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The verb Alchemy Seal is only available to people training in the three Alchemy skills. It is always the last step in a recipe, sort of like saying "Hey, I'm done! Where's my potion!"

This one verb input kicks back several messages. The RTs overlap, so essentially it's 25 seconds for this verb.

This action takes 16 mana total; 7 for the initial message and 3 for each subsequent one. Please note that if you run out of mana before the action is complete you will get nerve damage. If you do it twice and get the sporadic convulsions, you will abort this action and the seal, as well as the entire recipe, will fail.


>alchemy seal

You hold your hands over the monkey skull cauldron and murmur the incantation for sealing the solution. As you do so, a coppery brown haze begins to seep out of the cauldron, dissipating as it reaches the ground.

Roundtime: 10 sec.


Gradually, you pulse mana into the cauldron, settling the turbulent essences contained within.

Roundtime: 8 sec.


As you soothe the solution, you can see the liquid ripple and contort slightly as it starts to condense.

Roundtime: 8 sec.


You sense that the ritual is complete and lower your hands. The flame beneath the cauldron quietly goes out. You note that the solution in the cauldron has condensed into a rich potion.

You reach into the cauldron and fill your flask.