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Aezora Chelonida Loenthra is a female elf hailing from Ta'Loenthra in the Elven Nations. She is a young, up-and-coming musician; her course of study was a double focus in woodwinds and stringed instruments. She can most frequently be found in Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, or Mist Harbor.

Aezora Chelonida Loenthra
Race Elf
Culture Loenthra
Class Bard
Profession Musician
Flaw Chip on her shoulder about her young age and being taken seriously
Hobbies Harp, flute
Likes Virtually anything to do with music


You see Aezora.
She appears to be a Loenthra Elf.
She is shorter than average and has a delicately lithe build.  She appears to be in the bloom of youth.  She has gold-flecked jade green eyes and fair skin.  She has shoulder length, tousled honey blonde hair styled in face-framing, feathery layers.  She has an angular face and long, slim fingers.
She is wearing a cream velvet feystone-strung choker, a crystal amulet, a vanilla-hued pleated paeline cape with a rounded asymmetric collar, a dark amethyst flyrsilk tote with an opal clasp, some burnished full leather, an off-the-shoulder cream silk blouse, a dark leather survival kit, a silver-traced grey silk gem pouch, a deep plum silk skirt adorned with swathes of black lace, an ankle sheath, and some tailored black doeskin boots with thick cord laces.


Aezora is young and has yet had little time to make her mark upon the world. Her most notable accomplishment to date is to have graduated with distinction at an unusually early age from a prestigious private music academy in Ta'Loenthra; even more impressively, she managed this while pursuing a doubled course of study of both stringed instruments and woodwinds, where most students studied only one. She therefore has a reputation among patrons of the musical arts as a rising star whose fledgling career might bear following closely.

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