Arienne's Artifacts

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Arienne's Artifacts is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located east and northeast of the main entrance of the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Arienne's Artifacts] RNUM: 12438
This room is piled high with wooden tables of all sizes and shapes, each one decorated with a unique and esoteric material. Small pathways wind among the items, providing just enough space for customers to view the wares. Yellow candles flicker fitfully in the wall sconces as their light dances across the table surfaces. You also see Arienne.


      Price  Item
1.)  200000  a shell-inlaid soft pine table
2.)  240000  a filigreed dark grey metal table
3.)  240000  a hand-carved polished fel table
4.)  500000  an abalone and glaes table
5.)  600000  an aqua glaes mosaic table
6.)  200000  an onyx-inlaid blackened monir table
7.)  250000  an ivory-inlaid golden maoral table
8.)  260000  a goldleaf carved thanot table
9.)  175000  a claw-footed carved haon table
10.) 200000  a hand-turned tanik gateleg table