Alchemist's House

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Alchemist's House is the alchemist shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the northeast portion of town on East Ring Road.

[Alchemist's House, Shop]
The front part of the small house serves as an alchemist's shop. The cramped room is filled with various ramshackle furnishings holding all manner of amulets, wands, phials, and magical potions. A locked glass-paned bookcase holds ancient volumes and magical scrolls. A strong steel door is set into the back wall. You also see a handpainted sign, a dusty counter with some stuff on it and a wide doorway.


  1. an etched crystal wand        20. a grot t'kel potion
  2. a slender blue wand           21. a mirtokh potion
  3. a coiled aquamarine wand      22. a dirtokh potion
  4. a stout metal wand            23. a rohnuru potion
  5. a splintered oak wand         24. a duqnuru potion
  6. a burnished gold wand         25. a sarmoc potion
  7. a twisted wand                26. a sisfu potion
  8. a polished silver wand        27. an ivory porcelain mortar
  9. a hollow iron wand            28. a smooth porcelain pestle
  10. a crystal amulet             29. a chipped glass vial
  11. a crystal vruul pendant      30. a small crystal flask
  12. an alexandrite cat pendant   31. some fine crystalline chalk
  13. a carved haon pixie amulet   32. some waxy translucent chalk
  14. an etched crystal rod        33. a leather book
  15. a slim alexandrite wand      34. an aish'vrak potion
  16. a spiraled glass rod         35. a long rat-hair brush
  17. an amulet                    36. a ceramic bottle of rune ink
  18. a wand                       37. a dented copper cup
  19. a rod                        38. an opalescent glass jar

  Backroom Catalog
  39. an opaque glass amulet   40. a chalcedony runestone

Colors available for some items:

1. white                  8. cyan                 15. lavender
2. grey                   9. green                16. golden
3. black                 10. yellow               17. silvery
4. dark                  11. brown                18. chrome
5. red                   12. tan                  19. brass
6. blue                  13. orange               20. crimson
7. azure                 14. purple

Materials available for some items:

1. linden                5. modwir                 9. monir
2. thanot                6. tanik                 10. fel
3. ash                   7. oak                   11. haon
4. hazel                 8. yew                   12. maoral