Akonite (prime)

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Akonite Dyvim
Akonite Dyvim.png
As created using www.azaleasdolls.com
Race [[dark elf]]
Culture [[Faendryl]]
Profession Sorcerer
Religion Agnostic
Affiliation(s) Member of House Twilight
Disposition Reserved and curious
Demeanor Inquisitive
Flaw Overconfident
Likes research, conversation, astronomy
Dislikes Crudeness, physical contact
Fears Losing control
[[Category: dark elf player characters]] [[Category: Faendryl player characters]]

Akonite is a dark elf of Faendryl origins, the daughter of Dyvim Giliad Faendryl (who goes by Asylum while in the West) and Ysharra Nagorn, a half-elven ranger.



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