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The Duchy of Aldora was a province in the Turamzzyrian Empire. The Duchy was located in the southernmost region of the empire and borders the Southron Wastes. The capital city of Aldora was Elstreth. The highest mountain in Aldora was known as Skyreach, the location of a battle in the wars of the Horned Cabal.


Aldora was land-locked. A wide, low range called the Gattrof Mountains occupies the eastern half of the Duchy, while the west was comprised of inhospitable hills made rocky and barren by storms that sweep up from the southwest. Oasis-like valleys protected from the storms flourish and produce some rare plant life. The largest of these valleys was the Valley of Hourouth.


Aldora had very little farm land, but the hilly terrain provides exceptional grazing for the mountain goats and sheep that were abundant there. The importance of wool to Aldora's existence was one that cannot be underestimated, and the fine weaving of the region has made Aldora a household name across the empire. The Duchy was well known for its skilled crafters of brocade cloth.

Aldora was famed for its magnificent wineries, as the Duchy was perfect for grape-growing. The region had become most renown for its riesling and champagne.

Local Lore and Customs

Some of the healers of Aldora practiced an art called Stone tending. A stone-tender would place certain gems on a person's body to relieve pain and illness.


The crest of Aldora is a gold ram's head facing left within a crown on a field of two horizontal black and white lines.[1]


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