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The Ascension Skill System is a Post-Cap development, but it will not be restricted to level 100 characters.

Ascension is a new system that allows you to divert experience into an Ascension Training Point (ATP) pool, which can then be spent on Ascension Skills to further define your character. Ascension is focused on Post-Cap Development, but is not restricted to level 100 characters. Starting at level 20, you can divert up to your level as a percentage of your experience gain towards Ascension Experience (AEXP). Every 50,000 AEXP will net you 1 ATP, which may then be spent on Common, Elite, or Legendary skills.

This initial phase is limited to the Common tier, and more details on Elite/Legendary will be released at a later date.

Ascension Training Points (ATPs) are then spent to unlock a number of passive and active abilities. They function very similar to the Combat Maneuver List (CML) system.

There are 3 tiers of abilities: Common, Elite, and Legendary. The Common abilities are intended to be very generic and apply to things that most characters might be interested in. It includes things like boosts to stats, skills, resistances, etc. Just those 3 different areas represent 71 different abilities, since each stat/skill/damage type is a separate ability. Elite abilities are designed for certain builds and character types (such as Squares, Semis, Pures, archers, locksmiths, etc). It includes things like rapid health/mana/stamina/spirit regeneration, elemental arrows for archers, locksmiths detecting traps when being handed a box, etc. Finally, Legendary abilities are designed for specific abilities/spells and usually tailored to a specific profession. It includes things like Rangers being able to tame one of each animal companion type (and separate ability to temporarily summon them all in combat), Warriors being able to manually stop a Berserk, Bards being able to create higher enchant sonic armaments, double attacks/spells, etc.

Characters will be required to invest a certain amount of points into the Common tier before they can access the Elite tier. They will then also be required to invest a certain amount of points into the Elite tier before they can access the Legendary tier. The abilities in each tier will get more expensive to unlock as the power those abilities represent grows. In addition, we intend to have a lot of chained abilities to promote certain builds. Some abilities may be exclusive of each other (so if you learn X, you can't learn Y).

Ascension is now live in all instances. Please see the various topics available on the official forums located here.


Number Name Details
1 A Noble Effort Reach level 20
2 Great Expectations Reach level 40
3 Master of My Fate Reach level 60
4 High and Mighty Reach level 80
5 A Grand Triumph Reach level 100
6 Up to the Task 1,000,000 Bounty Points
7 Class-specific Differs by Class
8 Master of your Craft Master an Artisan Skill
9 All the World's a Stage... Acquire 10 Full RPAs (multipliers, orbs do not count)
10 Big Game Hunter Kill a Challenging Creature (Currently not available)


  • Cleric, Empath, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warrior, Wizard: Daily Grind -- Master a Guild Skill
  • Bard: Virtuoso -- Master an Instrument
  • Monk: The Art of War -- Tattoo 500,000 Motes
  • Paladin: A Sacred Bond -- Fully Bond with Holy Weapon
  • Ranger: Kindred Spirit -- Fully Bond with Companion

Skill List - Common

Skill Mnemonic Category Max Ranks Base ATP
Health Regeneration regenhealth Regen 50 1
Mana Regeneration regenmana Regen 50 1
Stamina Regeneration regenstamina Regen 50 1
Acid Resistance resistacid Resist 50 1
Cold Resistance resistcold Resist 50 1
Crush Resistance resistcrush Resist 50 1
Disintegration Resistance resistdisintegr Resist 50 1
Disruption Resistance resistdisruptio Resist 50 1
Electric Resistance resistelectric Resist 50 1
Grapple Resistance resistgrapple Resist 50 1
Heat Resistance resistheat Resist 50 1
Impact Resistance resistimpact Resist 50 1
Plasma Resistance resistplasma Resist 50 1
Puncture Resistance resistpuncture Resist 50 1
Slash Resistance resistslash Resist 50 1
Steam Resistance resiststeam Resist 50 1
Unbalance Resistance resistunbalance Resist 50 1
Vacuum Resistance resistvacuum Resist 50 1
Ambush ambush Skill 50 1
Arcane Symbols arcanesymbols Skill 50 1
Armor Use armoruse Skill 50 1
Blunt Weapons bluntweapons Skill 50 1
Brawling brawling Skill 50 1
Climbing climbing Skill 50 1
Combat Maneuvers combatmaneuvers Skill 50 1
Disarming Traps disarmingtraps Skill 50 1
Dodging dodging Skill 50 1
Edged Weapons edgedweapons Skill 50 1
Elemental Lore - Air elair Skill 50 1
Elemental Lore - Earth elearth Skill 50 1
Elemental Lore - Fire elfire Skill 50 1
Elemental Lore - Water elwater Skill 50 1
Elemental Mana Control elementalmc Skill 50 1
First Aid firstaid Skill 50 1
Harness Power harnesspower Skill 50 1
Magic Item Use magicitemuse Skill 50 1
Mental Lore - Divination mldivination Skill 50 1
Mental Lore - Manipulation mlmanipulation Skill 50 1
Mental Lore - Telepathy mltelepathy Skill 50 1
Mental Lore - Transference mltransference Skill 50 1
Mental Lore - Transformation mltransform Skill 50 1
Mental Mana Control mentalmc Skill 50 1
Multi Opponent Combat multiopponent Skill 50 1
Perception perception Skill 50 1
Physical Fitness physicalfitness Skill 50 1
Picking Locks pickinglocks Skill 50 1
Picking Pockets pickingpockets Skill 50 1
Polearm Weapons polearmsweapons Skill 50 1
Ranged Weapons rangedweapons Skill 50 1
Shield Use shielduse Skill 50 1
Sorcerous Lore - Demonology soldemonology Skill 50 1
Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy solnecromancy Skill 50 1
Spell Aiming spellaiming Skill 50 1
Spirit Mana Control spiritmc Skill 50 1
Spiritual Lore - Blessings slblessings Skill 50 1
Spiritual Lore - Religion slreligion Skill 50 1
Spiritual Lore - Summoning slsummoning Skill 50 1
Stalking and Hiding stalking Skill 50 1
Survival survival Skill 50 1
Swimming swimming Skill 50 1
Thrown Weapons thrownweapons Skill 50 1
Trading trading Skill 50 1
Two Weapon Combat twoweaponcombat Skill 50 1
Two-Handed Weapons twohandedweapon Skill 50 1
Agility agility Stat 40 1
Aura aura Stat 40 1
Constitution constitution Stat 40 1
Dexterity dexterity Stat 40 1
Discipline discipline Stat 40 1
Influence influence Stat 40 1
Intuition intuition Stat 40 1
Logic logic Stat 40 1
Strength strength Stat 40 1
Wisdom wisdom Stat 40 1


USAGE: ASCENSION [option] [args]

EXP - View your Ascension experience and ATP
SET {#} - Set the percent of experience to absorb as Ascension experience
LEARN {skill} - Trade in Ascension Training Points to unlock an skill
UNLEARN {skill} - Trade in an Ascension skill for Ascension Training Points
LIST {tier} - Lists Ascension skills by tier available for you to unlock
INFO - Displays your current Ascension skills
MILESTONES - View your Ascension Milestone progress
HELP {skill} - Lists information about the selected skill

Note: All {skill} references above require use of the skill mnemonic.