Alvyara (prime)

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Alvyara Vilvyre

Alvyara Vilvyre, or Alvy, is a Sylvan artist and healer currently dividing her time between Icemule Trace and Wehnimer's Landing.

In Ivastaen 5120, Alvyara was one of several healers who stepped forward to volunteer a sacrifice to the mage Vlashandra in order to bring the palestra blade Aralyte back from the shadow world. The loss of their vitality left each of the healers with a wizened appearance ([1]). Their sacrifice was wasted in the end, as Vlashandra deceived the adventurers and brought back Barnom Slim from the shadow world instead. (These events were part of the "All That Remains" storyline [2].)

Phoenatos 5096: Portrait of a Young Woman (Short story)

Feastday, Phoenatos 1, 5120: Pilgrims' Plight (Vignette)

Niiman, Lumnea 4, 5120: Of Loss and Liches (Vignette)