Ancient human skull

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


an ancient human skull


The skull is mostly in perfect condition, although it looks slightly crushed near the forehead. It is difficult to determine the age of the bone, it looks as if it has been cleaned and polished recently.


This skull was found in Bonespear Tower.


Your song begins, and the human skull gives you an unexpected sensation, one of hope and tranquility. The music reveals a meadow bissected by a narrow stream.

Your song continues, as does your vision. The field revealed to you is now filled with an army of workers and their tools. It is clear they are preparing to construct something of immense magnitude.

Your voice cracks, and the vision turns ugly. Something horrible has ravaged the meadow. The tools and machinery are still scattered about the field, but they are unattended. Row upon row of skeletal corpses are laid out in the meadow in precise order, with no clue as to the manner of their death.

You struggle to continue, but your voice is weakening. A figure now walks among the slain, an odd sword in his hand and a dark robe masking his features. As he passes the bodies, he gestures. The corpses rise, then begin to climb atop each other. It matters not that many of the skeletons are crushed beneath the weight of the others as they continue to converge on a central spot. The skeletal construction begins to take form.