Areacne's Gemshop

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Areacne's Gemshop (formerly Areacne's Gems of Ta'Vaalor) is located on Amaranth Court, one east of the Travel Office and two west of the furrier's, in a squat, square limestone building that has been painted a pale brick red. There is a thick maoral sign swinging from the doorpost.

[Areacne's Gemshop]
Various cut and uncut gemstones wink from where they sit on pale, stained oak shelves that line the sides of the room. The gemsmith, Areacne, swiftly strides about the area, buying the occasional gem or stone for the store's collection or answering the questions of curious customers gazing over her merchandise. You also see the gemsmith Areacne.


She looks as if business has been prosperous for her.


Nothing can be ordered from Areacne's Gemshop. However, items can be purchased at Tmareantha's Jewels to the east. Secondhand jewelry items can be purchased in the northern gem sales room.

Areacne will buy gems from adventurers and will purchase polishing stones, a.k.a. smooth stones, from adventurers of levels 5 or below.