The Story So Far - Greth's Summary of The Nazhor Chronicles Chapter 1 5119-7-3 (log)

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A recap of The Nazhor Chronicles/Chapter One, presented by Greth at the Stumbling Pebble Bar II. From the point of view of Avawren Fiora Nalfein.

Lightly edited for brevity.

Greth's Summary

[Stumbling Pebble Bar II]
Dried, cracked boards mingle with newer knotted pine planks as they spread across the floor from the swinging oak doors to the white oak bar.  Several half-cask chairs are arranged in circles around the room, their backs weathered and cracked, while plump couches face a fireplace that looks as if it has seen better days.  A scattering of cracked peanut shells litters the floor around an oversized bowl that is set upon a faded blue rug.  You also see a black-eared red and grey fox, a basket of sticks, Greth and a narrow staircase.
Also here: Xilona who is sitting, Sothog who is sitting, Lady in Waiting Lynaera, Apsaras, Akenna, Flockmaster Nehor who is sitting
Obvious exits: none

Greth says, "I'll say it again, just for bein' clear... please keep it civil t'night."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "Tends to keep me....pleasant."
Greth says, "And a good evening to you all."
Speaking dryly to Xilona, Nehor says, "Maybe you'll have enough to share with the crowd. I've been looking for a way to make some of them more...pleasant."
Nehor clears his throat.
Speaking to Greth, Sothog says, "A good evening to you, and thanks for hosting."
Greth says, "I'm no fighter, leastwise not any more."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "I'm afraid that is beyond my capabilities."
Lynaera walks over to the chair and settles down.
Speaking to Greth, Apsaras says, "And aye, thank ye for hostin'!  Right kind o' ye."
Greth says, "But people know me around here, and are willing to talk to me sometimes when they got interestin' things to say."
Raising the tips of her fingers briefly to one earlobe, Xilona seems to be channeling soundsfrom Greth's very being.
Speaking disappointedly to Xilona, Nehor sighs, "Alas, beyond mine as well."
You smile at Greth.
Xilona nods understandingly at Nehor.
Apsaras grins at Greth.
Greth says, "And I kinda want to share some of that information... but I kinda feel like we need to all be on the same page for it to make sense."
Greth says, "So if y'all don't mind... I'd like to sorta recap what all's been going on a bit."
Greth says, "Then we can sorta go from there and I can tell you what the new stuff I been hearing is all about."
Nimaera walks over to the couch and settles down.
Speaking smoothly to Greth, Nehor allows, "By all means, sirrah. It has been a bit since I have been privy to the local scuttlebut."
Nehor smiles.
Greth glances around the room, looking a little uncomfortable.
Greth clears his throat.
Sothog says, "Indeed.  I'm curious as well."
Apsaras walks over to the chair and settles down.
Lynaera nods encouragingly to Greth.
Greth says, "So... to start at the beginning... I guess it's best to start with Elspie."
You nod encouragingly to Greth.
Greth says, "Well, Elspie and Brannogh."
Xilona slowly empties her lungs.
Xilona hangs her head.
Greth says, "Elspie was an Imperial Drake, and apparently a really strong one."
You shake your head.
Greth says, "She actually lived to retirement, which is unusual for their type, and she and her husband came here to Four Winds to retire together."
Sothog nods to you in greeting.
You smile at Sothog.
Greth says, "Right around the same time, a guy by the name of Nazhor showed up and strongarmed his way into ownership of the pawnshop here in town."
Greth says, "Shortly after Elspie and Brannogh showed up, there were bandits in town, and they killed Brannogh in cold blood."
Greth exhales.
Apsaras scowls.
Xilona places a hand over her heart.
Greth says, "Right in the middle of town, to boot."
Akenna frowns.
You shift your weight.
Apsaras swears in a fluid mixture of common and elven that would make a spike-thorn take pause.
Lazaryth raises an eyebrow.
