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Akenna Laeraun
Race [[Half-Elf]]
Culture [[Wyrdeep and Nalfein Parentage]]
Class Wizard
Profession Hedgewizard, Master Cobbler, Defender of Mist Harbor
Religion Service to The Huntress
Affiliation(s) Ilyan Syndicate, House Sylvanfair, Mist Harbor Militia
Disposition Overall friendly, but wary at times
Demeanor Cheerful
Flaw fiery temper
Greatest Strength curious, cautious, eager to learn
Greatest Weakness Phalyn the fox, animals, children, sprites
Hobbies shoe making, enchanting, alchemy, running through the forests
Dislikes unfounded arrogance
Loyalties Wyrdeep, Mist Harbor, Ta’Illistim, Friends
Spouse The late Daerd Briquinn (Died in 5112)
[[Category: Half-Elf player characters]] [[Category: Wyrdeep and Nalfein Parentage player characters]]

Akenna Laeraun is an half-elf from the Wyrdeep Forest. The daughter of Rýnor Laeraun Nalfein and Gardenia of the Wyrdeep. She learned magic and other skills under the tutelage of her grandmother, Essylda Hithneth of the Wyrdeep.

Early Years

Akenna was the only daughter of Gardenia of the Wyrdeep and Rýnor Laeraun Nalfein. She often refers to her mother and grandmother as “Wyrdeep Folk”. Gardenia died shortly after giving birth to Akenna. This left Akenna’s family settlement in the Wyrdeep in peril as their mixture of both fae and elves and half-elves was not well received by other opposing fey factions who did not believe in harmonious relations with the races that originated outside of the forest. There were also incursions from trolls and ogres. Gardenia and Hithneth were staunch and powerful protectors of the settlement, having been well seasoned in protecting the forest against the vicious movements against the forest by the New Empire Turmazyr.

Her grandmother felt that with Gardenia gone, Akenna would have to take up her position as a protector. Essylda Hithneth had hoped that Akenna would be as powerful as Gardenia had been.

Akenna’s lessons consisted of learning Elven, Kanalaan, and Fey (spoken and written). She excelled in elemental magic. Though she learned the basics and application of Fey magic, she struggled with more elaborate applications of the magic. This spurred her grandmother and the other Essylda to resort to drastic measures to make Akenna more receptive to it.

These drastic applications not only made Akenna distance herself from her grandmother but also came under objection by her father Rýnor. For a time, he took over lessons, teaching Akenna how to move through the forest undetected, how to track, and how to slip through the forest unseen. She would help him trap and skin and at night he would tell teach her the histories of the Elven Houses and her Nalfein familial history.


You see Akenna Laeraun the Hedgewizard.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is of a slight height and has a balletic body. She appears to be young. She has sizable dark blue-green eyes and honey-freckled, creamy white skin. She has long, deep sienna hair pulled back into a sleek bun and skewered through by a smooth wyrwood hairpin crowned with a single periwinkle feystone tine. She has a cherubic face and petal pink, bow-shaped lips. The ridges of her long, pointed ears each bear three naturally occurring notches, and a graceful aquamarine pattern climbs the left side of her neck, curls around her cheekbone, and splits into tendrils that encircle her left eye.
She has rings of cobalt and aquamarine sigils inked on her left palm.


Within a gold unified frame, is an onyx rose on a field of jade, it is above a wreath of wyrwood leaves. A flourish of latticed hawthorn branches graces the upper left. The left side is left empty, to the right a fall of three jet hawk feathers.: