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look at barkeep

Tall and slender, the Aelotoi's frame is slightly bent. Tufts of white hair frame his wrinkled face. His eyelids have begun to droop, but an intelligence shines from their large, dark green irises. Various scars mar his skin, while others travel up his arms disappearing beneath a light raimie silk shirt. A long steel knife sticks out from the band of his canvas trousers. Stains cover a pair of cracked dark leather boots. A limp cloth is draped over his shoulder.

ask barkeep about Bre'nare

Aehdyrkha stares past you, his eyes filled with sadness, and quietly says, "That was a lifetime ago, better to look to the future."

ask Aehdyrkha about kiramon

Aehdyrkha face hardens and fills with anger. He instinctively reaches for the knife in his belt and crouches down low, his lone wing twitching. Suddenly, he blinks and shakes his head. Standing, he says, "Sorry about that. Old habits die hard I guess. How about a drink?"

ask Aehdyrkha about L'Naere

Standing a little taller, Aehdyrkha's face lights up as he exclaims, "Praise be! I owe my existence and safety to the spirit of L'Naere!"

ask Aehdyrkha about Ta'Illistim

"Oh, it's nice and all, but it's not home." Aehdyrkha mutters, "Unless your ears point pure."

ask Aehdyrkha about Cysaegir

Aehdyrkha pauses before answering in a gracious tone, "It is so different from Bre'Naere. So lush and green. We're all grateful to be here."

ask Aehdyrkha about Aelotoi

Aehdyrkha somberly says, "So many did not make it, but we must be thankful for those of us that did."

ask Aehdyrkha about Myasara

"Have you ever seen the Mirror? I caught a glimpse of her before we moved to Cysaegir. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on." Aehdyrkha looks dreamily into the distance before blushing and muttering something incoherent.

ask Aehdyrkha about food

"We have all the best eats. Must have something that ye might like." Aehdyrkha leans a little closer and whispers, "Care to try some? Just ORDER!"

ask Aehdyrkha about wings

"Them bas..." Aehdyrkha coughs before continuing, "Creatures changed us. They ain't natural, but they can be beautiful huh? Lost one of mine coming here."


Aehdyrkha looks up and says, "We've made quite a nice town out of this place the Illistim gifted to us. We operate without prejudice to anyone who comes through our doors. Unless yer a kiramon that is."

Aehdyrkha grabs a towel and begins cleaning the bar. Muttering to himself, he quickly scrubs the counters back to a bright sheen, pausing to admire his reflection.

Aehdyrkha takes a moment to lean against the bar and knead his tired shoulders before slowly stretching and looking around for something to do.

Aehdyrkha whips the towel off his shoulder and briskly scrubs a smudge away from a nearby surface.

Aehdyrkha disappears into the kitchen for a moment and returns with a mouthful of something that he quickly finishes.

"A few years ago, a lass named Helga came to visit. She spent most of her time between bragging about her bar, the guard who sleeps at her bar, and how my bar is a bit too clean for her. Pity." Aehdyrkha snorfles back a laugh, before going about his duties.