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5118-08-19 - Ta'Illistim - Lady Rohese is Missing - Delegation Meeting
'''Phoenatos 19, 5118'''
'''Phoenatos 19, 5118'''

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Phoenatos 19, 5118

by Felarion of the TownCrier


  • Plans are made to investigate her disappearance, and continue the work she has started.
  • Much tea was sipped (omitted)


  • Altheorn, Amaurn, Arenglae, Askip, Avawren, Felarion, Haezel, Sayilla, Silima, Sweetsin, Ysaeril


Note: almost all of the dialogue is in Elven, removed for brevity.

[Ta'Illistim Keep, Pewter Salon]

Well-lit and spacious, the salon is a busy hub of activity. Elves and visitors to the city go about their business down the various hallways. An immense ogee arch leads back to the entrance, while along a different wall a guard protects a mistwood door. Several benches are placed about the area with various topiary set between. The ceiling is accented with lacy fan vaulting, the pieces overlapping above in a feathered pattern of argent stone. You also see a guardsman.

Obvious exits: north, west

A voice calls out, "The Argent Mirror will be holding an open forum in Ta'Illistim Keep at the top of the hour."

>go mistwood door

[Ta'Illistim Keep, Council Salon]

Built in tiers, the council chamber rises in three stages -- stone, glass, and tile. Its lowest register has a silvery stone floor and wall that is set with a pair of doors. Above that, a ring of windows stack one atop another, paned in alternating clear and blue glass. At the dome, a mosaic covers the ceiling, depicting the formal crest of House Illistim. A round table and upholstered seats take up the majority of the floor, though ample space is present in a ring around the furniture. You also see a sterling silver serving cart with some stuff on it.

Lady Rohese has gone missing

Myasara says, "I am pleased to see so many."

Myasara says, "Come, have some tea and be seated."

Myasara says, "'My efforts in aiding the West have had a setback."

Myasara says, "Lady Rohese has gone missing."

Myasara says, "My official delegate."

Speaking to Myasara, Arenglae says, "It is unfortunate to hear such. My family is greatly concerned with her well-being."

Myasara says, "And I do not believe it is an accident."

Speaking quietly to herself, Ysaeril murmurs, "How dreadful."

Silima softly says, "Are you certain? She does like to explore."

Askip says, "Sad news, aye."

Myasara says, "Nothing is ever an accident in the human lands."

Myasara says, "She went on a tour of some of the more remote areas and has not returned."

Myasara says, "Lady Sayilla, please explain the efforts that were made."

Sayilla says, "When she did not check in, we sent riders after her."

Sayilla says, "But those searching were not able to find a trace of her."

Arenglae asks, "Foul play is suspected then?"

Sayilla says, "'when we travelled, she liked to veer from the open path to the more remote areas."

Sayilla says, "If not foul play then an accident perhaps."

Silima cautiously says, "I know she went to Vornavis, have they attempted to help aid in her search? The Baron there seems to care a great deal for people."

Sayilla says, "The Baron has yet to meet with me."

Sayilla says, "I had hoped for his aid."

Myasara says, "We will continue to search for her."

Avawren carefully says, "One would think that a delegate going missing in your lands would be of greatest concern ..."

Silima slowly says, "I am friendly with their Jastevian Order there... perhaps I could write to them? Surely, they could aid."

Sayilla says, "Since our own efforts have not been fruitful, I hope to muster a search with the locals."

Askip asks, "How may we aid the search?"

Sayilla says, "When I return west, all hands to help with the search will be welcome."

Speaking quietly to Sayilla, Amaurn asks, "We are able to search, perhaps you can clarify what areas have already been thoroughly combed through?"

Speaking softly to Sayilla, Silima says, "I will aid you. I know Vornavis well, Seareach too... though, hopefully we won't have to go that far."

Sweetsin softly says, "If you let us know, I will make a point to add to the numbers with people I know."

Sayilla says, "She had planned to go north east."

Sayilla says, "Through the human lands to Talador."

Speaking curiously to Sayilla, Amaurn asks, "Do you know of her intent? Perhaps a mission of some sort?"

Silvynn quietly says, "Talador is a wasteland now."

