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Acuity flares trigger a bonus to AS (+5) or CS (+3) or SMRv2 offense (+3) per tier for a single attack, be it magic or physical. Acuity flares on weapons can be obtained via Ensorcell (735), which are available up to Tier 5, or +25 AS/+18 CS (or Tier 6 for sorcerers). Acuity flares as a merchant service are only performed on runestaves, but are available up to Tier 10, or +50 AS/+30 CS. Runestaves may have acuity flares obtained from both Ensorcell and merchant services, and the flares may occur separately or together. Banes can also come in the form of acuity flares, which are independent from ordinary merchant service acuity.

The bonuses of the different types of acuity flares will stack when simultaneous. When this happens with two separate forms of merchant acuity, it will appear to flare twice in the same cast.

The bonus from acuity flares obtained from Ensorcell applies to the next attack, while the bonus from a merchant applies to the same attack the flare occurs.

The level of acuity can be determined by loresinging to an item.

Acuity as a merchant service can be categorized as common, uncommon, and special.

Common Uncommon Special
1x-4x 5x-6x 7x-10x

Special flares are unlikely to be seen outside of pay events such as RTCF.


Activation (in flare slot)
You gesture at a burly grahnk.
Your ki-lin horn-set staff glows intensely with a verdant light!
(Ensorcell (735))
 ** Necrotic energy from your ki-lin horn-set staff overflows into you! **

   You feel energized!
The harmonics generated tell you that the runestaff allows a caster to occasionally focus their magical prowess for a single cast, temporarily granting +15 bolt Attack Strength or +9 Casting Strength.
You feel that you have reached the end of the runestaff's song.

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