2003-08-26 - Earl Jovery's Audience with Sankir (log)

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August 26th, 2003

Eahlstan submitted a log of the audience held with Earl Eddric Jovery and the Krolvin Sankir. Jovery has agreed to allowing the Krolvin galleon to dock in the Marshtown pier under Imperial guard. In the meantime, he will be contemplating any sort of usefulness for the Krolvins as possible mercenaries.


You see Sankir, the Bloodfist.
A network of scars whiten the blue skin of his cheeks and forehead, creating a gristly frame for the two hard black beads of his glaring eyes. A shock of ice-white hair covers half his head. The other half is marred by puckered and ropy burnt bluish skin.
He is holding an ivory-edged driftwood staff capped with a bronze seal of River's Rest in his right hand.
He is wearing a fur-trimmed ice blue velvet cloak, some segmented thin bone disk armor, a wide leather veil iron inset belt, and a pair of pressed military trousers with sharp bands of mist hued piping.

You see Eddric.
He appears to be a Human from Hendor.
He appears to be past his prime and tall. He has pale blue eyes and tanned skin. He has receding, steel grey hair. He has a square-jawed face, a prominent nose and a short beard.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a wedding invitation in his right hand and a blue plumed bascinet in his left hand.
He is wearing some elegant black leather halfboots, some leather-reinforced black worsted trousers, a silver-edged blue suede pouch, an elegant blue leather scabbard, a gem-studded blue leather belt, a dwarven forged vultite hauberk, a silver-trimmed blue silk surcoat, a silver-lined blue silk cloak, and a crystal amulet.

Eddric frowns.

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them. Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall. Opposite the dais a pair of large fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall. You also see the icy blue Dzib disk, the Charna disk, the Kilthal disk and an aged chamberlain.
Also here: Lady Kateerina, Serescion, Great Lord Kabriel, Siirmal, Lord Calean, Nithili, Niasan, Jakie, Treme, Lord Tunder, Dzib, High Lord Clintmire, Raszagar, Lady Scheree, Great Lady Gothique, Morilinde, Charna, Vendayan, Shadya, Selah, Murp, Bloodfist Sankir, Glathial, Lord Kraygon, Kilthal, Antinymous, Azerius, Lady Seaaira, Prospera, Pomic, Lord Frorin, Shirkon, Geijon, Xanith, Lord Balantine, Lady Yviara, Yarx, Ruffelin, Cryheart, Lady Devastatra, Balugari, Lady Caladrial, Lord Galesmight, Perigourd, Kinshack, Eddric
Obvious paths: none

You say, "Remember where you are. Please show some respect."

>Eddric says, "Master Sankir, you entered the bay of this port under a flag of truce. I would ask you to explain the nature of your desire to parlay at this time."

Sankir harshly says, "Absolutely sah, of course."

Sankir harshly says, "Great ruler of the Empire, ah come te yeh today as an ambassador. Ah come as a separatist from mah nation, because their ways were too bloody an' uncouth fer me. Ah also come as a humble servant, ready te swear mah ships an' army o' highly trained mercenaries te the righteous cause that ye serve."

Sankir harshly says, ""The long-ignored spawnin' ground o' illegal activities an' smuggling, yer empire's very own River's Rest, has been set te order. By attackin' our rightfully settled krolvin people, the criminals there did incite war against us."

Sankir harshly says, "Mah forces did nothin' more than defend themselves, an' through course o' true victory, found ourselves te be in possession of the territory. The land was taken fairly undah battle rules, but still we allowed the innocent te live there, an' the businesses te stay open, untroubled."

Sankir harshly says, "An' though malignant savages did attempt te destroy us wit' propaganda, lies o' butchery and... oh it be so horrible... the killin' o' sweet innocent children, we did still allow them peace."

Sankir shudders.

Sankir harshly says, "The lies of these.... villains."

Sankir harshly says, "Teras, also, was an act o' the Krolvin Nation. An' ah believe there be many witnesses te attest that ah personally killed the leaders o' that most despicable host, an' stranded all those who would give such violence."

Glathial patiently says, "should have worn my hip boots"

Sankir harshly asks, "Do any deny this?"

Murp raises his hand.

Sankir harshly says, "Nae, ah thought not."