Sayilla says, "I was under the impression she was bringing some supplies and was to scout out places in need."

Sayilla says, "When I return west we will be searching throughout the Solhaven area first, since she left from there. Perhaps we missed something."

Amaurn says, "That sounds quite efficient."

Myasara says, "We have not abandoned our friend."

Myasara says, "And the searches will continue."

Speaking to Sayilla, Silvynn asks, "Did Rohese ever visit the Sanctum of Scales?"

Speaking softly to Myasara, Silima asks, "If I might... do you have something she touched, perhaps, before she left? A letter, a report?"

Sayilla says, "We left her things in her room in the Solhaven Inn."

Sayilla asks, "If we were to gain entry to her room, would that help?"

Silima softly says, "Yes."

Sweetsin says, "Last time I spoke to her, she had mention she was going away."

Sayilla says, "She was very dedicated to the children and their welfare."

Ysaeril lightly offers, "I do have one of her gowns, but it's since been laundered since."

Speaking softly to Sayilla, Silima says, "My gifts are not... I mean, if I could have something-- I think I could find you some insight, maybe of where she is."

Myasara says, "Perhaps when you go west, you can take Lady Silima with you to inspect her belongings more closely."

Speaking to Silima, Sayilla asks, "Would the laundered dress be helpful? or do you need something more recently worn?"

Speaking softly to Sayilla, Silima says, "I need something more recent... I don't think the dress would help. Something she poured herself into a letter, something she's crafted."

Sayilla says, "Then I will make sure you have access when we return to Solhaven."

Silima earnestly replies, "I will do my best to help you find my friend."

Myasara says, "Now, while we are distressed and worried about Lady Rohese, we need to keep pushing forward with our efforts."

Myasara says, "I know you will."

Ysaeril timidly admits, "I do also have some of the lovely shoes she's designed, though those are not a recent craft either."

Speaking to Ysaeril, Sayilla says, "You admire her fashion as I do."

Amaurn dryly says, "Do continue to sip tea while the Lady's whereabouts remain unknown."

Sweetsin says, "I think most did."

Askip says, "Lady Rohese and I spent many years together as Lorekeepers, perhaps the Mentors have something of hers. It might be old though."

Silima curiously responds, "Can you produce something to immediately help her?"

Myasara says, "It would seem that many of our answers lie in the west."

Speaking to Silima, Amaurn says, "Her effects should have been searched through immediately."

Silima softly says, "They are in Solhaven."

Speaking to Silima, Amaurn says, "Some of us do not need to wait to ask permission."

Amaurn asks, "And you kept them in her room, did you not?"

Sayilla says, "Her room was searched, and we knew her intentions, she admitted she was traveling on a trip with aid."

Sayilla says, "She just, vanished."

Ysaeril curiously asks, "With aid... But whom?"

Speaking to Sayilla, Amaurn says, "No one just vanishes. Miss."

Sayilla says, "Her carriage, nor her servants were found."

Sweetsin carefully says, "Perhaps she didn't wish to be found."

Silima softly says, "I like the west. The people there, for the most part are kind. I have hope they will help us... We will find her."

Bringing aid to those who suffer

Myasara says, "We will come back to this topic before we are done today."

Myasara says, "Lady Rohese was the head of my official delegation to the Empire."

Myasara says, "The purpose of our delegation was to work with the Empire to bring aid to those still suffering."

Myasara says, "Especially the children, for they are innocent above all."

Silvynn says, "Solhaven has a very diverse population. Some very amiable and some not at all."

Myasara says, "She had been introduced to the Baron of Vornavis, who seems amiable to accepting our aid."

Silvynn asks, "Perhaps the Malwinds might offer some assistance if asked?"

Myasara says, "We sent Lady Sayilla aid her as well."

Myasara says, "We still hope."

Myasara says, "Our hope is the Baron will allow an airship to dock and deliver the heavier of supplies."

Myasara says, "And food in large quantities can be transported before they spoil."

Myasara says, "Until this happens, we are bringing supplies over as we can."

Sayilla says, "I have asked for an audience with the baron to discuss this request and have hopes that he will grant it."

