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{{characterprofile |name= Ysharra Nagorn

link= Abattoir.jpg

|caption= Giliad Dyvim (really Antonio Banderas as Armand) |race= dark elf |culture= Faendryl |class= |profession= Rogue |religion= Order of Onar |affiliations= Member of [[Silvergate Inn] |word= |disposition= Impulsive and intensely curious |demeanor= Affectionate |ptrait= |strait= |flaw= Reckless, masochistic, is wrong literally all of the time |strength= |weakness= |habits= vegetarian, baiting people |hobbies= gardening, environmental research |soft= |likes= dissections, dark elves and dancing |dislikes= being told what to do |fears= deep-seated and myriad |loyalties= |friend= |spouse= |loved= }}



You see Lord Asylum Abatoire the Grifter.
He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
He is tall. He appears to be in his golden years. He has brooding pale grey eyes and ashen skin. He has waist-length, loose raven black hair. He has a gaunt, severely angled face, a thin nose and high cheekbones.
He has a black star tattoo on his neck, and a black mournbloom tattoo on his wrist.
He is wearing a tiny jade dragon-shaped earcuff, a bone-inlaid mithril alloy necklace, a high-collared black leather duster with silver cog-shaped buttons, a pair of black-tinted glasses, a bloodstone inset silver clasp, a patched black spidersilk vest, some fitted myklian scale gloves, a silver-inlaid bloodjewel wristlet, a horn-framed square obsidian ring, a black braided leather belt, a dark leather locksmith's toolkit, and some shadowy black leather boots.

Associations & Beliefs

Despite being a half-breed, Ysharra has found and connected with her Faendryl kin, the Dyvim family, headed by her uncle and her late father's twin, Lord Kalal. Ysharra lived in his compound for a time during her travels following the conclusion of the Griffin Sword conflict. She arrived there heavily pregnant with twins of her own, daughters who continued to reside there with their father, Giliad Dyvim, until recently when they both moved to the Landing to be with their mother and pursue their avocations. She and Giliad have ended their relationship, but they are on good terms, some child-rearing opinions non-withstanding. She remains a great favorite of her uncle Kalal, despite her decision to leave the relative safety of his household and return to the Landing. Ysharra has also served as hostess and advocate for many of the Dyvim clan when they have visited the Landing and Vornavis environs to study their art, magic or other talents. Her commitment to the Faendryl has earned her membership into the Faendryl Enclave, an organization devoted to the sanctuary and support of the Faendryl traveling abroad from their desert home.

Besides the inimitable Mistress Naamit, Ysharra has remained close with several of the former members of the Dark Alliance, including The Black Diabolist, Thrassus Feydark, Hadya Kha'Taymullah, Zolis, and is deeply devoted to one Alisaire Frey, a Dhe'nar she at one point was the bodyguard for, though now their relationship is far less formal. Individuals that she has befriended or allied herself with since her return to the Landing in 5116 include her beloved, the Necromancer Melikor, Mayor Lylia Rashere, Wild Hunt adherent Mourne, Faendryl warrior Azryen, fellow half-Faendryl Gavrien, , Luukosian Cleric Yhtrin, Blood Reaver Cruxophim and his betrothed Goblyn, fellow half-elves Leafiara, Nicolao, and Marijka, as well as the Faendryl scholar Xorus Kul'shin, Magister Raelee Svala, Faendryl warrior Eiliriel, and local scamp and rumor mill Pukk. She also has a complex history and inexplicable affection for Juspera Spintari, and the decades between them are full of mayhem, amusement and treachery. Ysharra is singularly devoted to her associates, and is very sensitive to criticism of them or from them.


Ysharra's twin daughters, Akonite and Xanthium have recently joined her in the Landing area, where they are both practicing their magic, as well as forging their own alliances and friendships. Currently they all share a household in Ysharra's villa in Ravenswood, to the amusement and consternation of Melikor, who has now found himself surrounded by women.

Ysharra and Melikor in the Sanctum, as drawn by Divone Lerade