A drunken sailor

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A drunken sailor is an automated NPC that wanders around Solhaven.

Behind the Scenes


The sailor appears to have stepped off his ship and into the nearest pub for a pint or eight. His clothes are rumpled and his eyes are bloodshot, indicating that he's had more than enough to drink already.

Room messaging

A drunken sailor staggers in, probably looking for a drink.

A drunken sailor blinks fuzzily at you, attempting to make his eyes focus properly.

A drunken sailor looks about blearily, mumbling something about the pub having moved again.

A drunken sailor pulls a flask from his pocket and, seeing that it's empty, sighs mournfully.

A drunken sailor staggers over towards you! "I would like to tell you that...." His voice trails off and a confused expression comes over his face. Looking thoughtful, he wanders away.

A drunken sailor stops to flatter one of the ladies of the town. Unfortunately, his words are confused and slurred, and apparently insulting, since the woman slaps him and storms off in a huff, leaving the sailor very confused.

A drunken sailor stumbles into one of the townspeople. "Martha, ish that you?" he slurs. "I promish, I were comin' right back...." The woman spends a moment convincing him that she is not Martha, despite his emphatic protestations to the contrary.

A drunken sailor staggers west, probably looking for a drink.