Sankir harshly says, "Ah ask ye not give in to the mindless racism an' radicals. Show yer wisdom by steppin' ahead o' yer peers, removin' the blinds from yer eyes, an' takin' an ally that will surely steel yer arm against all those without conviction o' yer fitness te command the throne."

Sankir harshly says, "At yer leave sirrah."

Gothique says, "if I may"

Murp says, "He left the Isle because we kicked his tail up one side of the volcano and down the other."

Murp snorts.

Gothique says, "On Teras he only killed those Krolvin generals in his way"

Gothique says, "he's responsible for thousands of deaths, there alone"

Sankir harshly says, "Ye kicked the "tail", as ye put it, of the Czag Dubra, bringer o' war."

Sankir harshly says, "An' she was destroyed."

Murp says, "Aye, you were by her side."

Gothique says, "No, you left because you were to be questioned"

Murp appears less powerful.

Murp says, "Were."

Gothique peers quizzically at Sankir.

Gothique says, "Sankir if you will lie to the Earl at least make them believable"

Shirkon says, "Let Earl Jovery runs dis, na speaks outta turn"

Kilthal softly says, "This is a Baronial Court. Hold yer tongues if yer nae recognized tae speak."

Sankir smiles beatifically with extended patience.

Eddric says, "I need a greater demonstration of restraint on the part of those present, or I will have to ask the Chabmerlain to silence the chamber."

Shirkon bows to Eddric.

Sankir harshly says, "You see great master, they act irrational, and fall into simple rumors."

Galesmight says, "I do believe we are hear listening to your pleas for help Sankir. It wouldn't be wise in your haste to insult us."

Eddric says, "Am I do understand then, Master Sankir, that you sailed here to offer the services of your ship and your crew as mercenaries in the pay and employ of the Empire, or to myself specifically? Please realize that I am in the serice of the Empire myself, so it would be difficult to separate serving me from serving the Empire, whom I understand you recently attacked, as you stated, in or around River's Rest."

Sankir smiles and states, "We did not have any conflict with th' proper Empire. Only wit' brigands an' cutthroats."

Sankir harshly says, "We have much te offer, an' wish te dispell the myth o' our culture."

Eddric says, "I have heard that in the past some of your race were in the employ of Baron Hochstib of Jantalar. I am curious if you or any of your warriors were employed by him."

Sankir harshly says, "They are reknowned among mah people... but nay, few returned to our individual efforts."

Eddric says, "I am curious then whether you or any of those you lead would be adverse to or have reservations about being paid to make war against Baron Hochstib."

Eddric says, "Because frankly I can think of no other possible use for you."

Sankir harshly says, "In the good name o' commanders such as yerself, surely we would nae be... adverse."

Jaefer quietly says, "a good name is earned sankir...not granted"

Sankir harshly says, "An' a bad name is unfairly given far easier."

Eddric says, "Master Sankir, do you have any other comments to make against those accusations that have been voiced by those present tonight? I must say I find their statements to be supported by the claims of others who have passed through here prior to your arrival."

Sankir harshly asks, "These same people who would dishonor yer chamber out o' turn, an' who threaten emmisaries with violence under their breaths?"

Sankir harshly says, "As te tehir validity. Surely ye can send someone yerself to those lands."

Sankir smiles and swats at something around his head, though you saw nothing.

Sankir harshly asks, "And you kill for what? Pay? the joy?"

Sankir harshly says, "I bet yer nails no be clean."

Gothique says, "But we dont go ask the families of those we kill for forgiveness and safety"

Sankir harshly says, "Mah family was killed. Every day."

Sankir harshly asks, "Ye don't kill families?"

Sankir spits, then wipes it carefully up with his foot.

(Kinshack glances at the floor in front of Sankir, then at Sankir, arching an eyebrow.)

Eddric asks, "Master Sankir, before I would consider your employment in any form or to any degree I would first need to guarantee the safety of those who reside in the port. Will you give your word and solemn promise that during your time here you will in now way harm or engineer the harm of, by action or inaction, any who reside in Marshtown, Solhaven or the Barony of Vornavis?"

(Kabriel gazes down at the spot that was spit upon and simply takes a kerchief from his cloak and wipes it up, frowning the whole time as he stands back up.)

Sankir harshly says, "By the heart an' will o' every one ah bring wit' me"

Kabriel calmly asks, "May I ask a question, please?"

