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Domain Sacrifice
Symbol a purple two-headed serpent
twined about a crimson hand
Pantheon Pantheon of Lornon
Smite/Bane Bane
Critical Slash

Patron of Sacrifice

Once a Faendryl elf before the exile of the House, Amasalen's immortal origins are not known. He is the patron of sacrifice, and delights in the painful offering up of victims as gifts to a greater cause.

He is considered a servant of Luukos, which is borne out by his faintly reptilian features and craving for human blood. However, he has frequent dealings with Mularos, and many rumors state that his true master is Marlu. What is known for certain is that he is energized by bloody, frenzied religious celebrations.

Amasalen's form is that of a white-haired, lean, muscular man with bronzed skin, snake-like eyes and a long reptilian tongue. He wears only flowing white silk pants. In manner, he is zealous and sadistic. His symbol is a purple two-headed serpent twined about a crimson hand.

Shrines, Statuary, and Holy Places

Cleric Guilds

Displayed in the Prayer Rooms of each Cleric Guild is a statue of Amasalen. These prayer rooms are considered a holy shrine.

The statue depicts a lean, muscular man leaning forward in a semi-crouch.  Cruelty is written in the slant of his reptilian eyes.  His lips are parted in a sadistic smile, the tip of a forked, snake-like tongue protrudes slightly.  He is clad only in soft, loose-fitting pants.

K>touch Amasalen
You reach out and touch the statue of Amasalen.

A soft wave of magic flows over you, making your skin tingle with Amasalen's energies.

Icemule Trace, Ice Plains

There is a life sized statue and altar located in the Ice Plains outside the West Gate of the town of Icemule Trace.

Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild

Located in the Antechamber of Others is a statue of Amasalen. This area is not considered a holy shrine.

This statue conveys the image of a lean, muscular man with white hair, bronzed skin, snake-like eyes, and a long, reptilian tongue.  His attire consists of only a pair of flowing white pants.  Upon the statue's base is his symbol, a purple two-headed serpent twined around a crimson hand.


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Spell/Ability Messaging
CHANT (verb)
[1p cleric] You chant a reverent orison, asking Amasalen to consecrate your coming sacrifice
[3p cleric] CLERIC chants a short but reverent orison, asking his coming sacrifice to be consecrated.
[1p paladin] You bow your head and chant a short prayer to Amasalen, causing purple and crimson light to momentarily coalesce in front of you.
[3p paladin] PALADIN bows her head and chants a short prayer, causing purple and crimson light to momentarily coalesce in front of her.
Major Sanctuary (220)
The taste of blood fills your mouth as your vision blurs in a wash of red, causing the world around you to disappear...
[Sanctuary of Blood]
Dark and cloudless, the night sky spreads before you, punctuated by the soft glow of torches set at even intervals down several steep steps that disappear into a distant, dark jungle. Carved sigils ring a basin at the center of the sanctuary, its lip edged in razor-sharp obsidian that glistens with a thick, red liquid. A two-headed snake slithers around a severed hand painted crimson with its own blood at the edge of the sanctuary's platform.
Hissing suddenly, the twin heads of the serpent suddenly strike out towards you and your vision blurs with crimson light...
Well of Life (308)
As you sense your souls have linked together, you feel the hilt of a knife pressing against your palm.
Condemn (309)
[Success] Scarlet mist seeps from TARGET, accompanied by the cloying, coppery scent of fresh blood.
[Failure] A whiff of blood comes off TARGET, but nothing comes of it.
[Damage] Crystallized crimson shards coalesce from the scarlet mist, slashing TARGET for X points of damage!
[Debuff end] The scarlet mist surrounding TARGET settles and fades away.
Blind (311)
[1p] As your faith overcomes TARGET's weakened defenses, you sense the frenzied religious ecstasy of the Executioner flowing through you.
[2p] CASTER's face shimmers and vanishes, and, in its place, you see the image of a cruelly smiling Faendryl man with dark bronze skin and slitted golden eyes. Flowing white hair courses over his lean neck and shoulders. Like blood spilling up from a cut, darkness wells forth to consume the image, and then you see nothing at all.
Prayer (313)
[1p] Turning your thoughts inward, you ask for the frenzy of your deity to protect you. The smell of fresh-spilled blood swirls around you, and you sense that your prayer has been granted.
[3p] Blood red light shines in CASTER's eyes.
Censure (316)
For your transgressions, your blood will flow from your body in rivers! Your skin will be stripped off to decorate the temple walls as your still-beating heart feeds the high altar....
Raise Dead (318)
[1p] Guttural and primal, the words of your chant are torn from your throat with enough force to slice the very air. You clench your hands into tight fists and force your fingernails into the flesh of your palm. Within moments you are rewarded with the hot warmth of your blood filling them. Bending at the waist, you open your hands and press your right hand to Dead Guy's forehead, and the other to his lips. The power in your blood sends a surge of energy through your connected bodies, and within moments Dead Guy draws his first breath of life.
[3p] Guttural and primal, the words of CASTER's chant are torn from CASTER's throat with enough force to slice the very air. He clenches his hands into tight fists and within moments blood begins to seep from between his fingers. Bending at the waist, CASTER opens his hands and presses his right hand to TARGET's forehead, and the other to his lips. Power surges through the connected bodies and within moments TARGET draws his first breath of life.
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Divine Wrath (335)
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[Look Caster]
Symbol of the Proselyte (340)
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Miracle (350)
[1p] Silence descends upon the room and a double-headed serpent slithers to you. Each of its heads moves of its own accord, and slit-pupiled eyes take in everything as they wind a sinuous path up your prone form. As it reaches your chest, it lifts its heads up high and begins to sway from side to side in a hypnotic pattern. "You have learned the ssssacrifice issss everything, now we ssssacrifice oursssselves sssso that you may teach otherssss," the one head says before striking the other head at the neck. In one swift, painless bite, the head is severed and the open neck falls upon you, its lifeblood draining into your mouth. Moments pass as the ferric taste of the serpent's sacrifice fills you, and then suddenly it disappears.
Aid the Fallen (1613)
Repentance (1615)
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Judgment (1630)
You briefly close your eyes, and a twinging scent of blood lingers about you. A faint light builds up and emanates from your hand before it takes on a crimson hue. A two-headed purple serpent twines about your wrist!
A succession of crimson energy is emitted from the two-headed serpent, striking TARGET!
The ethereal serpent writhes about before it fades away.
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Divine Incarnation (1650)
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[Cast 3p]
[Expiration 1p]
[Expiration 3p]
[Zeal 1p]
[Zeal 3p]
[Armor 1p]
[Armor 3p]
[Smite 1p]
[Smite 3p]
[Onslaught 1p]
[Onslaught 3p]
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