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The Abyran'ra is a subtype of the abyran, which originates from the Lorae'tyr valence. It is classified as a lesser demon and cannot be summoned via Minor Summoning (725), but is the most common demon to pierce the veil when a sorcerer has a major failure for Planar Shift (740), which is always a lithe black abyran'ra.

Combat Abilities

This section does not yet list all Abyran'ra combat capabilities.

Abyran'ra are impractical to combat via warding spells. Sorcerer spell, cast on a freshly spawned abyran'ra:

 CS: +539 - TD: +629 + CvA: +25 + d100: +84 == +19

Minor elemental spell, cast on a freshly spawned abyran'ra:

 CS: +528 - TD: +643 + CvA: +25 + d100: +14 == -76

Their base attack strength is well within the average range for post-cap creatures: A lithe black abyran'ra whips a bone-bladed flaming dark elven spine at you!

 AS: +521 vs DS: +955 with AvD: +42 + d100 roll: +36 = -356
  A clean miss.

Abyran'ra spawn with many buffs. It is generally advisable to dispel one repeatedly before attempting to bring it down. Frequent dispelling also prevents the aryran'ra from casting any spells. That said, their TD appears to remain fixed, independent of which spells have been dispelled, or even in the face of a hex Curse (715).

Abyran'ra, properly dispelled, are much easier to damage with physical attacks than with warding attacks. Note that they can lose a limb via critical hit, and can trigger an acid critical on a nearby adventurer in response, much like a vvrael destroyer.

You feel a surge as magical energies are siphoned to you from a lithe black abyran'ra's wards! You thrust with a silvery blue mithril pike at a lithe black abyran'ra!

 AS: +680 vs DS: +359 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +29 = +385
  ... and hit for 136 points of damage!
  Well aimed strike shatters bone in right arm!

The black abyran'ra hisses as its right arm falls and writhes spasmodically, spraying forth a shower of black-green liquid as it thrashes on the ground, arcing toward Lylia!

  ... 1 point of damage!
  Splash of acid hits shoulder and runs down the back in a painful trail.
  The abyran'ra's dark elven spine falls to the ground.

Society and Behavior

Abyran'ra can fashion a weapon out of the spine of a dead adventurer:

After a moment, the abyran'ra plunges its hand into the base of your neck and rips out your spine in one fluid movement!

The black abyran'ra rises up on its coils and runs its scythe-like talons over the blood-drenched spine in a sinuous fashion, a faint webwork of incarnadine energy lacing across its surface. After a moment, it begins to grow longer and longer, its bony protrusions melding into razored blades that wreath it on all sides. With one swift, sharp *CRACK* of the whip-like bone, the blood drenching the bladed spine bursts into flames -- the rippling scarlet hue cast by the blaze washing over the abyran'ra's face in lurid waves.

Other Information

In addition to failed casts of Planar Shift (740), Abyran'ra sometimes appear in invasion scenarios.

Summoning via major failure

You gesture at a summoning circle. A small shadowy rift begins to take form before your eyes. Suddenly, a small black void floats out of the rift and stops directly over you!

  ... 60 points of damage!
  Spine leaps out and shatters into many small pieces!

A faint silvery glow fades from around you. You exhale the last of a virulent green mist. Your body pulses momentarily into semi transparency and then returns to normal. You notice your blood flow go back to normal. You lose your extra internal fortitude. The light blue glow leaves you. The air calms down around you. The powerful look leaves you. The deep blue glow leaves you. The very powerful look leaves you. The white light leaves you. The silvery luminescence fades from around you. The bright luminescence fades from around you. The brilliant luminescence fades from around you. A dark shadow seems to detach itself from your body, swiftly dissipating into the air. You feel less confident than before. The tingling sensation and sense of security leaves you.

It seems you have died, my friend. Although you cannot do anything, you are keenly aware of what is going on around you...

You mentally give a sigh of relief as you remember that the Goddess Lorminstra owes you a favor.

...departing in 10 mins...

The rift begins to waver lazily and suddenly implodes upon itself in a large plume of soot-filled black smoke. When the rift clears, a lithe black abyran'ra is standing around, surveying the surroundings.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

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