Greth says, "Elspie got wind of it, and she was... angry.  And it don't do to make a trained war mage angry, much less a Drake."
Amalexia suddenly fades into view.
Xilona agrees with Greth.
You nod respectfully at Amalexia.
Amalexia nods in greeting to you.
Greth says, "She took out the bandits, then went to care for Brannogh... but it was to no avail.  He died in their new home, Sunset Cay."
Apsaras slowly empties her lungs.
Nehor sadly says, "Pity."
Nehor shakes his head, clucking his tongue.
Xilona lets out a long, contemplative breath.
Greth says, "She was new to town, and didn't know anyone, but she invited any who were willing to come to a memorial service for her dead husband."
Greth says, "During the memorial, some of the attendees heard a ruckus inside the cottage.  It was ransacked... during the memorial."
Lazaryth shakes his head, clucking his tongue.
Akenna frowns.
Speaking to herself, Apsaras says, "No respectin'.."
Greth says, "In the process, her necklace was stolen.  Come to find out, this necklace is a powerful artifact that was given to her as a retirement gift."
Akenna agrees with Apsaras.
Greth says, "Elspie was... beside herself with grief.  She didn't know where to turn, so she charged off to find the First Sergeant."
Greth says, "When she found the man, she also found... someone else.  Someone by the name 'a Duvainiel."
Greth says, "Duvainiel mocked Elspie, right there in front of everyone.  And the Sergeant seemed to take her side."
Greth says, "There was an insinuation made that Nazhor might have had something to do with it, so Elspie charged off to the pawnshop to confront the man."
Greth says, "How she knew he was there, I'm not sure."
Greth shrugs.
Greth says, "Anyway, he apparently taunted her some more, and she went to attack him.  He shut down her spell, and had her arrested."
Greth says, "Again, by the First Sergeant."
Greth shakes his head.
Nehor nods gravely.
Greth says, "And to be honest... here's where it started to get a little strange."
Sensou kneels down.
Greth exhales.
Xilona agrees with Nehor.
You wryly add, "Strange will become a common pattern."
Greth says, "So there were some... visions?  Something or other... and they apparently were coming from different people."
Greth says, "The majority, though, at this point, were attributed to Elspie."
Greth says, "She claimed to be imprisoned by Nazhor, but she was still able to communicate via her magics."
Greth says, "She implored the adventurers to stop him, blaming him for the death of Brannogh, and saying he was trying to bring about the end of the world or some such."
Greth says, "After some convoluted attempts to figure out what was going on, Nazhor basically tricked everyone."
Xilona shakes her head, clucking her tongue.
Greth says, "He was playing Elspie all along, and through his manipulations, some artifact that was being kept safe by a merchant named Mazorn (no relation) was lost."
Greth says, "That's another name that will come up later."
Greth sighs.
Greth says, "So the adventurers were trying to find out where Nazhor could be hiding, and they hit on Penre as a source of information.  He was acting weird this whole time too."
Greth says, "Ilsola put out a call to the Drakes, and Elspie's former commander... guy by the name of Drehod... came out to question Penre." 
Greth says, "He had powerful mind magics, and seemed to be getting some answers, when he was ambushed and killed by Duvainiel out of nowhere." 
Greth frowns.
Nehor says, "Not powerful enough, it seems."
Greth says, "Which put everyone back at square one.  I should say... people were still gettin' visions and things this whole time, and nobody could figure those out." 
Greth says, "So finally Ilsola got fed up.  She was a bit out of her depth, if you ask me, and she was determined to find Elspie." 
Apsaras nods to Greth.
Greth says, "A few of the folks here, and a few others, banded together and found this... portal or something?  Anyway, it was actually IN Brannogh's grave." 
Greth says, "Which gives you an idea of the sort of sick things this Nazhor pulls." 
Xilona shudders.
