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Town gurus are GameMasters who are in charge of a specific town. This means they might conduct storylines, hold citizenship raffles and contests, and are responsible for the town's shop contents and local guild structures. Town gurus are in no way responsible for the respective surrounding hunting areas and should not be blamed when a desired hunting ground does not exist locally.

Current Town Gurus

Current as of 20 March 2016

Town GM
Cysaegir Valyrka
Icemule Trace Amplify
Mist Harbor Jainna
River's Rest Xayle
Solhaven Lydil
Sylvarraend Valyrka
Ta'Illistim Valyrka
Ta'Vaalor Mazreth
Teras Isle Wakefield
Wehnimer's Landing Kenstrom
Zul Logoth Wakefield