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Gemstone IV Archery Guide

“The Art of the Bow” By Nuadjha kis'Anthri, the Briar Fox

Written February 2010

This guide aims to introduce a new archer to the range of options included in archery in Gemstone IV and to provide him or her some of the basic info that goes in to making a decision in terms of weapon choice and character build, all with an eye toward long-term character viability. Ideally, the information contained within it will also be of use to more experienced archers who would like to double check damage-factor and crit-rank tables or simply expand their own knowledge. The guide breaks down into several parts:

Basic Mechanics

Bows and crossbows require ammunition, which can either be purchased at bowyer's shop, bought from other players, or made by the archer (see Fletching). Many people find ammunition to be the most irritating of the requirements for archery and the requirement turns many people off. Done properly, however, it's a very simple adjustment. For additional information, see the AIM and FIRE commands in the game.

You may hold your bow in either hand, though the game will automatically place it in your left hand (if it's free) if you use the READY and UNSHEATHE verbs.

Commands: For Bows:

To get an arrow from a bundle:
>Get 1 my arrow from my (container) (or get 1 my (adjective) arrow from my container), Ex. Get 1 my faewood arrow from my quiver

To aim at a body part:
>aim (body part) – Ex. Aim right eye.

To fire:
>fire (creature), Ex. Fire third orc

To retrieve arrows on the ground:
>gather (arrows), Ex. Gather faewood arrows

For Crossbows:
Crossbows require two extra steps beyond bows. You must also COCK the crossbow and LOAD the bolt into the crossbow.

Some simple macros or scripts can make your life much easier.

Example Macro:
>Get 1 my faewood arrow\r fire\r

This macro will get and fire one arrow at an already targeted creature or the first in attack order in the room. You'd only have to hit F1 or the designated key to activate it.

Example Script:

  1. reye

Put aim right eye
Put get 1 my faewood arrow from my quiver
Put fire %1

This script would aim for the right eye, get an arrow, and fire at the creature you designate in the command line. Ex: .reye orc would fire an arrow at the orc's right eye.