Sankir harshly says, "An' we will nae rise te the bait o' these... speciesists."

Charna tersely says, "If'n ye kinnae respect tha' court then please respect tha' Earl."

Eddric says, "Very well, then I will consider the very limited possibility of your usefulness in any form to the Empire and will give you my answer and possible conditions two days hence. During that time you will need to keep your crew and warriors aboard your ship and we will send food and water sufficient to sustain you during those two days."

Sankir harshly says, "Most kind mah liege. We will do as ye say on every accord."

Kateerina softly says, "I have a question from those who reside in Marshtown"

Kateerina nods to Eddric.

Eddric nods to Kateerina.

Sankir smiles.

Kateerina softly says, "Would the empire please place its own guards at the ship to keep them from leaving"

Eddric nods to Kateerina.

Kateerina softly says, "very respectifully"

Kateerina softly says, "That those of Marshtown are very unhappy with them already being there for this time without guards"

Dzib says, "IF they are the same guards that fought the jants, then they are best left in the barracks. They won't stand a chance against his forces."

Sankir harshly says, "Ye see the audacity o' those who thrive on hate. Do nae let fear an' ire direct the day."

Kateerina softly says, "If you are sending them food then they have no reason to leave the ship"

Kateerina softly says, "Thank you for setting guards on the pier"

Nixlsplixt says, "I will not live amoungst the apes regardless of their intentions on Solhaven."

Dzib says, "They are giving away the town"

Kabriel calmly says, "Aye...if I may I'd like to pose a question both to you, Earl Jovery and to our guest...tis the same question."

Eddric nods to Kabriel.

Kabriel calmly says, "Thank you very much for allowing me a moment."

Kinshack says, "When possible, Your Excellency, I wish to voice my concerns along with my fellow citizens."

Kabriel calmly asks, "There is a question that I must ask. Ye promise mercernaries, ambassador...however mercenaries are paid by silver. To the highest bidder. I must ask then where does the loyalty lie if someome should offer to pay a higher price? Indeed, perhaps more to the point, what is it that you seek in exchange for your services? And one more brief question...how many sailors and troops are in your employ?"

Sankir harshly asks, "No true mercenary o' honor leaves one employ once taken, until the terms are complete. no?"

Kabriel calmly asks, "An interesting point, ambassador. And the answer to my second query?"

Jaefer quietly says, "i stand in the sentinals court and show respect..but i will not be a slave to it"

Sankir harshly says, "Those o' ye who enjoy mockin' this fine court, ah would gladly see ye wrist-slapped."

Sankir harshly says, "Or a good drubbiin' wit' a pillow."

Sankir shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Sankir harshly says, "Yer words are flooded wit' prejudice. Yer actions in this hall speak volumes."

(Yviara gives The Earl a pleading glance as she tries to listen to his words over the noise.)

Eddric asks, "Master Sankir, do you have the number of troops at your command in answer to the second question posed?"

Kabriel calmly says, "Thank you. I do not wish to repeat myself unnecessarily to add to the commotion."

Sankir begins to twitch.

Kabriel calmly asks, "Ambassador Sankir...how many troops are in your employ?"

Sankir harshly says, "Ah, thank ye for repeating it. Good man."

Kabriel calmly says, "I thank the ambassador for the flattery, but that does not answer my question."

Kabriel calmly says, "it would be wise to know how much ye have to barter with then, Sir."

Sankir harshly says, "Please. His honor knows the value o' havin' staff to run the menial chores."

Sankir harshly says, "Surely some o' you wit' looser tongues are soon te loose yer chamberpot cleanin' duties."

Sankir tilts his head down.

Valicar says, "I think, Kabriel, that should the matter become an issue of the region's safety, we will count them by sword and that will suffice. If Sankir's pledge stands true, the matter is his problem when he is ordered by the Earl into battle."

Sankir harshly says, "Rules are the bastions o' light that draw our lives through the toil o' the day"

You say, "Remember where you are people. We are in the Court of Earl Eddric Jovery, Northern Sentinal of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Show some respect, and discipline for once in your lives."

Sankir harshly says, "Of course, as an act o' faith, we would begin wit' merely the common coin o' hired soldiers."

Sankir harshly says, "Te show our honor, an' then hopefully we will be raised in esteem by our actions."

Sankir begins to twitch.

