Announcement: RR Coffee Shop Update

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Category: General
Subject: Shop Update: Khan'Kel Bazaar - al'Kahlili Coffeeshop
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 2023/05/02

The Al'Khalili Coffeeshop has had some updates! Food is now built on the correct profile, so it will have messaging now. The cafe proprietor has a name, a look, and some ambient messaging as well as some answers to questions.

In addition, the area leading into the cafe has had a slight facelift. The coffee shop entrance is no longer a tavern door but the cafe, and the Shop of Abdul's entrance is now a small shop. There is also a nifty new pomegranate tree.

All modifications were done with the intent of maintaining original design intent and uniqueness while updating a few things for flow and modern standards.

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Coffee shop update in RR!