Greth says, "Anyway, the group made their way through and found this locked hatch.  Inside was Elspie, out of her mind somehow... and Duvainiel, unconscious.  Some sort of writing on the wall saying he was done with "her"." 
Greth says, "Elspie was roused, slowly, as if she was comin' out of some sort of a coma.  And she got mad.  Real, real mad.  Way I heard it, it was a really close thing, her losing her temper completely." 
Greth says, "The wolf girl, whatever her name was, talked Elspie down, but just barely." 
You offer, "Darcena."
Greth nods in agreement.
 Greth says, "That's her." 
You smile at Greth.
 Greth says, "Elspie left in a huff... understandable in my mind, and everyone resolved to keep an eye out for Nazhor." 
 Greth says, "Nice and simple, right?  Not hardly." 
Greth exhales
 Greth says, "So a little bit later, this guy Socius comes to the Isle.  Some of us knew him from older times, but to most he was a fresh face."
Akenna carefully placed a mug of minty green tea on a cask-faced white oak bar.
 Greth says, "Of course, none of us knew then who his Dad was, but that comes later." 
Greth grimaces.
 Greth says, "Socius comes to town, acting like a real.... ah.... jerk." 
Greth clears his throat.
Nehor coughs.
You chuckle.
You nod in agreement to Greth.
Nehor dryly repeats, "Jerk. Not the word I would use. But the same number of letters."
Nehor examines his fingernails.
Akenna nods.
 Greth says, "And he has Ilsola thrown in jail, supposedly."
Greth says, "Something about dereliction of duty or some such.  It didn't matter, because it was apparently all a ruse."
Greth says, "Anyway, while Ilsola was in this 'jail cell', which actually turned out to be pretty nice, she was assaulted."
Greth grimaces.
Greth says, "Or maybe she wasn't?  See... here's where it gets really weird for a while."
Apsaras nods slowly.
Greth says, "Lemme see if I can explain it as simply as I can."
Greth says, "So... there's this world, right?  The world we all live in, and know."
Greth says, "Well, supposedly, there's other ones.  Lots and lots of other ones.  Where just the tiniest things are different."
Greth says, "Now I never had much schoolin', but that's the gist of it, from what I hear."
Sothog nods to Greth.
Greth says, "And every single world has a... protector?  Someone whose job it is to make sure the world stays balanced."
Greth says, "And they call themselves meek.  Lowercase 'm', for some reason."
Greth says, "Super powerful, and every one of them unique."
Greth says, "Well, we found out a bit after the fact that right around the time that Ilsola was attacked... Nazhor... who turned out to be this world's meek... was messing with the walls between realms."
Greth says, "And as a result of that, folks started 'slipping' between worlds a bit."
Greth says, "So like... the version of Ilsola who got assaulted might have swapped with a version who DIDN'T get assaulted, which means if you asked Ilsola here in our world, you might ACTUALLY be asking one from another world, where it didn't happen."
Greth says, "It's all... very confusing."
Nimaera cocks her head.
Greth rubs his forehead with two fingers, grimacing.
You say, "It was even more so in the moment, I promise."
You chuckle.
Sothog agrees with you.
Apsaras grins at you.
Greth says, "So basically... in some version of the nearby worlds, Ilsola was assaulted.  And whichever one we ended up with for a while started spouting something about the Five Families."
Greth says, "Which nobody here had ever heard of."
Xilona takes a slow, deep breath then pinches the bridge of her nose.
Nehor wryly drawls, "The nalfein 'promises'. There is a saying, I believe, about trusting Nalfein promises. I'm sure it'll come to mind eventually."
Greth says, "Supposedly they owned and managed Four Winds Isle."
You smile at Nehor.
Lynaera raises an eyebrow in Nehor's direction.
Greth says, "Anyway, shortly after this all went down, the visions really stepped up."
Greth says, "People were seeing and hearing all kinds of things they couldn't explain."
Nehor nods once at Lynaera.