Eddric says, "Very well. We do not seem to be accomplishing anything of value at this point. Master Sankir you are asked to please return to your vessel and remain there for two days at which time a decision will be delivered or another court held in order to make the decision known."

Sankir bows deeply with respect and utters harshly, "O' course good sire. We shall await yer commands two moon followin'

Kateerina softly asks, "and the imperial guards?"

Sankir turns and strides from the chamber, ignoring the jeers and catcalls.

Eddric says, "Guards will arrive shortly."

(Kinshack closes and uncloses his fists.)

Kabriel calmly says, "However, I do believe it should be further investigated."

Kabriel calmly says, "Thank you for allowing my question Earl Jovery."

Kinshack asks, "Your Excellency, is there a way in which I might express my concerns on parchment, through your courier?"

Kinshack says, "I have great reservations about engaging in Sankir in anything short of expulsion from the waters near the human empire."

Eddric says, "I have reservations also, but I am confident enough in the abilities of the forces here that I will give common courtesy to a flag of truce until such time as those bearing it have demonstrated that they raise it as a hollow ruse."

Kinshack says, "I strongly encourage that Sankir not be allowed in your presence for even a fleeting moment without proper restraint by a large contingent of the best guards available. His practices include the use of gaokgan borers which have the ability to control the host into which they are placed. While I presume such an act would not go unwitnessed by those gathered in court, it would have the ability to put you into a compromised position and there would be little we could do to defend against such an assault."

An aged chamberlain says, "My lord has demonstrated uncommon patience. You must all leave now."

Kinshack says, "Your Excellency."

Kinshack turns around.

Kinshack went through a pair of large fel doors.

Yviara asks, "Might a few knights speak with you?"

Eddric says, "Your comments are vague enough that I am at a loss to respond to them, sir."

Eddric glances at Railien.

Railien says, "Sir, lend me a minute and I will make 'em clearer."

Railien glances at Eddric.

Railien says, "Under his orders, we are subject to torture and death."

Railien says, "The weak cannot walk the streets in safety, fer the risk that Sankir's forces impose upon us."

Railien says, "The Count of Torre does nothin', he ain't even sent us guardsman to turn the tide of power."

Railien says, "Our only hope lays in two sources."

Railien says, "A stranger by the name of Colgan, who seeks to only kill Sankir."

Railien says, "A man who helped liberate the isle of Teras."

Railien says, "And the Empire."

Railien says, "I dun know 'bout strangers, but I do know 'bout my home."

Railien shakes his head.

Railien says, "I know the Empire has strength and pride"

Railien clenches his jaw.

Railien begins to twitch.

Railien says, "That Bloodfist mocks the Empire fer the claim he places on an imperial town."

Railien says, "He mocks yer office, he mocks the Emperor."

Railien raises his fist defiantly.

Railien says, "I beseech ya, sir, capture and kill Sankir, but at the least."

Railien glances at Eddric.

Railien says, "Send reinforcements ta River's Rest, reclaim Imperial territory."

Railien says, "Protect the lives of Imperial Citizens."

Railien says, "Prove the valor and courage of the protectors of the Empire."

Railien clenches his jaw.

(Railien gazes intently at Eddric.)

Eddric says, "There are others whose duty it is to protect the lands that far south, and they would not abide the intercession of troops from Hendor or from Vornavis without invitation from those who rule there. I can express concern and a willingness to assist, but I cannot order troops to head into Torre without some authorization higher than your word."

Railien glances over at Eddric and winces.

Railien says, "Then take that snake Sankir, now."

Railien says, "Ya cut off its head, ya kill the body wrapped round the island in Torre."

Railien clenches his fist.

(Railien points out the door.)

Eddric says, "He has arrived here flying a flag of truce. To this point he has not to my knowledge violated that mechanism or mediation in warfare, so I will not ignore the convention."

Railien grimly says, "I have been victim of his betrayal...his deceptions.."

Railien grimly says, "I seen him drop a child, kickin' and screamin' inside a tied sack inta a river ta drown."

Railien grimly asks, "What honor be there in that feller?"

Railien grimly says, "None to respect his flag of truce."

Railien scowls.

Railien grimly says, "Its drippin' in blood of those he's betrayed and dun in."

You say, "You are asking the Earl to dishonor himself, and the Empire. Though Sankir may have broken truces before, that is no excuse for the Earl, or any other man of honor to do the same."

