Announcement: Spin Night details - February 2023

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Category: Events
Subject: Duskruin, February 2023 Spin Night Details
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 02/15/2023

Hi all,

Prime's Spin Night will be held on Saturday, February 18th at 8PM Eastern. The format is unchanged, I'll be announcing each service and the cost and the attuned cost, waiting briefly for folks to join, then moving us into the room next door for spinning, awarding of certificates, and on-the-spot redemptions. You must have at least enough bloodscrip redeemed for the attuned price of the service being spun for or you will be ineligible for that spin. You are still permitted to join for and win as many of the services offered as you would like. With the exception of the gear that unlocks T2 of a gnomish lockpicking bracer (which will have 2 available) 5 spots will be available for each service.

Complete list of services being spun for are listed below.

Certificate Service Cost
a green rotflare debenture Rotflares, Script Add 400,000
a chunk of low steel ore Low Steel Weapon or shield creation 300,000
a chunk of high steel ore High Steel Weapon, armor, or shield creation 150,000
a long chainspear spiral Turn a spear, javelin, or pilum into a chainspear 300,000
a chunk of xazkruvrixis ore Xazkruvrixis weapon creation 500,000
a simple sigil staff label Sigil Staff, Script Add 250,000
a mana-infused crystal Mana-Infused Armor, Script Add 250,000
a fusion adding agreement Fusion, Script Add 250,000
some orb-shaped fused links Fusion slot, Add 500,000
a diminutive pangolin figurine Animalistic Spirit weapon, Script Add 250,000
a vermeil echidna charm Animalistic Spirit armor, Script Add 250,000
a crude black ora effigy Cursed Armor, Script Add 250,000
a hefty steel gear T1 to T2 unlock for existing gnomish lockpicking bracer 75,000
a gilded scroll trinket Design your own custom fatal afflares messaging 50,000
a lightning bolt charm Energy Shield, Script Add 250,000
a sunburst-shaped bead Daybringer, Script Add 250,000
a garish fuchsia fabric bolt Dramatic Drapery, Script Add (DB items ineligible) 250,000
a thorn-laden sphere Briar Flares, Script Add 150,000
a rune-etched miniature imp Valence Weapon, Script Add 250,000
an ebonwood miniature verlok Valence Armor, Script Add 250,000
an ivory castle miniature Elven Armor, Script Add 250,000
a faceted crystal icicle Climatewear, Script Add 40,000
a miniature clockwork crossbow Mechanical crossbow, Script Add 250,000
a crystalline wand trinket Wand bow, Script Add 250,000



Spin Night will be held on Saturday, February 18th at 8PM Eastern.