Aramur Forean

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Aramur Forean was a human wizard from the Second Age before the rise of Despana, who was educated in Ta'Illistim and led a rebellious group called The Black Wolves. Upon killing an infant Vaaloran prince, the group was trapped in a hidden cavern near Darkstone Bay. They eventually starved to death, resorting to cannibalism and becoming undead. These were originally wraiths and specters.

Behind the Scenes

The story of the Black Wolves is clearly adapted from the refugee founders of Quellburn from the Shadow World history, who hid themselves off a cliff at precisely the same location as the Wolves Den. The difference is that they survived, and the Black Wolves did not. One point of interest that has almost always been overlooked in this story is that it was introduced not long after the original Official History of Elanthia document, and it establishes humans becoming undead in the absence of a necromancer (or any obvious dark god involvement) before the time of Despana and her Undead hordes.