Myasara says, "To that end I am in need of a new delegation to travel with Lady Sayilla to Solhaven."

Askip asks, "When would this be please?"

Myasara says, "As soon as the group can travel."

Askip asks, "Today perhaps?"

Silima softly responds, "I will go, in addition to searching the room, if you like."

Sayilla says, "The citizens of Solhaven were very friendly and acquired rooms for us in the Inn."

You quietly whisper to Sayilla, "Will they not be nervous given the military airships of Vaalor on the horizon?"

Sayilla whispers, "The Vaalor have made our efforts a bit more difficult."

Haezel timidly asks, "What of the rest of the previous delegation? Or am I confused in thinking there was one?"

Myasara says, "There were several."

Myasara says, "And I fear they either lost confidence when Lady Rohese disappeared."

Myasara says, "Or felt it was too difficult."

Myasara says, "But my letters have gone unanswered."

Myasara says, "They were not my subjects."

Myasara says, "So I have no demands on them."

Myasara says, "So we will start anew."

Call to Action

Myasara says, "I have a ship and a captain ready to sail."

Myasara says, "Airship Captain Xoesanti will take on this task, if permission is granted."

Sweetsin leans over and whispers, "Is she looking for volunteers?"

You quietly whisper to Sweetsin, "Unknown."

Arenglae offers, "I will go, if it pleases your Reflection."

Sweetsin confusedly asks, "Are you appointing one or looking for a group to do it?"

Myasara says, "Lady Sayilla will take charge of the new delegation."

Speaking respectfully to Myasara, Amaurn says, "I will be in Solhaven, however I believe it is more important to focus on finding your previous Delegation Leader."

Ysaeril reluctantly says, "If it is required by the Mirror, I shall as well to fulfill my duty."

Myasara says, "If you would accompany her you may say so now, or think on it and contact her later."

Myasara says, "If this is a plan to thwart our aid, I will not let it succeed."

Amaurn says, "I will leave the discussion with the Baron to those with a.. gentler tongue."

Myasara says, "We must push forward while our search continues."

Askip says, "Others can continue to keep the Ithzir in check for a while, I would be glad to travel if needed."

Sweetsin says, "I ... know a few on that side of the spine. If you feel my services will help, I would be honored to be of service to the Mirror."

Amaurn says, "And others will be more successful in that endeavor."

Myasara says, "We all have our comforts, and our skills."

Myasara says, "We can only be who we are."

Speaking admiringly to Myasara, Sweetsin says, "I am warmed to hear you say such."

The Volunteers

Myasara says, "To make sure I did not miss, please raise your hand if you will take on this task."

Askip raises his hand.

Arenglae raises her hand.

Amaurn surveys the area.

Ysaeril's hand trembles.

Myasara nods.

Myasara smiles at Ysaeril.

Sayilla nods at Silima.

Sweetsin raises her hand.

You fold your hands in your lap.

Speaking softly to Sayilla, Silima says, "Let me know when we go? I will make certain to be ready and bring all my tools required. I would also like to converse with my aunts, they may have a superior method I might try."

Speaking to Arenglae, Myasara asks, "Your family will allow this?"

Sayilla says, "I have a few things to tie up here."

Silvynn says, "A skilled bard might assist in the search of the room where Rohese was."

Myasara says, "There is no ill will for those who do not go."

Myasara says, "We must follow what we feel is right, and this effort is not popular with all."

Silima softly says, "I am no bard. I am merely a Seer, it could help."

Sweetsin says, "I am more worried that there are to many hands in the group to be of much use."

Speaking to Myasara, Arenglae says, "I will speak with my father... I am sure he will allow me to go if I ask really nicely."

Myasara says, "I am confident if you tell him it will mean much to me..."

Altheorn softly says, "With many eyes turning to the elven settlement near the Vipershroud, I will be there. If anyone venturing West needs any aid in the greater Landing area, please send me a message and you shall have all I can give."

Speaking to Myasara, Arenglae adds, "And I do not get tangled up with the wrong sorts."

Myasara says, "'more of our people should have experience with those on the west."

Silvynn quietly asks, "Perhaps the size of the group suggest that tasks should be delegated to cover more ground?"