Greth says, "And things got more and more clear... though that's putting it generously... and it turned out that we were hearing from some of the neighboring worlds' meeks."
Greth says, "They were warning us about Nazhor, saying he'd Fallen or some such."
Sensou says, "Figures, ours goes crazy."
Greth says, "They each reached out as best they could and tried to help us remove him from the equation.  But there was someone on 'this' side working against the town."
Greth says, "There's been lots of rumor both ways, but someone staged a krolvin invasion... and then someone else staged a much larger, much bloodier invasion."
Nehor examines his fingernails.
Greth says, "The krolvins... that was apparenty Mazorn, who we mentioned before."
Greth says, "And Socius... ah... handled him."
Sensou mutters krolvs.
Nehor corrects, "By handled, you mean murdered."
Sothog agrees with Sensou.
Sensou scoffs.
Greth says, "Some might say a little too.... well, yeah... murdered."
Greth shrugs.
Xilona shrugs.
Nehor stresses, "Sans trial. Barbaric!"
Nehor shakes his head, clucking his tongue.
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "Do tell us what a problem you have with murder. Upright creature that you are."
Greth says, "Oh, we'll get to the trial."
Akenna lets out a long, contemplative breath.
Nehor's ebonwood armband writhes slightly, the wood creeping and shifting slightly as it repositions itself along his arm.
Nehor frowns at you.
Xilona bites her lip.
Greth says, "So... with people popping in and out of our world... things got more than a little chaotic.  But all along the meek kept helping us, trying to guide us to Nazhor."
Xilona says, "Remember, we agreed to be civil."
Nehor nods at Xilona.
Nehor sniffs.
Greth says, "There were a few meek who seemed to reach out more often.  One used memories, one music, and one... well, blood."
Greth says, "And that last one... Nazhor called the Adversary, apparently.  And she... carved up a few people."
Nehor frowns.
Greth clears his throat.
Greth says, "She wasn't a calm and gentle sort, from all accounts."
Akenna folds her hands in her lap.
Greth says, "In any case, with their help, and some personal strife from some people on our side of things, Nazhor's 'tome' was taken.  Well... both parts, eventually.  See..."
Greth takes a long breath, then lets it out.
Greth says, "So every meek has a book of some sort, right?  It's what tells them how to be a meek, or something."
Greth says, "Nazhor's was this tome.  But we found out that you also needed this gem thing."
Greth says, "Nehor here... he and some friends of his procured the gem.  And Lady Rohese procured the tome."
Nehor nods once.
Nehor proudly reminds, "At great personal risk to my well being."
Greth says, "Then there was this big sit-down, where everyone had to decide what to do moving forward."
Greth says, "And... well, I wasn't there.  But apparently Elspie showed up.  And Duvainiel.  And a local chieftain of the Iyo."
Akenna nods slowly.
Greth says, "And everyone agreed, after some hard discussion, to put the pieces together and give them to Elspie, nominating her as the new meek for our world."
Greth says, "Elspie, though, still had a lot of rage.  All she cared about, for a long time after that, was killing Nazhor.  Who's still out there somewhere."
Greth says, "Supposedly it takes some set amount of time of study before a new meek can use all her powers."
Nehor slowly offers, "I did hear a rumor he had been...dealt with. But it is rumor only."
You remark, "Not if you ask Naamit."
Greth nods slowly.
Greth says, "I've heard that, too."
Sothog blinks.
Nehor looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.
Sothog says, "This I had not heard."
Greth says, "Naamit may have dispatched Nazhor, but even she says it's a little murky."
Greth says, "Regardless... I'm told that Elspie believes it, and that she NEEDS to believe it.  Because it's gotten her back on track."
Apsaras says, "Nae heard that either."
Nehor idly says, "Dealt with or not, things remain in a precarious position...a knife edge, prone to fall towards order or chaos, depending on the wind."
Greth says, "The kicker here is... Nazhor, before he "fell" or whatever... was trying to fix a very real issue."