Railien hangs his head.

Eddric says, "I thank your for the information you have provided, and I assure you I will not ignore it nor discount it, but I do not at present have sufficient cause to do other than I have. In two days time we will speak further of the Krolvin."

Railien softly asks, "Would ya, then sir, send courier to yer southern counterparts?"

Railien glances at Eddric.

Eddric asks, "You ask that I send couriers south, to whom and with what message?"

Railien says, "To at least the Count Claybourne, we have not been able to send any communication ta him."

Railien says, "And at the most, to the Earl of whom is yer Southern counterpart."

Eddric nods to Railien.

Railien says, "That the people of River's Rest are dyin', that imperial land has been taken and claimed by Sankir the Bloodfist, a Krolvin bandit."

Railien removes a blood red handkerchief from in his Voln campaign pack.

Railien buries his face in a blood red handkerchief.

Railien mutters under his breath.

(Railien covers the handkerchief.)

Railien says, "I would send this clothe, dyed by the blood of Imperial citizens, as proof of our plight."

Eddric says, "I will send inquiries south and remonstrations against the situation as it has been described to me."

Railien offers Eddric a blood red handkerchief.

Eddric accepts Railien's blood red handkerchief.

Railien removes an ancient rolaren krolvin falchion from in his leather weapons harness.

Railien kneels down.

(Railien leans against the falchion and bows his head.)

Railien says, "My great thanks, m'lord Earl."

Railien says, "If ever ya be needin' the blades of River's Rest, ya will have them to yer banner."

Railien says, "I shall return home soon with word of yer generosity and concern."

Looking calm and confident, Railien tightens his grip on his rolaren krolvin falchion.

Railien stands up.

Eddric says, "Good journey to you."

Railien says, "Fer the Lord Voln and Sire Aurmont, m'lord."

An aged chamberlain says, "If you are not knighted you need to leave now. Please know that your welcome is worn out."

An aged chamberlain glares.

Eddric sits down.

Errethe went through a pair of large fel doors.

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them. Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall. Opposite the dais a pair of large fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall. You also see an aged chamberlain.
Also here: Lady Yviara, Eddric who is sitting
Obvious paths: none

Yviara says, "My leige, I respect your wish to observe this Sankir who brings with him so many with rumors of treachery, I ask you what you would wish for the knights of the Empire to do in this time."

Eddric says, "Keep a watchful eye on him and his crew as much as is possible and help the locals to keep level heads."

Yviara says, "Sir Eahlstan will have to make sure mine is level"

You say, "This krolvin, Sankir, he is not a man I trust much. I will keep a close eye on his ship, and any who may attempt to slip off of it."

Eddric says, "I honestly do not think we can trust him enough to employ him, and I am surprised that if all I hear is true that he would come here as he has, but in two days time I can confirm much that I have heard and we can decide what the best course of action is."

Yviara says, "I have not seen his treachery in person, but have been hearing of it for many weeks from the lips of those that have escaped him... and some who haven't"

You say, "As an addendum, I will ensure the Protectors of the Citadel stand ready. They are well drilled, and disciplined. Should he try any treachory, he will be met with a large force of arms."

Eddric says, "I like the irony of employing krolvin to fight Hochstib, but I doubt that this Sankir is trustworthy enough to employ in any fashion."

Yviara giggles.

Yviara clasps her hand over her mouth.

Yviara blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Yviara says, "It is an ammusing thought"

Eddric smiles.

Eddric nods.

Yviara asks, "If these Krolvin step off of their ship...?"

An aged chamberlain coughs.

Yviara smiles at the aged chamberlain.

Eddric says, "Then I will need to call Master Sankir on his inability to keep his word."

Eddric nods to the aged chamberlain.

Yviara asks, "Do not raise arms against them?"

An aged chamberlain just went through a pair of large fel doors.

Yviara asks, "Unless they do so first?"

Eddric says, "That is correct."

Yviara curtsies to Eddric.

Eddric stands up.

Yviara says, "Thank you My Leige."

You say, "I would re-iterate the words of Sir Kinshack. Ensure you have a large force of well trained guards before meeting with that Krolvin. It would be a disaster if something were to happen to you."

Eddric says, "You are welcome."

Eddric smiles.

Eddric nods to you.