Ysaeril quietly says, "It is an experience, to be sure."

Speaking regretfully to Myasara, Amaurn says, "Unfortunately, delegations from the west have not been met with such intentions to help when they have traveled here."

Myasara says, "But I beg you all, beware the Landing... that town has brought nothing but ill to my House."

Sweetsin says, "Silvynn a good time for someone not of the group to find answers with the less .... apt to share with those of importance."

Sayilla says, "I propose we travel to Solhaven."

Silima softly promises, "I know how to carefully step in the Landing. That place can be dangerous."

Sayilla says, "And meet there in two night's time."

Speaking to Myasara, Arenglae says, "Certainly. The few times I visited that... place... I found naught but depravity."

Sayilla says, "We will review our purpose."

Speaking softly to Ysaeril, Silima says, "It will be fine."

Sayilla says, "And delegate various jobs and explore our skill sets."

Silima softly says, "It is not as bad as it seems, the west has some beautiful sights to offer... and equally wonderful people."

Speaking to Silima, Ysaeril whispers aloud, "Thank you."

Myasara says, "The Empire proper deserves our respect."

Speaking lightly to Silima, Ysaeril whispers aloud, "I've been, yes. I'm certain if I care to return however."

Myasara says, "We do not forget what those in the Landing did to our people."

Myasara says, "Our husband."

Speaking softly to Ysaeril, Silima whispers aloud, "We will have numbers, there is always better in a group."

Myasara says, "'to focus on the aid the empire needs."

Speaking softly to Myasara, Altheorn says, "Those who venture into Landing will have my own watchful eyes to help seem them safe."

Myasara says, "We need to land that ship for ease of supply routes."

Myasara says, "Bring your court attire for you may be required to attend on the baron."

For those who remain in the Nations

Speaking to Myasara, Avawren asks, "Is there anything that those of us who remain in the Nations can do to help?"

Myasara says, "We will be looking to hold a series of fundraisers."

Askip says, "If I may so bold, I hope my Faendryl ancestry and Landing citizenship will not deter from allowing me to assist."

Myasara says, "It is true we have issues with the Faendryl."

Myasara says, "But you have come here with good manners, and hae been polite company."

Speaking to Myasara, Avawren says, "Wonderful, I shall be glad to help in any way I can.... even if it's just opening my pocket book."

Myasara asks, "Perhaps your house would organize one for us?"

Myasara says, "We will discuss in the near future."

Myasara says, "Funds are always needed."

Speaking to Myasara, Avawren says, "I am but a new face in the Abbey, but I will gladly bring the subject up with the Triune. I am sure they would be eager to help."

Myasara says, "The giants are requesting so much silver for their stone."

Myasara says, "Now one last thing."

Myasara says, "You are not bound to stay in the west forever."

Askip says, "If silvers will assist, I have millions that are sitting idle, not even drawing interest."

Myasara says, "With personal transport so fast, feel free to attend your own needs as well."

Myasara says, "I know how hard it was for Rohese to be away for so long."

Sayilla asks, "Are we agreed that we will meet in two night's time Solhaven?"

Arenglae says, "Perhaps for those who remain in the West in lieu of traveling back and forth, letters from home could relieve some of that homesick burden."

Silima softly says, "I will be there."

Sweetsin asks, "Where in Solhaven would you like to meet?"

Sayilla says, "The Solhaven Inn Tap Room will be an excellent place."

Sayilla says, "Is it usually empty I have found."

Sayilla says, "Not a very profitable tap room."

Myasara says, "Those who remain here will have ample opportunity to help with the events."

Ysaeril briskly says, "Excellent to hear."

Sayilla says, "The innocent children have suffered."

Sayilla says, "I have seen it."

Myasara says, "We have heard of the devastation of Talador."

Speaking to Sayilla, Arenglae says, "It is often the innocents that suffer the most."

Speaking tightly to Myasara, Amaurn says, "Permission for the Captain to land will be secured. They will not continue to suffer."

Other topics

Myasara asks, "Now, is there anything else to be said on these topics? Other ideas? Things we have not thought of?"

Myasara says, "That is our hope."

