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ANSWER is a roleplaying verb. It also has functionality in game systems that require an answer.


    ANSWER [self]                   - You look like you have the answer.
    ANSWER [target]                 - You assess if the target has the answer.
    ANSWER [style] {player target}  - You answer the target with the supplied style.
    ANSWER SET [option]             - Shows or sets the ANSWER verb options available.

Where [style] is one of the following:


Verb Info

Verb information for verb "ANSWER":

People targets:
STANDARD           - You turn toward target confidently as if you have the answer.

No target:
STANDARD           - You glance around as if trying to find the answer.

Self target:
STANDARD           - You stand proudly as if you have the answer.

Object targets:
STANDARD HELD      - You hold your (object) up as if it is the answer.

Creature targets:
STANDARD           - You cast a measured glance at (creature), assessing if it has the answer.

Styles available:
  DEFAULT          - You turn toward (player) as if you have the answer.
  UNSURE           - You glance at (player) with a measured amount of uncertainty.
  POINTEDLY        - You stare pointedly at (player) waiting for an answer.

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.