Announcement: Cobbling Tanners Improvements

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Category: General
Subject: Cobbling Tanners Improvements
Author: GS4-Vanah
Date: 2023/02/14

The various tanners across the lands have made some improvements in their processes and become more efficient.

Previously, the three curing processes previously took several days to complete. These times have been drastically reduced, but the prices have increased accordingly: Oak: Cost is 250 silvers and takes 5 minutes Alum: Cost is 1,500 silvers and takes 10 minutes Oil: Cost is 2,500 silvers and takes 15 minutes

The tanners also previously had a restriction on some sentient creature skins. This was more restrictive than our alteration guidelines and not in line with other skin-related player creations like warrior guild sheaths, and has been removed.

The tanners will preserve a material of the skinned item, so the resulting cobbling item will have the appropriate material set (leather, organic, bone, wood, etc.)

The following skinned items have been added to create trim: Previously: claw, fang, feather, fur, knuckle, mane, nail, tail, talon Added: Organic: carapace, crest, fin, hoof, pincer, plume, rattle, sail, shell, shroud, stem, stinger, tailfeather, tentacle Bone: antler, antlers, bone, canine, fang, horn, knuckle, incisor, jaw, jawbone, leg, mandible, nose, paw, shinbone, snout, spine, tailspike, tooth, tusk Wood: Branch, thorn


Cobbling tanners have increased their speed, their cost, and the range of items they can process into cobbling trim!