Stories of Rumor Woods/Borne of

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Chill wind swept through the tower through the office window, riffling papers and disturbing the pennants that hung from the walls and rafters. Siethidi looked up from a map he had redrawn half a dozen times and rocked gently back on his chair so that he could peer out the sun-dappled frame.

Immediately he rose to his feet and craned his body out the window at what he saw...

Far below, a Tehir caravan was parting from the treeline to the southwest, the exotic, legendary ill-tempered yierkas with their proud riders forming an honor guard around them. Each desert strider was bundled against the arctic winds, their gradient blue identifiers flapping in the breeze.

Watching the procession, Siethidi suddenly wondered if he’d provided enough heat baskets for them along the caravan track.

A call on the horizon drew his eyes to the southeast where another procession crested the alpine plains. Dusky and ebon-skinned warriors also swaddled against the cold creating a different kind of march. Monstrous beasts provided riders transport, their sinuous tales whipping this way and that as they moved across the rocky grasslands.

Siethidi felt a thrill of excitement. The Dhe’nar had accepted his invitation as well.

As he turned to call out to one of his scribes, the shimmer of silver and gold forced his eyes back to where the last of the Tehir were slipping down the trail to the tourney grounds. "Majestic beyond reason," Siethidi though as he exhaled quietly. Ronan had graced them with a gift, he thought to himself and rushed from the tower.

We are excited to announce this year’s mounts for Rumor Woods:

Common: a gargantuan armadillo lizard a giant three-toed tegu

Uncommon: a colossal water monitor a monstrous crocodile monitor an enormous sai'ri monster a scaly brownish-yellow wastesdragon

Rare: a sinewy fringe-toed yierka

Rare Equine Update: a golden-hooved white unicorn a silver-hooved black unicorn You can also expect cultural releases for both the Dhe'nar and Tehir cultures this year.