Greth says, "And that issue remains."
Akenna shifts her weight.
Greth says, "And Elspie doesn't have all her powers yet to fix it."
Nehor nods in agreement to Greth.
Speaking to Greth, Apsaras asks, "Issue?"
Greth says, "Some sort of imbalance.  The way I heard it, the meek are supposed to prevent entropy."
Apsaras exclaims, "Gotcha!"
Greth says, "And I don't have the clearest understanding of what that is, but I know it's bad."
Greth says, "Well, Nazhor got it into his head that 'balance' meant letting in these horrific things from outside the worlds."
Apsaras says, "Thought is was bein' a new issue.  Nae needin' more troubles."
Greth says, "So he was putting all his efforts towards that.  We got some pretty nasty things showing up around here towards the end."
Sensou says, "Sounds like that whole Ur'Daemon ordeal."
Greth says, "So... skipping over lots of little stuff, that's kinda where we're at."
Apsaras says, "In a pile o' troubles."

Rumors of a New Trouble

Greth says, "Elspie is working hard on getting up to speed, and Nazhor may or may not be out there somewhere."
Sensou says, "Bad stuff coming, we kill it.  Got it."
Greth says, "Now... for the new stuff I been hearing..."
Akenna shifts her weight.
Sothog turns an inquisitive ear toward Greth.
Apsaras leans forward.
Apsaras cocks her head at Greth.
Greth asks, "There's been... a weird figure showing up lately?"
Nehor raises an eyebrow.
Sensou glances at Nehor.
Nehor tentatively says, "That's just Ordim."
Greth says, "It pops in out of nowhere, screams something about being let through, then blinks back out."
Sensou says, "That's not creepy at all."
Sensou shakes his head.
Greth says, "I haven't seen it, but a few have."
Greth says, "Also, there have been a few magic-types around who has said there are some serious trails of some big things coming from outside."
Sothog blinks.
Sothog coughs.
Greth says, "And Elspie has... shut herself off, I guess.  She's stopped seeing people, and stopped ordering food."
Sothog says, "Well, yes.  I'm one of them."
Speaking to Sothog, you ask, "Your researching is going well then?"
Nehor says, "Disconcerting. It will not do, if our meek becomes too isolated."
Greth says, "We're hoping Elspie is just hard at work, but... we're worried about her."
Greth says, "So there's the specter of Nazhor, figures screaming to be let through, and our meek is untrained and growing reclusive."
Speaking to you, Sothog says, "I've left my report with Socius, with copies for the Militia as well.  Results were interesting, to say the least."
Greth exhales in a rush.
Nehor speculates, "We know Nazhor was experimenting, switching people from one world to another. Perhaps those he not like their new home?"
Greth says, "I've got my ears to the ground, and I'll try and pass along anything I hear, but it's going to be up to you lot.  My days of fighting are far behind me."
Greth says, "Ahhh yes."
Greth says, "So..."
Nehor honestly says, "Had I found myself in the world of the Blood Meek I too might have a great desire to be let through."
Greth says, "I hired an assistant recently."
Sothog says, "The fact that Elspie has withdrawn the way she has is a bit worrisome.  I'm guessing a wellness check is in order."
Speaking to Greth, Xilona says, "We appreciate all you do, thank you."
Greth asks, "That wolf girl... Darcie?"
Greth says, "She came to me and asked me to help out Penre.  So I hired him."
You beam happily at Greth!
Xilona raises an eyebrow.
Greth says, "He's been helping me out around here, and he's renting a room here in town."
Greth says, "He says he's not the Penre of "this world", and it weighs pretty heavy on him."
Greth says, "But he's adjusting, slowly."
Speaking to Greth, Apsaras exclaims, "Right kind o' ye!"
Greth flushes slightly.
You nod in agreement at Apsaras.
Sothog asks, "Plus, I do have a question... has anyone seen anything unusual at or near the western harbor recently?"
