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Asylum Abattoir.jpg
Giliad Dyvim (really, Armand as portrayed by Antonio Banderas)
Race [[dark elf]]
Culture [[Faendryl]]
Profession Rogue
Religion Order of Onar
Affiliation(s) Member of Silvergate Inn
Disposition Impassive and introspective
Flaw Impatient, moody
Greatest Strength Intense
Greatest Weakness Boredom and melancholy
Hobbies gardening and theater
Likes poetry and dream interpretation
Dislikes authority and ambiguity
[[Category: dark elf player characters]] [[Category: Faendryl player characters]]


Giliad was born to the Dyvim household, an important family in the Faendryl Emporion, nearly eighteen hundred years ago. He and his twin brother Seryth shared some natural elemental talent as young men, and pursued those studies. Seryth became a loremaster, and Giliad joined the Summoner's Guild as an apprentice sorcerer. A series of unfortunate and untold events resulted in Seryth's death, and Giliad either resigning or being expelled from the Guild, and having all of his magical knowledge of sorcery expunged from his memory. The fallout from this has also resulted in his estrangement from his father, Kalal. Despite this, Giliad is regarded by the rest of the Dyvim clan as one of their leaders, and he resides on the plantation's property when in the city.

Associations & Beliefs

Following his disassociation with the Sorcerer's Guild, Giliad has spent the centuries developing his other interests, primarily theater. He manages a traveling show where he and the other actors and talent create scenes and acts that emphasize the Faendryl way of life, their characteristics, goals, strengths and history. There have been a number of rumors about some nefarious purposes that his troupe also fulfills, but none of those have ever had any surviving witnesses.


You see Lord Asylum Abatoire the Grifter.
He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
He is tall. He appears to be in his golden years. He has brooding pale grey eyes and ashen skin. He has waist-length, loose raven black hair. He has a gaunt, severely angled face, a thin nose and high cheekbones.
He has a black star tattoo on his neck, and a black mournbloom tattoo on his wrist.
He is wearing a tiny jade dragon-shaped earcuff, a bone-inlaid mithril alloy necklace, a high-collared black leather duster with silver cog-shaped buttons, a pair of black-tinted glasses, a bloodstone inset silver clasp, a patched black spidersilk vest, some fitted myklian scale gloves, a silver-inlaid bloodjewel wristlet, a horn-framed square obsidian ring, a black braided leather belt, a dark leather locksmith's toolkit, and some shadowy black leather boots.


A number of years ago, Giliad befriended a young half-elven ranger named Ysharra Nagorn. Giliad was drawn to her as much out of sympathy as her beauty, Ysharra had escaped a brutal life as an indentured servant, and in many ways was still an innocent. The better he got to know her, however, he began to recognize a Faendryl bearing to her, between her long, lithe features and figure and her quick intelligence. She, on the other hand, became enamored with him, being the first elf she had met and the first man to treat her kindly. Initially he rejected her attempts to bond with him, being so much older than she, but she was persistent and he was lonely, and so they began an intense if sometimes abortive romance.

All of it seemed to come to a halt upon her being introduced by one of Giliad's cousins to his father Kalal, who immediately recognized her as his long lost brother's child, making her and Giliad cousins. Despite this, the two still occasionally acted upon their strong attraction to one another, and Ysharra fell pregnant during a trip to New Ta'Faendryl. She stayed there on Kalal's compound, and there delivered two twin daughters after a long, difficult labor where she hemorrhaged to death and had to be resurrected. She named the children after an argument that she and Giliad had some time before, and he had declared that everything that came from her was poison. Thus, the elder twin is Akonite, and the younger Xanthium.