loresong. If a bard sings to this hammer, it will tell a tale to the singer. There are also possible side effects that those listening to the bard will find interesting.

A closer look

The tinsmith's hammer is a smallish tool, more useful for delicate tapping than for dedicated pounding or banging. The wooden handle is dark with age and use.

Official documentation

The small tag attached to the hammer states, "This is the Gavel of Walga. Although no legal records survive from the River's Rest Smuggling Wars era (5018-5020 M.E.) it is widely believed the death toll would be significantly higher but for the jurisprudence and legal wisdom displayed by Walga in resolving conflicts. Little is known of Walga's background. His many admirers affectionately called him Walga Lackwit for his insistence that other jurists were better equipped to pass judgment on his fellow citizens. He is said to have used a tinsmith's hammer for a gavel to remind him that his decisions affected the common folk."

A mummified thumb

This item has a loresong. If a bard picks up this thumb and sings to it, it will tell a tale to the singer. Those listening to the bard should keep a close eye on the thumb, strange things have been known to happen.

A closer look

This small scrap of flesh and bone is clearly a human thumb. The severed edge is neat and tidy, indicating it was cut with a very sharp blade. The color of the thumb...a dark grey...suggests it was mummified through some natural process.

Official documentation

There is no identifying tag for this exhibit.