Speaking politely to Sothog, Nehor admits, "I cannot say I have, though I haven't been frequenting it of late either."
Speaking curiously to Sothog, Nehor inquires, "What have you heard?"
Akenna says, "I'm oft on that side, haven't seen anything."
Akenna says, "Though it is rare I go past the foutain."
Greth says, "Now if you'll excuse me... I've said all I had to say.  I'll just listen for a bit.  Thank you all for coming out... I hope we make it through this."
Speaking to Sothog, Apsaras says, "Been over there but nae seen anytin' oddlike."
Lazaryth rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Greth blushes and ducks his head in an awkward bow.
Sensou nods to Greth.
Speaking to Greth, Akenna says, "Thank you for your time."
Xilona nods respectfully to Greth.
Speaking to Greth, Apsaras exclaims, "Thank ye for the briefin'!"
Sothog says, "There are signs of something lurking in that area.  There's a wrongness to the air there, and I'm not talking about overripe fish."
Akenna grins cheerfully at Greth.
Speaking to Greth, Xilona says, "Thank you so much."
Speaking to Sothog, Sensou says, "Let's kill it."
Nehor nods to Greth.
Lazaryth asks, "All this is fairly disturbing.  I've walked into an informational meeting, yes?  Not a ghost story telling night?"
Nehor stands up.
Nehor slowly empties his lungs.
An old memory bubbles up from your past, and causes you to reflect a moment.  With a flash of insight, you realize you understand yourself a bit better than you did a moment ago.  The sudden feeling of self-knowledge is a pleasant one.
Speaking soberly to Lazaryth, Nehor says, "Alas, it is all true. If a bit incompletely represented."
Akenna sighs, "It is real."
Speaking to Nehor, Lazaryth says, "I remember you."
Lazaryth grins.
Speaking to Greth, Lynaera says, "Thank you for keeping us informed."
Sweeping his arm outward, Nehor bows low in a grand fashion before Lazaryth.
Lazaryth bows to Nehor.
Nehor amusedly says, "I pride myself on being hard to forget."
Lazaryth chuckles.
Akenna pets a black-eared red and grey fox lightly, which stirs slightly in his sleep.
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona asks, "Incompletely? What is missing?"
Nehor smoothly says, "A compliment though, well received."
Speaking to Sothog, Apsaras says, "Will be keepin' my eyes and ears open then out west o' town."
The red and grey fox awakens and sits up.
Speaking to Apsaras, Sothog says, "Thanks."
Speaking to Xilona, you say, "The death of a lot of innocents, for one. The poisioning of Ilsola, for another."
Speaking simply to Xilona, Nehor says, "There was much in the way of insults paid to the Iyo, and no discussion on our brethern beyond the walls."
You ponder.
Sensou asks, "Is the militia mustering for drills or anything?"
Sensou rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Nimaera says, "So it's all a bit of a mess, then."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "I would love to give you the benefit of telling your perspective, but I just can't look past the children."
Speaking curtly to Xilona, Nehor says, "There were...unfortunate side effects of a well meant deed. We could not, in good conscious, allow the Butcher Socius to continue to remain in charge..."
Nehor slowly empties his lungs.
Speaking to Sothog, you say, "I'm sure we'll be ready, if the Flock decides to murder any more children or old people."
You smile at Nehor.
Akenna frowns.
Akenna glances away.
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "Burtning children is not an unfortuante side effect."
Speaking smoothly to you, Nehor counters, "I assure you, we will choose our targets more wisely next time."
Nehor smiles.
Apsaras scowls at Nehor.
Lynaera glances between Nehor and yourself.
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "Wonderful. Only having one eye is a bit odd, a matching pair would be better."
Nimaera asks, "I hate to interject but are you literally referencing someone burning children?"
Nimaera cocks her head.
Xilona rubs her chin thoughtfully.
