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Category: General
Subject: Minor Lore Addition: Tehir Language & Its Cipher
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 02/05/2023

The lore document Life and Being in the Sea of Fire ( has had a minor update. At the end of the Language section, a new tidbit has been added called "Tehir Language & Its Cipher."

This was done to formally codify the existence of the cipher, since the existing documents don't always make it clear that it is official lore. When Tehir were added as a chooseable culture with the Tehir language being a fully developed language one could speak, it necessitated being more flexible in language considerations and evolutions.

This blurb is to help show that yes, the cipher does absolutely exist and it is used frequently (by staff and players alike!) but that some terms may be part of a natural language evolution and not specifically part of the cipher.

Major kudos to previous staff who invented the cipher and have always had a deft hand with the Tehir!

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Minor update to Tehir lore doc