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Current Known Script Costs:

  • T1 Voln 7pts

WPS Calculation Exmaples.

  • 7x, T1 voln armor for 1pt added (10pts added in current window alredy): ((20*1750+15*3250+7*5000)*300%)+10% = 391,875 silvers
    Pricing Quote: Eosten whispers, "1,959,375 for 5 service points of crit padding or 391,875 for 1."
  • 8x, +30% combined resistances, Spiked, T5 ensorcelled armor for 5 pts added (fresh service window): ((20*1750+15*3250+15*5000+9*6500)*5)+10% = 1,194,875 silvers
    Pricing Quote: Estild says, "To add 5 service points to your leather-backed mail traced with veniom vines, the cost would be 1,194,875 silver.