(Akenna quickly covers the inked sigils on her palm and screwsher eyes shut, taking a deep, calming breath.)
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "Wait....."
Speaking to Xilona, you say, "And set an elven woman who was begging us to help her elderly father on fire."
Xilona nods knowingly to you.
Sensou blinks.
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona asks, "So you are faulting someone else for you setting houses on fire?"
Nehor glances at Greth.
Apsaras says, "Sadly it was a happenin'."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "There had to be a better way."
Apsaras nods at Nimaera.
Speaking to Nimaera, Sothog says, "Followers of the Flock attacked the town, and killed a number of non-combatant townsfolk."
Speaking sorrowfully to Xilona, Nehor admits, "Perhaps there was. Still. I did what I thought best for the town and its people. Even though I failed, thanks to the monsters who opposed Order and Justice."
Nehor glances at you.
Nehor shakes his head, clucking his tongue.
Xilona nods understandingly.
You gaze heavenward.
Nimaera asks, "And The Flock is...?"
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "Yeah, I'll let you know how many children and innocents I've killed ... let me think."
You thoughtfully tap a finger against your lips.
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "No, no. I'm certain it's zero."
Speaking to Nehor, Sensou asks, "You burned... children?"
Speaking gravely to you, Nehor says, "Your inaction has done far more harm than my actions ever shall."
Lazaryth says, "Well, pardon me all, I ought to head out."
Akenna sorrowfully says, "I'm going to bid you all a good evening--"
Speaking to Nimaera, Sothog says, "A cult of sorts.  They seem to be interested in creating chaos - but their long term goals are unclear to me at the moment."
Xilona says, "Please remember we are in Greth's establishment. We agreed to be adults and keep it civil."
Nehor says, "Your support of Socius will be the death of us all."
Speaking to Greth, Lazaryth says, "Thank you."
Akenna tearfully says, "I can't stay here and listen to this."
Akenna stands up.
Speaking to Sensou, Nehor corrects, "No, despite rumors to the contrary. Burning Children was not my intent nor my goal."
Speaking softly to a black-eared red and grey fox, Akenna says, "Come on, Phalyn."
Akenna just went through a set of swinging oak doors.
Nehor admits, "Were people harmed? Unfortunately yes. But I saw no other way."
Speaking to Nehor, you ask, "What was Nazhor's goal then, when he sent you to attack the town?"
Sensou asks, "Would ye do it again the same way?"
Speaking to Nehor, Sothog says, "Look harder."
Nehor ponders.
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "I should apologize to you. I did think that was your goal."
Speaking slowly to Sensou, Nehor replies, "If I could turn back the sun? No. I would have been more...surgical."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "Not making light of it by any means. I assumed you wanted that kind of shock."
Sensou nods understandingly.
Sensou says, "I see."
Speaking smoothly to Xilona, Nehor says, "There is no need to apologize. I know there have been certain numbers spreading vicious slander, I cannot fault you for their acts."
Nehor sets about preparing himself to be as presentable as possible.
Xilona says, "Wait...."
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "You're getting a bit better."
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "So far to go yet though ..."
You shake your head.
Speaking to you, Xilona asks, "Did I hear him correctly?"
Speaking to Xilona, you ask, "As to which part?"
Xilona shakes her head.
Xilona says, "I must have heard wrong."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona asks, "You said you would not do it the same, right?"
Speaking to Sothog, Apsaras says, "And will do some patrolin' on the west docks tae."
Speaking to Xilona, Nehor says, "Had I the ability of the chronomage, to twist time, I would go back and do something else. Something less....abrasive."
Lynaera simply vanishes from sight!
Nehor apologetically says, "Excuse me, however. The hour grows late, and this talk tires my heart. We all have things we should have done better...though some of us shall never admit to fault."
Speaking to Nehor, Xilona says, "Thank you for clearing that up. I must have had too much coffee."
Nehor glances at you.
You smile at Nehor.
Nehor just left.