Armor Support

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Armor Support
Mnemonic [support]
Activating Verb ARMOR
Type Buff
Roundtime 5s
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Paladins
Available In Armor Specializations
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 10  
2 15 
3 20 
4 25 
5 30


Adjusts a person's armor so that it better supports the weight of their gear.


Reduces encumbrance by a number of pounds equal to 5 + ((Armor Group + 1) * Rank).

Additional Information

The maximum amount of pounds that could be reduced would be 35 from adjusting plate armor.


Application of the specialization
>armor support ayas
You adjust your rolaren metal breastplate, improving its ability to support the weight of your gear.
Roundtime: 5 sec.