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The County of Allace was a province in the Turamzzyrian Empire. The capital city of Allace was Ubl.


The vast expanse of coastline in Allace was northwestward facing, providing protection from strong storms. The terrain was largely hilly, with the major city Ubl being located on a massive delta. The climate was moderate.


Allace had many major port cities and a very lucrative fishing industry.

Allace wineries were known for their dry, plummy Allace syrah and the golden Allace muscat.

Local Lore and Customs

Local legend holds that a seagull led a fisherman lost at sea in the midst of a tempest to the safety of a harbor, which later became the port of Ubl.

On the Eve of the Reunion, the citizens of Allace honored the dead of the Battle of Skyreach by arming and guarding their cities throughout the night as if they were besieged, and they thanked the dead for protecting them and promise that their sacrifice will never be in vain.

People with eyes of a particular shade of clear, bright sky-blue are said to have Niima's Eyes. Women and girls with Niima's Eyes are often found aboard ships that set sail from Allace, for they say in Allace that Charl will not harm a woman who reminds him of his daughter.

Ublites feel that a person without a pet is not properly balancing the impulses of nature with the impulses of civilization, and newly born babies are presented with pets seven days after birth. The character of the animal, whatever it might be, is said to shape the child's personality forever.


The crest of Allace is a white seagull with widespread wings facing to the left above a mountain peak on a field of dark blue. [1]


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