Arenglae says, "I do have one question."

Arenglae says, "While I know my father will allow me to travel for this, I am sure he will be concerned about our safety doing so..."

Myasara says, "Oh."

Arenglae adds, "Especially given the fact that Lady Rohese's disappearance remains... questionable at best."

Myasara says, "Have I not mentioned."

Sayilla asks, "Mirror, you could send another guard?"

Sayilla says, "I was not enough to help Lady Rohese."

Myasara says, "Lady Sayilla is niece to my own Commander, she has been trained by him herself."

Myasara says, "And Lady Rohese tended to wander, her safety was not all your fault."

Myasara says, "But I can send another guard if you wish."

Vaalor’s role

You softly ask, "With the recent movement of agents of Vaalor around that area, might they be asked if they have any insight into the missing delegation?"

Ysaeril whispers, "A very good suggestion."

Myasara says, "We can send an inquiry to our cousin."

Speaking to Sayilla, Arenglae says, "I do not doubt your capabilities knowing your family, but you are certainly one... and with as many going, I worry what may happen if yet more decide to wander about."

Myasara says, "Although the King has been very quiet on this subject."

Timing for next steps

Myasara says, "Then we are agreed."

Myasara says, "Those travelling west will meet in two night's time."

Myasara says, "And I will meet with those staying here in the next week or so, I will send you a note."

Askip asks, "So meet on Tilmaires at the Solhaven tap room? What is a good time please?"

Speaking graciously to Myasara, Ysaeril says, "Thank you kindly, Mirror."

Sayilla asks, "Eight or nine in the evening? Is that too late?"

Silima softly says, "Nine would be best."

Arenglae says, "That may be too early for me, I'm afraid."

Sweetsin says, "Nine is a good inbetween."

Sayilla asks, "None?"

Askip says, "Nine works well for me, or later even."

Sayilla says, "Nine."

Arenglae says, "Nine, yes. Eight would not work."

Sayilla says, "Good nine it is."

Sayilla says, "We will get our bearings."

Myasara says, "It is good to see so many have an interest in those who need."

Concerning Lady Zenlynn

Speaking quietly to Myasara, Avawren says, "Argent, pardon my forwardness but may I beg a question of you? Unrelated to the delegation."

Myasara says, "Of course."

Silima softly says, "Anything to find Lady Rohese."

Speaking to Myasara, Avawren asks, "I wished to inquire if you had any news of the health of the young Elemancer you so graciously sent to aid Ta'Vaalor with ending the winter, Lady Zenlynn?"

Speaking to Myasara, Avawren says, "The ritual took a great toll upon her, and the Crown has been understandably busy with other things has yet to speak publically of her wellbeing. I am concerned for her."

Speaking to Myasara, Silvynn says, "I am willing to offer whatever assistance is necessary."

Speaking to Avawren, Ysaeril whispers aloud, "I had asked our cousins to the west to send word on her condition but they have not written to me yet."

Myasara says, "We have been receiving reports of her progress."

Myasara says, "She seems to be healing, but has not woken yet."

Myasara says, "We are hopeful, as she has made progress."

Myasara says, "I more than anyone know how the mind can retreat to heal."

Myasara says, "When she is awake and stable we will let everyone know."

Myasara says, "She did much to aid our Houses."

Speaking quietly to Myasara, Avawren says, "I know that myself, sadly well. And thank you, Mirror. I had some concern that the artifact may have the same effects on her that it did on the child ... I shall pray for her recovery."

Myasara says, "Thank you."

Myasara says, "She was very brave."

Speaking to Myasara, Avawren says, "Extremely. And very eager to help, she is a credit to House Illistim."

Ysaeril echoes, "Indeed she is."

Myasara says, "Thank you."


Myasara says, "Well, I think this meeting has been productive."

Myasara asks, "Lady Sayilla will you come with me, I have a letter for your uncle?"

Myasara says, "Feel free to stay and chat if you wish."

Myasara says, "We will see each other soon."

Sayilla says, "Of course Mirror."

Myasara says, "It is good to feel you have made progress and be able to speak freely."

Myasara says, "Fair day to you all and good journeys."