Stories of Rumor Woods/A Year of Mourning

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A Year of Mourning

Siethidi gazed out the tower window, his eyes were drawn towards the distant aspen grove. Chill arctic winds slipped across their burnished tops, causing them to sway and ripple like the flames of a fire. There were less than six weeks until the Tourney unfolded. So many people had been invited, so many new ideas had been put forth, and Summit Academy had been generous in their attentions and care.

The past year had been difficult, so very difficult. Swarms of beetles had caused a deep, fearful stirring in Diriko; threatening her, and her long passed father's, life's work.

He watched the rippling banners of red and hunter green and noted how many of the staff had started to wear their favored team for the Tourney. Some were bedecked in red emblazoned with platinum lions, while others were resplendent in forest green embroidered with gold stags.

As he turned from the window, he felt a pang in his chest. He had hoped that his father would be able to come from Atan Irith this year. He’d hoped to finally show him what he had created in this winter-kissed land, but that hope had faded, and due to an ailment, he would never get the chance to show him.

He still remembered the night when the courier had brought the letter to them. Poor Diriko had been crushed, her son Dirinaar was gone, and she seemed to wilt as the days passed. He was laid to rest, Siethidi's mother had written, with all the proper accruements in the Erithi way. It had been hard, for both of them, to accept that they could not be present for it.

Several of the professors at Summit Academy understood what that loneliness and loss meant. They understood how hard it was to be so far away from those you cared about and so they had suggested that Siethidi reach out to the Elders of Cysaegir. They had spoken of a ceremony that could help ease both of their spirits.

He watched the mountain trail, a sad smile slipping across his lips as the first sight of the Aelotoi contingent could be seen cresting the rise.


To honor all that has passed this year, for all of us, the Ceremony of Remembrance will be coming to Rumor Woods this year.

The new theme is the battle of the Lion and the Stag.

Their colors are:

a platinum lion on a field of red

a gold stag on a field of hunter green